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Work for a Luxury Cruise Company – Butler Training

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Butler School – The Queen Mary 2


Have you ever dream`t of sailing on the world`s most luxurious cruise liner? Then the Butler Academy is your destination, the principle of the Butler Academy Newton Cross spent over 2 years working for the “rich and famous” as a professional on the Queen Mary 2.

Other Ships we recommend working on is “The Yachts of Seabourn” please see the video below.


Take note some of the important points:


Expected Standards of Appearance for Cruise Ship Crew


Crew Members directly represent the Cruise Line, and therefore must convey a professional image through grooming, attire and personal hygiene at all times.

The following guide sets out expectations for each Crew Member:



Personal Hygiene


Finger Nails


We at the Butler Academy ensures the highest standard in order for you to enjoy a lavish career on sea.  Join us at the Butler Academy.


Butlers | Johannesburg Butler Training Course & Butler Service – 17th June 2013

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THE BUTLER – 17th JUNE 2013


A Butler’s responsibilities could spread over more than one household. If his duties include the supervision of other domestic staff in one or more households he is often referred to as a House Manager or Major Domo. In this case, his responsibilities would include hiring and organising other household staff – a housekeeper, cooks and maids – as well as outside contractors and personnel – gardeners, chauffeurs and maintenance. Alternatively, he may be the sole employee in a smaller household, in which case he might be expected to carry out light cooking duties and act as a Valet and Personal Assistant.


Valeting refers to the care of his client’s/employer’s wardrobe. This can often be a job in itself and, in larger households, is carried out by the Assistant Butler or Under Butler who is, obviously, under the jurisdiction of the Head Butler. An Under Butler is also known as a Footman but this term is only really used in Royal palaces.


Often the Butler assumes the role of a Personal or Household Secretary and, as well as keeping the family agenda, he would be expected to do personal shopping for his employer, handle the mail and be in charge of the household accounts. In these roles the title of House Administrator would be more appropriate than anything else.


Generally, a Butler would not be expected to perform the more menial domestic tasks or act as a nanny.


The Butler has to be a Jack of all Trades and somehow master of them all, yet he must also always be adaptable and flexible, ready to take on new responsibilities as and when his employer sees fit. He is the ultimate example of common sense, patience and expertise. The greater his duties and responsibilities, combined with his experience, the better it will be reflected in his salary package.


With the return of Butler Services being offered in hotels and spas around the world, the Hotel Butler is now in high demand and this can often be an easier way for many to break into the field of service and gain valuable experience. The difference between a regular Butler and a Hotel Butler is that a Hotel Butler has a high and regular turnover of clientele.

Join us for the ultimate Butler Course on the 17th of June 2013, Sandton, Sandhurst. The Course is intense and exceptionally well received. Please apply via our site.
Enroll today for our next International Butler Training Course to be hosted in a 5* Boutique Hotel – Sandton, Johannesburg. Limited space available. Contact us to book your seat or follow this link – Apply


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Butler Training Update: 


To be in service is to give it your all!  The Butler Academy enables you to develop the consummate service skills required to handle all phases of providing quality service, increasing your technical skills to a high level of perfection.  The Butler Academy is hence the perfect institution for you in developing your personal skills as well as your professional behavior.


Organizational and Time Management is key to prevent wasted time and energy. If you are`nt organized form the start , you will find it difficult to complete chores, which can hinder your ability to provide excellent management skills.  At the Butler Academy we mold you and sometimes “grind” you into a perfectionist as this is our utmost goal. In order to become an all rounder you will need to experience the Butler Academy “set standard” for Household / Hotel Butler Management.


Many who are new to wealth and wealthy lifestyle quickly find that their homes are multi-million dollar ventures with assets and large expenses that require skillful management. In order to achieve proficient management and high-quality service, Principals need the presence of intelligent, skilled, genuine people with good self-esteem and training to protect and preserve their investment. “Mrs. Louise Starkey”


It is important to understand the history of Butlers in order to become a Butler! At SABA we are Butlers training Butlers , this is our success, we understand what our clients needs and wants are. The Butler Academy teaches students how to cook, how to entertain guests, how to set up a cocktail evening, choosing proper settings for functions, assist the clients with admin, implement the correct laundry management system and manage the property inclusive of maintenance – to list but a few…


After 4 successful years in recruiting over 280 Butlers and training 315 Butlers in Private Homes,  Hotels and Yachts the Butler Academy is a true leader in the world of Butler Training.  Please see our Facebook Link below for an up to date reference from our employed Butlers.


We look forward in training you as a professional and successful SABA Butler! Welcome to the Butler Academy you Butler Home.



Newton Cross

Principal and Butler Trainer



Home Appliance Class – Butler Training

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The South African Butler Academy prides itself on providing relevant training for modern and traditional homes.  Today at the Butler Academy we undergone an exceptional training class. The Butler Academy is a Training Laboratory whereby our students experience the best products and working with the best appliances.  Students have access to all of the tools and products of a fine home  / estate or hotel.


The Butlers receive demonstrations on the best linen, how to make a bed properly, how to iron correctly and how to choose the correct mattress for our clients homes.


The Butler Students step into the world of Bosch, Siemens, Smeg, AEG and Miele.  Laundry and Ironing skills is such an important part of being an exceptional butler.  The Butlers are trained by the above mentioned companies.


Kitchen appliances and the correct Vacuum Cleaners; Butlers are required to cook and clean, a master in the kitchen and above all a “sensai” housekeeper. Working with the essentials and understanding the equipment is vital.


With the demand for the “finer things in life” on the  increase and employing a Butler with the correct training; it is therefor imperative for our SABA Butlers to understand and respect our clients equipment, appliances and assist in making the correct choices when purchasing new appliances.




Butler Training – flower decorations and center pieces

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The South African Butler Academy students presented their “perfect tables” at the Butler Academy. Here are some Flower Arrangement Tips:


1: Cut foliage such as leaves away from the stems as much as possible, especially at the water line. This will help to prevent the flowers and stems from rotting. If you decide that you really must have that foliage you can always add in some coleus or additional leaves to the upper areas of the arrangement. Just keep as much of the foliage as possible out of the water. Only the stems themselves should be submerged in water to keep the rot to a minimum.


2: Arrange the stems in floral arrangements just as you would the flowers if you are using a clear vase. With a clear vase, much of the visual appeal is not only the flowers above the vase but also the beauty of the arrangement of the stems inside the vase. Make sure stems are trimmed and cut at angles to maintain a uniform beauty from the top of the vase right down to the bottom!


3: Use flowers that compliments one another in both size and shape. For instance, a floral arrangement that features pink gerbera daisies can be complimented with smaller dahlias or boldly colored pink and white lilies. The use of complimentary colors such as darker shades paired with slightly lighter tones or similar colors is a very common theme in the way florists create floral arrangements.


4: Many large blooms can be paired with small flowers to create a complimentary floral arrangement. Small bouquets can be paired with larger bouquets in a room to create a complimentary look. Various scents can also be paired together to create a specific theme to a floral arrangement. For instance, geraniums paired with lilies, lavender paired with passionflower, and roses paired with clematis are some great options for complimentary scent and size in floral arrangements.



Be creative , use your passion in everything you do! Be confident and shine! Become a Butler at The Ultimate Butler School. 


Butler Training

Next Butler course starts on the 24th of March 2014

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The next 8 week Butler Training course will commence on the 24th of March 2014

almost fully booked due to popularity in exceptional employment available

The next butler course will commence on the 26th of May 2014. 


The Butler Academy offers an eight-week theory &  practical training program. Our Training is based at the South African Butler Academy and we also include practical training onsite prestigious hand picked establishments in Cape Town. These establishments include; Private boutique wine farm in Franchhoek, Practical Hotel Butler Training at one of Cape Towns Award winning Hotels, 5 star Villa in Camps Bay Cape Town.

The Butler Academy is situated in Sable Square (We are located on Campus with the International Hotel School). We provide four full time courses per year since 2008 classes well received please see our Facebook page for references, . We provide the highest industry standards of excellence therefor we only take a limited amount of students per course.


Butler Service


Due to the popularity in our exclusive program & professional manner in which we conduct training coincide the high amount of employment available we can only accommodate 18 – 20 students per course.  Currently to date in 2013 we have 96% employment rate – the best ever! Well done to Guild Recruitment our sister recruitment company! Recent International recruitment covers areas such as Tokyo, Dubai, Boston NY, Australia, Knightsbridge London, Madrid Spain, Croatia, Sardinia, Rome Italy, South Africa; Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kwazulu Natal, Karoo and Bloemfontein.

We provide Residential placements, Hotel & Resort, Luxury Private Yachts, Commercial Cruise Liners, Ranch & Lodges,  Corporate butler positions, Personally assist


Here is a ‘sneak peak’ into the Butler School curriculum: 


The above is 60% of our  our curriculum, the rest we keep a secret, for you to experience!


During the 45 days of training we provide you with the best international butler service training. Our standard and curriculum  is geared towards providing seven star service, complete, always updated and to the point information which will assist you no matter the career choice.


As a qualified Butler of the South African Butler Academy you will become a true Ambassador and serve with true dedication and pride!


To all applicants please note we have an “everyday open day” policy – please feel free to “Skype” or pop in at the Butler Academy at any time.  We are here to assist you with the correct career choices. Recently in South Africa we have seen an increase in ‘fly by night’ schools opening (please be careful as these places cannot provide proper employment opportunities nor can you become a butler in less than 8 weeks), please contact us first for references and guidance.

Butler Training – Read more about the current course

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Liewe Mr. Cross/ Mr.West

Wil rerrig die tyd vat vanaand om vir Mr.Cross en Mr.West dankie te sê. Ek het soveel gegroei as persoon  van dat ek hier is. Dit was vir my altyd die moeilikste ding om voor `n klas te staan en mondeling te praat. Dit was altyd of in pouse gedoen of na skool.  En vandag staan ek met Selfvertroue en die sekerheid  voor `n klas vol verskillende karakters, en besef gou dat ek dit ontgroei het. Alhoewel ek nogsteeds  `n senuwee wrak is van tyd tot tyd .

Ek het nog nooit so tuis gevoel nie. In die afgelope 5 weke het ek  so baie geleer, nie net dit wat ek eendag in my werk gaan toepas nie, maar in my eie lewe. Die kursus is nie net n kursus nie, dis ook n lewensles.

So weereens dankie vir al julle selfvertroue in ons as `n klas, al voel dit soms hoe ontmoontlik. Dit word onsettend baie gewardeur.

Die uwe



Dear Mr. Cross / Mr.West

I would like to  take the time tonight to thank Mr.Cross and to say thank  you to  Mr.West. I’ve grown so much as a person since  I’m at SABA.  It was always the hardest thing for me to stand before a class and speak in public. And today I stand with Confidence and security in front of a class full of different characters, and soon realized that I have outgrown it. Although I’m still a nervous, from time to time.

I’ve never felt so at home. In the last 5 weeks I have learned so much, not just that one day I will apply butling  in my work, but in my own life. The course is not just a course, it’s also a life lesson.

So thanks again for all your confidence in us as a class, though sometimes felt impossible. It is much appricited.



SABA in Service at Hirsch’s – Milnerton during the BWA (Businesswomen’s Association) Event

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Just thank you so much to your guys and girls for being there last night. I really think that you were the catalyst that made the whole evening spectacular because we were watching the ladies faces as they arrived. One lady told me she felt like she was the queen because nobody ever treated her like that before.


So I just think it was spectacular. We couldn’t have done it without you. Please convey my thanks to the entire team. They were all so professional and they really did you proud.


All the best.

Thank You

Kind Regards

Margaret Hirsch


More photos on Facebook

Excellent Butler Training at Riverside Estate – Hout Bay

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Dear SABA,

I am Isaac from Riverside Estates where Newton has been training people for the last two weeks. I would like to thank him for his innovative ideas and help

Isaac Makabu


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