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Butlers Required for International Cruise liner $3000pm

By Butler Academy

The South African Butler Academy is seeking top Butlers from the ages of 21 to 35, who can join one of the worlds most prestigious Liners! All candidates must be fit and be a Certified Butler from the Academy. Past experiences in watering, housekeeping and any hospitality background will aid in ...

Dear all,

My wife and I got married just outside Stellenbosch on the 29 October, and your Butlers were in service at the wedding.
Both of us have wanted to say how amazed and impressed we were, with the outstanding service. From beginning to end, the butlers were absolutely impeccable and on-the-ball. So many guests remarked on it too. We all felt extremely well-cared for and special in their hands, and so we had to write to say this.
Bad service is noticeable; Good service is often not noticed; utterly outstanding service is REALLY noticeable.
Thank you!

Steven & Maureen Molteno


We are extremely proud of our Principal elevating the standards. Every Thursday Newton Cross (Butler Academy Principal and International Butler Trainer) joins Tracey Lange on Heart 104.9FM for “dos & don’t`s”, a first class radio program all about Etiquette, Modern Rules and lessons to live by.

Now a new collaboration with Huisgenoot (South Africa`s leading online and print publication) you can read all lessons on #HGWENK known as Maak so!  (meaning do this)

Please go online to http://www.huisgenoot.com/leefstyl/wenke/maak-so/maak-so-n-nuwe-etiketreeks-met-newton-cross-en-tracey-lange/

Maak so



We love sharing, here is a nice website for you to use and read through. Lots of tips!


Dear Butler Academy


Let me take this opportunity to thank you and Kasandra for the utmost professionalism that was shown during the training course held at Mosaic. Your enthusiasm and dedication goes a long way. I want to commend you for all your efforts and appreciate your attention to detail. You have set a precedent and the extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It was a absolute pleasure to work with such talented and dedicated people!

Marcelino Henckert, General Manager

Butler Training

Surround yourself with positivity! It may seem obvious, but surrounding yourself with positivity is undoubtedly the best way to achieve your goals. Although true motivation comes largely from within, positive people and experiences do make you feel good about your decisions and ultimately will help encourage you to stay motivated. Share your goals with close friends, colleagues and managers and find positive ways to overcome challenges which could slow you down.


butler training

“The more people in the mix, the more precautions need to be put in place,” This is an important topic on the Estate and Manor Magazine Website. Here are some tips: Keep a well-stocked First Aid Kit (we recommend first aid household training) , Understand an emergency procedure (design a protocol safety guide) , Children is first priority as we need to think and prepare with caution (child proofing) and off course safety in the Kitchen is always important  – clean as you go….


The term Grace in Butler vocabulary means routine! There are just no words to describe the robotics of this routine. Drawing the curtain, switching off the lights, setting the alarm, make the coffee, switch on the kettle, feed the dogs, water the plants, open the gates etc… So remember Morning Grace meaning Routine… No one asked you to do it, you took it onto yourself as a mandatory routine.


Salary is often loosely used to mean Net Salary. Net Salary is your take home pay and it is what you get after all statutory deductions have been made. Gross Salary is your basic salary + Additions. Basic Salary is fixed; it is an agreed amount paid regularly at a fixed date usually monthly.


An Executive Personal Assistant works directly with the principal on all aspects of running their business and personal calendars. They also liaise between household staff and office staff on behalf of the principal.

An Executive Personal Assistant may be required to manage some vendors (e.g. office supplies, florists, hair/makeup artist, etc…), run errands, personal shop, answer phones, and make appointments and travel plans for the principals.


Wearable devices are more than just a major trend in the hospitality industry, they are a standard. From smartwatches that unlock guest rooms to smart bands that act as tickets; this technology provides incredible insight into understanding guest patterns, behaviors and desires.


Butler Training | Ozen by Atmosphere | Maldives

International Butler Training & Hospitality program at Ozen by Atmosphere, Maldives. Ozen by Atmosphere is a unique resort with a personal touch of paradise. Excellent Butler Training conducted during the month of April 2017. Congratulations to all the attendees! Superb International Butler Training by the South African Butler Academy.    

Butler Training Queen Victoria Hotel | Cape Town

International Butler Training at the prestigious Queen Victoria Hotel situated in the V&A Waterfront. Exceptional training conducted! Newmark Hotels, Reserves & Lodges offers a myriad of ideally located upmarket hotels, other accommodation options and restaurants. What sets this unique five-star boutique hotel apart is the attention to detail given by the creative ...

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