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Leading Butler Management and Training / Recruitment Team at SABA

Leading Butler Management and Training / Recruitment Team at SABA

New course, Timeless values & Elegant ways!

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We have often said that you require a 5 star service attitude, perhaps a mindset of the hospitality industry / passion for service!

However we have found that the new student who joins SABA wants to experience a higher quality of life! With SABA you will definitely do!

We welcome our new butlers to the academy all 17 including our prestige class guardian Mr. Van Der Weshuizen, we welcome a new member to our team Mr. Van Woerden. With SABA you will experience high class training and perhaps a change of life! We aim for gold as the success is; in delivering our promise.

The SABA curriculum has undergone an upgrade and we have new exciting subjects which we include in our prestigious curricula ! Household online management systems, security awareness from Global Intelligence, Ballet of Service & Wedding Reception planning furthermore we have included more cooking programs as we have found the cooking element to be exceptionally well received.

The next exclusive butler course will be on the 4th of June 2012. We enter the olympic phase of 2012 which will be the highlight on the butler calendar & we will celebrate GOLDEN service at SABA. Join us!

The final week is here – Crunch Time

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Dear Readers,

SABA embraces the final week of the 16th January 2012 Butler Course. This week is called week 8-D-Day! All butlers undergo exams from Monday to Thursday.

Terminology Exam, Final Photo Shoot, Assignment Presentation, International Exam and South African Butler Academy exam.

We will complete the training with an excellent final ceremony which will be held on the 8th of March 2012. This is a private ceremony with our butlers, parents, members of the press and media will be attending as we are featured in many magazines and TV programs.

We wish all our students all of the best for the week ahead! We are exceptionally proud of each Butler who will qualify on Thursday / Friday 9th of March 2012.

Go for Gold!

Butler Olympics – 4th June 2012

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Butler Olympics – 4th June 2012.The South African Butler Academy will be going for GOLD on the 4th of June 2012. The London Olympics will kick off on the  27 July-12 Aug 2012, 145 Days to go. The course is set at the highest bar as the Butler Academy has undergone a tremendous redesign. The Butler Academy focusses on exceptional International Butler Training as our approach is hands-on, residential based and “FUN” cooking for the entire household. The Butler Academy itself has received an inside revamp, come for tea at SABA for  a sneak peak….

To enroll for the Butler Olympia? Please visit our website and click “apply” we are awaiting your arrival.

Butler Olympics – 4th June 2012

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