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How can you tell who is green?

After checking credible third-party references, your best bet is likely to call the hotel and ask directly what their policy is. If they are not thinking about environmental issues before, they will be after your call!

Here are some things you might want to consider when inquiring about a specific hotel’s environmental commitment:

Is the hotel in a certification program? If so, what was the hotel’s score? How does the certification program rate hotels? Do they do an on-site audit or is the program voluntary?
What is the hotel doing to reduce its energy, water and resource consumption?
What types of products are sourced and where are they sourced from?
What is their waste-reduction policy? How do they deal with hazardous waste?
How is the hotel involved in the local community?

The Principals Desk

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Dear Readers,

A new addition to our blog is our “Principals Desk”. News, thoughts and Butler tips from the Principal of the South African Butler Academy.

The South African Butler Academy, a true leader in the World of Butling; would akin to share our knowledge and technical online skills to entertain you.

Enjoy our Blog and feel free to comment at any time.

“Going Green”

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New at the South African Butler Academy – GREEN LIVING

Priorities for Green Living

1. Minimize Energy Consumption   2. Reduce the Household Waste Stream   3. Conserve Water   4. Eat Less Meat   5. Reduce Use Of Toxic Chemicals   6. Decide Which Companies To Patronize    7. Grow your own Vegetables

Butler Tips to preserve and balance your lifestyle, work, home and life!

Well done! Employed!

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To Raphael and Melaine, well done to your new careers awaiting you! Next up New Residential Butler Positions… The Butler Academy is the best Butler Academy in the World. Dedicated, supportive and a dream come true course!



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As Cape Town Heats up to 37 c today we cannot imagine how a butler uniform will either become like a rubber suit during a batch of Interviews. Well done to an amazing team who attended the Crystal Cruises interviews today.