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Butler Training Update: 


To be in service is to give it your all!  The Butler Academy enables you to develop the consummate service skills required to handle all phases of providing quality service, increasing your technical skills to a high level of perfection.  The Butler Academy is hence the perfect institution for you in developing your personal skills as well as your professional behavior.


Organizational and Time Management is key to prevent wasted time and energy. If you are`nt organized form the start , you will find it difficult to complete chores, which can hinder your ability to provide excellent management skills.  At the Butler Academy we mold you and sometimes “grind” you into a perfectionist as this is our utmost goal. In order to become an all rounder you will need to experience the Butler Academy “set standard” for Household / Hotel Butler Management.


Many who are new to wealth and wealthy lifestyle quickly find that their homes are multi-million dollar ventures with assets and large expenses that require skillful management. In order to achieve proficient management and high-quality service, Principals need the presence of intelligent, skilled, genuine people with good self-esteem and training to protect and preserve their investment. “Mrs. Louise Starkey”


It is important to understand the history of Butlers in order to become a Butler! At SABA we are Butlers training Butlers , this is our success, we understand what our clients needs and wants are. The Butler Academy teaches students how to cook, how to entertain guests, how to set up a cocktail evening, choosing proper settings for functions, assist the clients with admin, implement the correct laundry management system and manage the property inclusive of maintenance – to list but a few…


After 4 successful years in recruiting over 280 Butlers and training 315 Butlers in Private Homes,  Hotels and Yachts the Butler Academy is a true leader in the world of Butler Training.  Please see our Facebook Link below for an up to date reference from our employed Butlers.


We look forward in training you as a professional and successful SABA Butler! Welcome to the Butler Academy you Butler Home.



Newton Cross

Principal and Butler Trainer



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