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LAURASTAR in partnership with the South African Butler Academy

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The South African Butler Academy proudly announces our latest development news.

The Butler Academy received our first Laurastar Pulse Silver & Laurastar Lift, the latest high-end ironing solution, combining Swiss know-how and quality to ensure that clothes stay beautiful.


The new Laurastar Pulse Silver & Laurastar Lift that guarantees an ultimate ironing experience thanks to its state-of-the-art technology combined with ease of use is now available at our “Ironing Lab” at the Butler Academy – the only one of its kind in Africa!




Laurastar is the world leader in innovative and superior quality ironing systems. Thanks to its exclusive pulsed steam system, active ironing board and 3D active soleplate, the Laurastar Pulse Silver & Laurastar Lift enables people to care for their clothes and to restore their original beauty.


The Butler Academy believes in perfection and our students can now enjoy working with the Laurastar Pulse Silver & Laurastar Lift at the Butler school practical training working with actual top residential appliances.





Contact us on to experience the ultimate in ironing!






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Boutique Hotel & Game Lodge Training – Provided by the Butler Academy

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Boutique Hotel & Game Lodge Training  – The Butlers do it best!


The Butler Academy is remarkably unique as we are service orientated we live service with our passion! Our trainers have over 12 years of experience in the optimum Boutique Hotels and Lodges across the world.  Recently Trained “Regent Resort in Bali”


The South African Butler Academy has set out the following training programs based on interpersonal management development and increase the confidence levels of each staff member by receiving the satisfactory training.   In short, Hotel Service through The Butler’s watch enhances the guest experience at each and every point of contact with hotel personnel.


Training to be provided on site for best domino effect, the Butler Academy will focus on FOH (front of House), BOH, Roomsdiv and  EXCOM.


Our Promise: To create and develop the resource materials, including a Pre-program  Service MANUAL for the hotel Service training program. The South African Butler Academy will supply the hotel with a hotel Training manual and handbook for the effectiveness of our signature training.


The Hotel / Resort program comprises of individual classes that cover practical based training which is needed to set your resort / hotel apart and deliver service at the Highest Level. The Training is based on theoretical fundamental knowledge and above all exceptional practical training. We recently based our entire training course just on practical training! Service, Present and Sell!


Service that exceeds the expectation of the guest, the training program provides a very intensive and exciting approach to creating an awareness of personal, detailed, seamless service to guests. Every hotel is different, but the basics of guest services remain the same. This program has been written, therefore, to provide these technical skills in a way that each hotel, spa or resort can either adopt them fully or adapt them to their particular needs. This program will ‘finesse’ and fine-tune your butler service.


We recommend any establishment to ask the following questions when acquiring training from other institutes who are unknown and do not have a track record in training 5 star establishments.


Please contact the Butler Academy for; references from over 20 trained establishments,  references from over 300 students trained in the past 4 years, the  international affiliation certificate,  registration documentation and complimentary Skype Training session with our Principle Newton Cross the former Butler to Nelson Mandela and Uma Thurman.


The Butler Academy grows with each establishment and you will discover our warmth and commitment to service to be exactly what you are looking for!


The Program is based on your requirements and a quotation will be calculated accordingly, please note once you have contacted the Butler Academy we will negotiate rates to suit your establishments budget.


Recently Trained Establishments: 


“Firstly thank you again for the amazing training you did with all of us at Prana Lodge, we loved having you all here and learned a lot which everyone will endeavor to sustain. I am so happy that I have the chance to meet you and to work with you”

Prana Lodge


Dear Newton and Adriaan


On behalf of Regent Bali, I would like to thank you for all the passion, energy and excitement

you brought to our Butler training over the past 3-weeks.

Our Butlers commented that it was one of the most informative and stimulating Butler training

programs they have had the privilege of attending; I too noted their confidence levels improved

tremendously over this period; even the more timid Butler’s blossomed into upright, serving

Butler “Ladies and Gentlemen”. Your training content was focused and clear, the course content was well executed covering a

multitude of key hotel services; ranging from room operations, guest and concierge services,

food and beverage and also included some basic kitchen skill training, the diversity of the

training was well planned and received with enthusiasm.  With a hotel pre-opening, Standard Operating Procedures are key to develop the backbone of the operation and your training content covered all of these aspects.


 It has been a pleasure working with you again; we look forward to a continued relationship with SABA and welcoming you back to Regent Bali in 2013.


With thanks and regards






From recent experience, I have learnt that there is quite a huge difference in service and standard levels between our staff trained by SABA and 2 new waitresses we appointed. The Butler Academy training program is absolutely astonishing; Newton & Adriaan focuses on up skilling and focuses on all areas of Abalone House. Well done we simply love it!


Lindsay & Kevin

Abalone House



Please contact us via the apply page.


abalone house




Stewardess training – Superyacht training 27th July 2013

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Yacht Butler | Steward/Stewardess Course


Have you ever dream`t of working on a large Super Yacht? The Butler Academy unlocks your dream and advance your skills in working on a luxury vessel.


The course will teach you first class service with the right Butler Attitude. Whether you already have experience in the hospitality  industry or are looking to move into that area, the South African Butler Academy “yacht crew” training program will provide beginners through to advanced students the necessary skills adapted specifically to a shipboard environment.


At the Butler Academy we offer exclusive employment opportunities to our students, many of our clients often utilizes the service of the Butler on his / her private yacht.  The 8 week Butler Training program is adapted to teach you every aspect of managing a home, taking care of guests in a penthouse suite within a luxury hotel, working in a luxury private jet as well as working on a yacht.


During the 8 week training course it is important to note that we provide;  life and safety training on sea, table service and etiquette, confidentiality and privacy, flower arrangement, decor and assessment training, high tech operational training, valet service, purchasing and basic bookkeeping, entertainment skills, laundry procedures,  housekeeping skills,  serving wine, wine and food paring techniques as well as presentation of wine and above all concierge training.  This is only a glance at what we will teach you!


Why wait? Join the Butler Academy and get ready to step on board our luxurious course! Join us in Johannesburg on the 27th July 2013.

yacht training





Butler Skool – Die perfekte opsie vir jou seun of dogter 2013

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Die Butler Skool in Kaap Stad en nou in Johannesburg


Daar kom n tyd waar n ouer so graag wil he sy of haar seun / dogter moet die wereld sien en die beste oplossing kan gee vir “ma ek wil n suksess maak van my toekoms” Hier is ons! Die Butler Skool. Na 8 weke opleiding “groom” ons u kind vir die beste in die bedryf!


Ons almal as ouers wil investeer in die toekoms van ons kinders en seker maak dat die regte mense na hul omsien, dit is beproef ons het al 84%  van al ons Butlers geplaas uit die 315 opgeleides. Jong Butlers werk vir die St Regis in Doha, plaaslik en gesogte hotelle in Suid Afrika.


Die kurses?

In die 8 weke opleiding werk ons met die karakter van die persoon en bou dit op om seker te maak dhy of sy is gemaklik met die Hotel Industrie en baie keer gee ons werk vir die wat potensiaal in huishouding wys. Die kandidaat is geskik om aandag te gee aan baie aspekte van bestuur  veral ook om opleiding te gee vir ander werknemers. Die Butler kurses is die beste en absoluut uniek. Dit is nie net n “finishing school” nie maar gee wysheid aan studente hoe om kos te maak , hotel gaste te bedien, tafel te dek formeel, met werkers te werk, hoe om boekhou te doen, hoe om reg te stryk, hoe om tasse te pak en meerendeels te dink soos n volwassene.


Vertrou in ons, ons is hier om die beste te gee wat geld in hierde moeilike ekonomise tyd te kan gee.  Geen hotel skool kan na 8 weke u seun of dogter die tiepe werk aanbied wat ons doen nie. Kyk gerus na ons reputasie en ons Facebook vir n “tot die sekond” realiteid.


Volgende kurses beskikbaar is in Johannesburg die 17de Junie 2013, doen gerus aansoek of kom geniet n heerlike koppie tee/koffie by die Akademie.


Mense wat jy kan vertrou!

Butler Akademie Hoof

Newton Cross


Butler Training Tips | What the Academy expects from you?

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Butler Training Tips | Code of Conduct


Personal and Professional Behavior:


Since it was founded, one of the cornerstones of The Guild’s success has been integrity in its dealings with people both inside and outside The Guild. The South African Guild of Professional Butlers is in a position of trust with respect to many external organisations. Also, all The Guild’s Members have a responsibility to The Guild; ethical conduct has been and continues to be the absolute foundation of our Profession.



How Should I Serve My Employer?



You have a principal responsibility to implement and administer the policies and programs of your employer. You may hold views on particular matters that differ from those of your employer, but such views must not interfere with the performance of your duties. Always act in the best interests of your employer rather than for the benefit of your own personal interests.



How Should I Serve The Public?



Treat all people with whom you have contact in the course of your work fairly, and with courtesy and sensitivity. Act with accordance and be able to demonstrate this in terms of any advice or service you give, as you must be able to justify any decisions you make.



How Should I Treat Colleagues?



Respect, and seek when necessary, the professional opinions of colleagues in their area of competence, and acknowledge their contribution. Treat your staff fairly, involve them in decisions that affect them, and provide them with equal opportunity to develop their skills. You may need to ask their advice in situations where you do not have the answer to a particular issue, therefore treat them with unparalleled respect and tact.



What Is Expected Of Me?



Perform your duties diligently, impartially, responsively and to the best of your ability. Only be absent from work with permission. Observe relevant occupational health and safety requirements, and act to remove or bring to the attention of your employer any situation, which is or may be a health or safety hazard. Your activities outside working hours must not diminish confidence in you or your ability to perform your duties.


You must never harass anyone or discriminate on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, pregnancy, child-bearing abilities, race, colour and nationality, lawful religious or political belief or activity, disability and impairment.



Use and Release of Information – Can I Make A Public Comment?



Public comment includes public speaking engagements, comments on radio and television and expressing views in letters to the newspapers or in books, journals or notices where it might be expected that the publication or circulation of the comment will spread to the community at large.



You are a member of the community and therefore have the right to make public comment and enter into public debate on political and social issues. However, Butling prevents you from making public comment on your employer.



How Should I Treat Private Information?



You may have access to personal information relating to your employer, your staff and/or supervisors. This information will have been provided to you on the understanding that it will only be used for a specific purpose and will remain confidential. You must store this information securely, and not express it to any person except in the course of your official duties. If you are placed in a situation such as the one mentioned here, you are required to act responsibly and with the utmost loyalty.



You must not use or communicate your employer’s information for anything, other than official purposes, without the permission of your employer – except where such information has already been made available officially to the public. This includes leaking information to the media. You may not take improper advantage of any information gained in the course of your employment, if you release information you may be liable for legal action.



Act and advise with honesty and integrity in all aspects of your official duties. If you believe an aspect of your employer’s policy or administration may have unforeseen consequences or otherwise requires review, then bring it to the attention of your employer.



Can I Participate In Seminars and Related Activities?



Obtain the approval or permission of your employer before addressing or chairing seminars organised by professional conference organisers.



How Can I Avoid a Conflict Of Interest?



Conflict of interest with official duties may arise for various reasons and, as an individual you may have private interests that, from time to time, conflict with those of your employers. However, there is a reasonable expectation that where such conflict occurs it will be resolved in favour of your employer rather than your own. Disclose potential conflicts of interest to your employer when dealing in the course of official duties with relatives, close friends or business acquaintances. You should neither buy nor sell shares in your employer’s company if you posses information which could lead to your own personal gain and not that of your employer.



It is not possible to define all potential areas of conflict of interest and if you are in doubt as to whether a conflict exists, raise this issue with your employer.  In some circumstances, the appearance of a conflict of interest could itself jeopardise your integrity.


Can I Accept Gifts and Favours?


You should not seek or accept favours or gifts for services performed in connection with your official duties. Included in this category are gifts in kind, such as free accommodation or travel or entertainment vouchers whether for you or members of your direct family. The general principle to be followed is that you should not seek or accept favours or gifts from anyone who could benefit by influencing you.



Immediately report to your employer any circumstances where an offer of a benefit or gift is made, regardless of whether it is accepted or not, if you feel that such circumstances involve an attempt to induce favoured treatment. Where a gift is given without your prior knowledge or consent or where a gift is given as a token of goodwill to your employer, inform your employer as soon as possible. Gifts of more than token value should in all cases remain the property of your employer. It is expected however, that token gifts in the nature of souvenirs, mementos or symbolic items of low material value may be accepted in circumstances approved by your employer.


What about Outside Employment?


You should not engage in outside employment or in the conduct of a business, trade or profession without written permission from your employer. Consideration of requests to engage in outside employment would be concerned to establish whether the outside employment would interfere with the proper performance or official duties of the Butler and whether it would cause any conflict of interest.


Once you leave your employer for other employment you should not use confidential information obtained during your employment to advantage your prospective employer or disadvantage the previous employer in any way.






Treat all people fairly. Base actions, decisions and advice on a consideration of all relevant facts, and implement your employer’s policy and programs with due care.



Maintain your employer’s trust by acting in his interest:



Achieve results through the best use of the employer’s financial, physical and human resources. You must not use your position to obtain a private benefit for someone else. Family or other personal relationships must not improperly influence any of your decisions, professional or otherwise.



Ensure that in financial matters, including the handling of monies, there is full accountability in relation to any advice or transaction in which you may be involved.



Treat everyone fairly and do not discriminate against anyone on grounds such as age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or nationality.



Maintain the confidentiality of any information to which you may have access.  Acknowledge statutory laws governing data privacy such as the Commonwealth Information Privacy Principles.



Be honest about your competence and seek help when necessary.  When your professional advice is sought, it must be impartial and objective. Avoid conflicts of interest and if they do arise, declare them.  Continue to update and enhance your Butling knowledge and management skills through various types of training, studying, and the sharing of information and experiences with your fellow Guild Members.


Butler Life Class – The Butler School

Johannesburg Butler Academy | Butler Training Johannesburg 17th June 2013

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Butler Academy | Johannesburg Butler Training Academy


The South African Butler Academy has opened a new Campus in Johannesburg; we will be hosting our prestigious Butler Training Course at Sandton Boutique Hotel – 28A on Oxford,  Johannesburg on the 17th of June 2013.


28 A on Oxford


The course will be full time and intense as we will be onsite working with tangible guests on a daily basis. Cooking breakfasts;  making beds, setting tables, welcoming guests, meeting guests at the airport, ironing newspapers, unpacking clothes, washing windows, serving caviar, cook luncheons and private dinners, serve wine and above all receive a daily Butler Training session. We will be visiting opulent 5 star hotels / residential properties and receive cooking lessons by Top Chefs in Johannesburg. Above all you will be trained by the former Butler to Uma Thurman and Nelson Mandela.


This is the ideal opportunity to receive employment and work for the rich and famous. We are a worldwide leader  in providing exclusive butler training and employment.


Please note the course is partial to 15 Candidates and we only have 5 more seats left, if you are currently working as a Butler and do not have a internationally recognized Butler certificate, then this is the ideal opportunity!


As seen on DSTV, SAfm, Prestige Magazine, ENCA (E NEWS ) and UK times.


johannesburg butler



Asian Butler Training – Singapore Butler Training & China Butler Training

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The South African Butler Academy travels constant across the world training Butler Departments for Resorts and Hotels.  China is one of biggest Clientele areas as we have trained residential properties and villas in the region.  The Butler Academy is associated with Regent Hotels and focus on key elements withing the Hotel operation.


The Butler Academy is a market leader as we over indulge in excellent training, we do not just stick to discipline orientated training but immensely practical. Recently we trained Westin Resorts and at the end of the training day we received a standing ovation.  We are passionate about service, we ensure each candidate understand the English Language and above all to become indispensable and unobtrusive.


asia butler

Waiter Training at Cattle Baron – Saldanha

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The Butler Academy proudly trained the waiter staff of the Cattle Baron in Saldanha. The Academy was exceptionally thrilled to see the warmth and hunger for training. We focused on Interpersonal Skills, Etiquette in the Dining Room, Service flow, assisting the GM with selling techniques and equipping each candidate with product knowledge and finesse.


To an excellent team and outstanding leaders we wish you all the best with your new skills!

Go Cattle Baron!


Photos can be viewed by following this link –