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14th of October 2013 Butler Course Blog

By Butler Academy

Butlers Blog Posts 14th of October 2013


Dear Butlers and  friends of the Butler Academy please enjoy the Butler Student ‘Blogs’ below. We will be ‘blogging’ each day events and Wow`s which are created by our Head Butler. Feel free to comment and add useful information to enrich our knowledge.

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  1. Adriaan says:

    Dear SABA students hope our course is amazing and we all do excellent and have the time of our lives!

    SABA student Class 14th of october


  2. Zebulun says:

    Dear friends yesterday it was a great day for me in my career life.

    SABA Student Class 14th of October 2013


  3. Sabrina says:

    Dear fellow butlers

    This will certainly be an excellent part of our lives, something we will all keep with us for the rest of our lives. Together we will grow, inspire, and stand bold beside the rich and famous..

    To all an excellent journey

  4. Gerald says:

    Dear fellow Butlers

    Yesterday was a very interesting and exciting day. I enjoyed meeting my fellow butlers in training and look forward to an excellent 2 months at SABA.

    SABA Student Class 14th October 2013

  5. Shira says:

    Dear SABA,

    Its has been only 2 days since we have started our Butler training, but I can see myself growing with knowledge which Mr Cross and his team is watering in us.

  6. Allison says:

    After an exhilarating team building ,yesterday in Stellenbosch my highlight for today was the opportunity of being Head Butler. We started the day off with the morning line up , followed by the hilarious slide show of yesterday’s events. This was followed by a short test on the information that we have learnt thus far.

    What followed, was table setting, housekeeping napkin folds and much to all of our surprise……..Wait for it …..

    An unexpected visit from the King Family for lunch! With forty five minutes to prepare for twenty two people, thinking out of a box became the order of the day. Well done Butlers, truly proud to be part of your team,with all the support you rendered. The unselfish way in which each Butler contributed to the task was absolutely EXCELLENT! I wish you all a prosperous Butling career.

  7. Zeb says:

    That was an excellent last minute lunch preparation for the Kings family.

  8. Rika says:

    The saying “So much to do and so little time” got a totally new meaning today!! What a team!! Allison thank you for taking us to higher places. King family members thank you for being so patient with us. Excellent day it was yet again!!!

  9. willem says:

    Monday 15th of october 2013

    Today we had an inspiring day at Stellenbosch country. Teambuilding day.
    Interacting in joyfull games to build up our confidence and trust in one-another.
    But most of all we more and more got to know each-other better wich gave us the feeling we are getting into that family-closeness we’ll probably have even more when this course is about to end.

    When that happens, I’m sure I’ll miss it!

  10. Gerald says:

    Today we learnt about pouring wine, serving tea and serving drinks and canapes at a function. It was an interesting day for me for I was head butler and also had to prep lunch for everybody.

    It was an exciting and excellent day!!!!

  11. Zebulun says:

    29 October was another fantastic day at SABA bravo.The previous night we went to the Waterfront for Premier of the movie “The Butler” it was an awesome experiance and an eye opener and must watch if your is like mine.Our quote of the day was “ONCE A BUTLER ALWAYS A BUTLER” AND “EXCELLENCY IS OUR LIFESTYLE”.

    Many thank to the team for an excellent day.

  12. Shira says:

    Dear SABA,

    Yesterday was an EXCELLENT day,we learnt alot of how the wine is made,starting from the vine,Fermenting,bottling,labeling and ready to drink(testing).we also learnt that water is important on wine making for cleaning the sailors,we can describe now the different between wooded and unwooded wine.
    Thank you SABA for the unforgettable experience!

  13. Sabrina says:

    Afternoon SABA

    It was with great joy to be head butler today, as we had the most amazing day of them all. We learnt several recipes today working with beef mince and learned recipes I will certainly never forget. We had a fantastic guest who was once training at Saba and he greatly inspired me to learn more and be more creative…

    Thank you for this excellent day

    5th November

  14. Gideon says:

    Afternoon saba

    I had an exciting day because I was Head Butler and we learnt many new things on the computers

    07 November 2013

  15. Shira says:

    Dear SABA,

    Today was an excellent day,we learnt alot of hotel butling and had a wonderful experience from TAJ Hotel(Capetown) which will be unforgettable because we have seen it with our eyes and also the stopover at flowers market,Capetown centre was exciting the way people were interested to know more about us.
    Head butler.

  16. Rika says:

    Today was an excellent day at the V & A!! News, Coffee, shower/bath specialities, a girl’s best friend, an amazing writing implement (truly it is), luxury luggage, but to name a few….. loads of information, and so much to learn!! Mr Cross thank you for taking us places and Mr West thank you for all your patience with us! What an event!!

    SABA Student
    Nov 2013

  17. zzzz says:

    Dear SABA,

    Today it was an excellent day we have learnt how to prepare the the cheese board and how to present it. Thank you Mr Cross and Mr West for the good job you are doing its amazing.


  18. Gideon says:

    Dear SABA

    Friday was a most enjoyable day at the Spice Route Fairview.
    Thank you to everyone who made it possible.


  19. Rika says:

    And so we are in week 8!! Final Exam this morning was fair! Culinary Terminology is Greek, Italian, English, Hungarian, and I feel like a Croquembouche after today’s lunch treat!! Thank you for doing an excellent job Mr West!!

  20. Joel says:

    To Mrs Wiese, Mr Cross, Mr West, and Mr Coetzer ,thank you for the empowering and enriched training.
    I thank you for the sacrifice in training me. May God Almighty bless the SABA academy.
    the same to my colleague for this october, november 2013 team .
    Joel Maliabwana Student.

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