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Take a “Sneak Peak” in our Butler File at the Butler Academy

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Here is a sneak peak into our Butler File,

Family Likes & Dislikes
The Families Schedule
Service Procedures and Standards
Personal Service
Management Structure
Technical Skills – Improvement and utilization
The estate and the area around the estate
Your Staff
Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Task Sheets
Your Daily Graces
The Butlers Clock” The Newton Cross Day in the Zone as a Butler”
Table Service
The WOW Factor

The above are some of the topics discussed at the Butler Academy on a regular basis – it is vital that each butler understands the importance of managing an estate or a large residential property is hard work, therefor a butler is required to multitask on a daily basis.

The South African Butler Academy will be giving away an IPAD to a lucky Applicant!

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The South African Butler Academy is proud to announce that they will be giving away an IPAD, to a lucky student, on each and every course for 2012. The South African Butler Academy, recognising the importance of emerging technologies and the important role that Apple products play within the Household today, now support and sell the iPAD, iPod, Macbook pro and iPhone.

Moving forward, our students will be introduced and trained to work on these and other products, which all form part of our High-Tech Training Portfolio

Destination – BUTLER ACADEMY

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The Academy is the bench mark for International Butler Training, we are currently training the One & Only Resort in Maldives on an extended period of 3 months. The Butler Academy hosts students from Holland, Mauritius, India, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Malawi, Angola and Namibia – The World awaits you at The South African Butler Academy.

Today we are looking at Executive Housekeeping, Laundry and Household Management, basically what will you as a butler be doing?

Read our Student Page for exciting news from our Butlers currently on course, today`s topic is “History of Shoes”