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High Tech Butler

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We just completed our High Tech Butler Training Program. We focuss on the modern butler, all butlers are supplied with state of the art technology. We play and work with Apple ipads, macbook pro, android and many more…

Next week we are in our final week of the course, good luck to all 15 Butlers!

The Art of Hotel Butler Training

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The Art of the hotel Butler is to never make the same mistake twice, the legacy goes without saying.

Newton Cross is currently at the finest Boutique Hotels in the Cape Region, Abalone House doing Hotel Butler Training.

I will keep you updated…..

Orchid Festival

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The week ahead

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The key element in any profession is the commitment and dedication to your superiors, this week at the butler academy we will focus on the do’s and dont’s.

On Monday the 19th of September the students will present their own practical tables, we have 15 butlers on the current course, they are split into two groups for the day. Team one will present their tables followed by an exam mark and then the second group will follow.
All of the best to the team…

Tuesday, wine course with our Master Sommelier.

Wednesday, field trip
Thursday, field trip

Friday, Valet practical exciting day!

International Butler News

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Dear Butler Academy,

I cannot comprehend to tell you how much I have enjoyed the course! The South African Butler Academy is truly the new and improved Butler School in the world. Since I arrived at the South African Butler Academy I received the utmost hospitality. Coming from Italy this was my first time in Africa.

I truly enjoyed the wonderful accommodation , meals , field trips, Silver Cleaning, Ministerial homes, butler etiquette and protocol, valet service and Mr. Cross his passion and devotion to the Butler Academy. One can truly and honestly say that you will not regret making one of the most vital decisions of your career. The Support and the employment opportunities from Adriaan “Guild” are endless.

The Cost of the Butler Course in South African is far more cost effective than in Europe. You also get to see Tigers and experience a world of Wine, the beaches, the mountains and the weather is absolutely amazing!

Butler August 2010, Italy, Mr. Verocci



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The SA Butler Academy , is offering a wide variety of Course in our Butler Course, any individual can now do sectional training at the Butler Academy. Especially our exclusive housekeeping course.