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New Butler Course started – October 2012

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Butler Course – October 2012



Dear readers and Butlers of our final course for 2012 – thank you for your excellent comments and devotion to the Academy. Please blog here your comments and experiences. For each butler it is different and for each butler it is unique , we as readers enjoy your comments!



“True Service” comes from the heart!

Hotel Butler Training – Regent Bali

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The South African Butler Academy is proud to announce our successful Hotel Butler Training program at the Regent Bali – Resort. The Butler Academy has been part of the exciting opening of the Regent Bali – Opening Team for 2013. The Regent is an exclusive resort who focusses on true service, service which is from the heart and giving the “WOW” experience to all guests.


The South African Butler Academy a leader in Butler Training world wide is busy completing a 3 week training program in Bali Sanur. The Butler Academy is pleased with the successful outcome of the excellent training program.  Well done to Newton Cross (principal, renowned Butler Trainer) and Adriaan Coetzer assistant Trainer and (Butler Career Coach) Passion, Energy, Commitment and Technical skill delivery! Please keep your eye on our Gallery for Bali Butler Photos.


What is Hotel / Resort Butler Training?


The Resort Butler is a person he/ she performs duties which include; Receiving Guests, Greeting Guests, Ensuring a Warm welcome and a memorable experience throughout the Resort / Hotel. The Butler may arrange tours, offering in-room dining “silver service or plated service style” using the grace of true butler service, Rooming guests – ensuring the guests are comfortable in their suite and creating a bond between the guest and the butler. The Resort Butler is the KEY – POINT of contact! Elegance, graceful, professional, tactful, reliable, honest, sincere, always on time, knowledgeable and above all excellent in every way.

To all Butlers: You never have a second change to make an excellent first impression!

Please do contact the South African Butler Academy for Resort / Hotel Butler Training please see recommendation from the Regent.



Butler Employment – Johannesburg

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The ideal placement for any Butler, the South African Butler Academy receives exclusive employment on a daily basis  – sometimes the offices are so busy that we have to call in additional help to cope with the amount of employment we receive. As we provide tailored services to each and every client. The Butler Academy who houses “Guild Recruitment ” the worlds leader in Luxury Residential / Hotel / Resort / Private Yacht  and Luxury Jet recruitment.


One particular placement on offer is in Houghton Johannesburg. The matching Butler will receive a tremendous salary with “TOP” class benifits , pension fund, medical fund, house on the estate, vehicle for work, paid vacation per year of choice. The Butler will offer a unique service to his / her clients. The Household is presidential and Protocol is of the utmost importance. Amongst the guests are presidents and royal family members.


The ideal Butlers should have experience in the field, hold  a valid passport for travel, no criminal record, excellent management skills and work well with other staff! The ideal Butler should hold a Butler Training Qualification with a recommendation letter from the institute – Please note if you hold a diploma from any other Butler Training institute we require a online Skype interview before hand as many institutes internationally does not maintain the high standards which we seek in “Butlers”


Please apply via our website on the contact page below. This position is permanent and requires a commitment of 5 years.


Hotel Butler Service

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Hotel Butlers should always have skills in respecting Boundaries: 


Boundaries are imaginary lines we establish around ourselves to protect our souls, heart and mind from the unhealthy or damaging behaviour of others.


Boundaries are also knowing when to say YES and when to say NO.


Boundaries tell us what is our business and what is not our business.


Boundaries provide three functions:


  1. They keep you out of my space
  2. They keep me out of your space
  3. They help me define who I am – how I treat myself


Respect, value, worth and good stewardship are what boundaries are all about. Learning how to set good boundaries is part of the process of developing a good personal identity.


Where luxury and innovative style is created and presented to them from the butler’s, from their arrival to their departure.


…… butlers are unique.


There is nothing they can do


There is nothing they can’t find


There is nothing they don’t know


There is nothing they will not do


In this Butlers have one thing on their mind

A CAN DO Attitude !


Butlers in Hotels have to “check” everything! From pre- arrival to departure. During the period of the guests stay so much is required to do from a Butler as the pampering for guests simply never stops. Butlers are aware of their surroundings and read the hotel / resort guests carefully.


The South African Butler Academy Hotel / Resort program is unique as we touch on the professional service attidude and superios technical skills. Each guests enjoys Butler Service, the reason in this is trust. The Hotel / Resort faith and vision is in the Butler who becomes the only point of contact creating the exceptional “WOW” Factor!


As no time is to late and no task to great – the Butler!




How to wear a Men`s Suit – Butler Training

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It is important that all butlers understand how to wear a suit properly. The Fit  / Fabric & Style. Take  a look at this lovely video – Butler Tips!


The Butler Academy Training Photo Shoot

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Thank you for watching our lovely and unique videos which we love making for our Butlers. Each course receives a unique photo shoot opportunity, these memories which are made on the course cannot be lost. Each butler is photographed during the course and the final photo shoot day. Take a look at our memorable experience.

Butler Course August 2012

The Butler Academy Curriculum

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Dear readers and Butlers , we have received numerous emails of applicants who are interested in the Butler Training curriculum. Please do have a look at what we cover and what we offer to our Butlers at the Butler Academy.


The  residential / resort / hotel  market in today’s climate, Butlers and House Managers must understand the needs and wants of each staff member and the demands of the principle. The Butler Academy students receives training in how to correctly execute each household job skill and understand how to manage the staff correctly.  Our excellent curriculum is one to be extremely proudly of as each SABA student who undergoes elite Butler Training will take each lesson with him / her for life.  We have given you an idea of what we cover during the 8 week course , please read below:


1) The Role of the Butler

2) Household Management

3) Table Management – The True Art of Service

4) Housekeeping and Laundry Management ( done by Miele and Linen Drawer )

5) Appliances ( Hirch`s  and Uni Leaver)

6) Home Automation and High Tech Training  – email, power point, word , letter heads, butlers office and butlers pantry

7) Jet and Yacht Butler – Life at sea for a Butler and vice versa, Life in the air for a Butler – Silver Service and management

8) Etiquette and Protocol – Role Play – How, What and Where ( Roles and Values )

9) Hotel / Resort Butler  ( knocking and entering / SOP`s and dealing with VIP Guests )

10) Cooking Skills – Breakfasts, Luncheons, Dinner Parties – all practical.




A Butler must be able to do the following:


New Course starts 22nd of October 2012

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The much anticipated 22nd of October 2012 course is around the corner.  Each Butler Course is unique and slightly different as we incorporate new ideas and new training villas into each program.


The Butler Academy welcomes Mrs. Elize Wiese as Butler Trainer who is a business entrepreneur and etiquette and protocol trainer. The Butler Academy specialise in Hospitality, Butler and front-of-house training for the luxury residential, embassy, ambassadors residents, luxury rail, restaurant, hotel, spa, game farm, luxury yacht and private jet markets worldwide.


Mr. West who is the “Class Guardian” and Butler Trainer, Mr. West is a skilled chef and wine sommelier, he provides unique knowledge in the field. As the former Butler to a well known Celebrity, we know that our Trainers are the best in the field as Mr. West has 20 years experience in the field. Mr. West is the  Executive Head Butler, to the South African Butler Academy. He looks after students and does many other things for the students, including practical in house training and counseling. The South African Butler Academy is simply unique in every way, so many schools have tried our ideas but we know we are the best due to our high placement rate and almost no replacements –  as our standards are exceptionally high!


Our unique training methods are based on Butlers who work in the field on a day – to – day basis within South Africa and Internationally, headed up by Mr. Cross who provides his unique experiences as the foundation for all Butlers world Wide.


Mr. Cross is the Principle and CEO of the South African Butler Academy – please see legacy page for more details. 


The ultimate SABA butler should have classic and contemporary butler skills. The professional butler’s role is changing and thus we train skilled professionals to meet the service demands of the 21st Century, equipping them with the knowledge relevant to today’s job market worldwide.


What to expect? Professional Butler at the Butler Academy – Ethics 



Always act in the best interest of your employer. Placing their interest above your own, perform and maintain the highest level of professional standards in all relationships and duties.



Perform your duties diligently, impartially and responsively, to the best of your ability. Activities outside working hours must not diminish confidence in you or your ability to perform your duties.



Work towards achieving a strong foundation of mutual respect between the employer and all employees. Educate and instill a healthy respect for all persons and property associated with the employer.


Professional Relationship

Strive to maintain appropriate relationships and boundaries in all aspects of service. Avoid discrimination based on age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, national origin or religion.


We simply cannot wait for 22nd of October 2012! Good Luck to all Butlers , we wish you all of the best – have the time of your life, we always do! Newton Cross, Braam V/ D Westhuizen , Adriaan Coetzer and Elize Wiese



Final Photoshoot – Butler Course ends 5th of October 2012

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Butler Training – The Final photo shoot


Excellent day at the most dashing gardens in Cape Town, we leisurely moved on to the TAJ where the F&B department took us on a lovely excursion through the hotel. Also our famous photo shoot at Rhodes Memorial took place during lunch time, the best photos were taken, all the butlers appeared absolutely amazing. We completed our photo shoot day at our previous student, Marietjie who is presently working as a residential butler in Cape Town. The last stop was the culmination of the course.


Message from the Principle; “Good luck with your new careers and thank you for the memories we made together on the Course! Higher and Wider we will grow!”