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Butler Training Wine Class

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During the first 2 weeks of Butler training we focus on extensive practical skills; pouring wine, carrying trays and setting the stage… We would like to share some of the information we learn at Butler School with you!


South African wine cultivars:


In keeping with the spirit of renewal in the South African wine industry, in recent years over 40% of the vineyards have been replanted as the industry has realigned its product to compete globally, moving from volume production to noble cultivars and quality wines. South African vineyards have been dominated by white grape varieties but the trend now is towards a more market-driven balance between white and red.



Noble varieties which have been cultivated increasingly in the past few years include Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, which produce top-class white wines, and Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir. A significant proportion of our red wine vineyards are currently very young – 52% are under 10 years old.



Some of our oldest grape varieties (also called cultivars) date back to ancient times and were developed from wild vines. The original wild vine belongs to the genus Vitis and it is generally accepted that it was cultivated for the first time in Asia Minor, south of the Caspian and Black seas. All the wine grape varieties cultivated in South Africa, which were originally imported from Europe, belong to the species Vitis vinifera. Unfortunately the roots of European vines are susceptible to an insect disease called phylloxera and, in order to avoid it, they are often grafted onto American rootstock which is largely resistant to the insect.



A vine yields its first crop after three years and is fully productive after five. On average, the South African vineyard is replaced after 25 years but this depends on factors such as the area in which it is situated and how heavily it has yielded. Generally, its lifespan may be anything between 15 and 30 years although vines as old as 100 years still in production can be found.



The vine is a remarkable plant which lends itself to selection, propagation and grafting factors which make possible a continuous improvement in both plant and quality. Although most of the vine varieties cultivated here today were originally imported, up to now six local crossings have been released. The best known of these is a red variety, Pinotage, a hybrid of Pinot Noir and Hermitage (Cinsaut), which is cultivated locally on a fairly large scale.



The Worcester Region has the most vineyard plantings (19% of all vines), followed by Paarl and Stellenbosch (17%), Robertson (14%), Malmesbury (12 %), Olifants River (9%), Orange River (9%) and Little Karoo (3%).



The Worcester Region also produces the most wine (24%), followed by Olifants River (17%), Robertson (14%), Paarl and Orange River (12%), Stellenbosch and Malmesbury (9%), and Little Karoo (3%).



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The Butler Academy invited by #Ster-Kinekor for the Premiere of “The Butler” @Butlermovie

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The South African Butler Academy in collaboration with Ster-Kinekor Entertainment will be giving away a unique prize for a  lucky Butler applicant! The South African Butler Academy students will be showing off their ‘bow ties’ at the Premiere of “The Butler”


We would like to thank Ster-Kinekor for this wonderful opportunity and look forward to the first official premiere of “The Butler”


Keep you eyes open this week for a special prize provided by The South African Butler Academy & Ster-Kinekor! Please see competition clip above – Enjoy the movie!


The Butler Plot: 


The film begins in 2009, where an elderly Cecil Gaines recounts his life story, while waiting in the White House. Gaines was raised in a cotton plantation in the 1920s Macon, Georgia, by his sharecropping parents. One day, the farm’s temperamental owner, Thomas Westfall, rapes Cecil’s mother, Hattie Pearl. Cecil’s father, Earl, confronts Westfall, and is shot dead. Cecil is taken in by Annabeth Westfall, the estate’s caretaker, who reassigns Cecil to being a house servant instead. In his teens, he leaves behind the Westfall plantation and his mother, who has been mute since the incident.


One night, Cecil breaks into a pastry shop inside a hotel and is, unexpectedly, hired by the owners. While working in the hotel, he acquires skills from the master servant, Maynard. After several years, Maynard recommends Cecil for a position in a Washington D.C. hotel which Cecil accepts. While working at the D.C. hotel, Cecil meets Gloria, and the couple have two children: Louis and Charlie. In 1957, Cecil is hired by the White Houseduring Dwight D. Eisenhower’s administration, where White House maître d’ Freddie Fallows shows Cecil the grounds and introduces him to head butler Carter Wilson and co-worker James Holloway. Working in the White House, Cecil witnesses first hand Eisenhower’s reluctance to use troops to enforce school desegregation in the South, then the President’s resolve to uphold the law by ordering to racially integrate a high school in Little Rock.



The Gaines family celebrates Cecil’s new occupation with their closest friends and neighbors, Howard and Gina. Louis, the eldest son, becomes a first generation university student at Fisk University in Tennessee. Cecil is hesitant about this because he thinks the South is too volatile and encourages Louis to enroll at Howard University. Louis joins a student program led by James Lawson, to peacefully engage in a sit-in at a segregated diner and is arrested. Furious, Cecil heads to Nashville where he confronts Louis for disobeying him. Gloria, suffering from her husband’s long working hours, becomes an alcoholic and engages in an affair with the Gaineses’ neighbor, Howard.



In 1961, after John F. Kennedy’s election, Louis and a dozen others are attacked by the Ku Klux Klan while traveling on a bus in Alabama. Kennedy, spurred by the nation’s growing turbulence, delivers a national address proposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Several months after the speech, Kennedy is assassinated and his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, enacts the transformative legislation into law. As a goodwill gesture, Jackie Kennedy presents Cecil with one of the former president’s neckties before she leaves the White House.


In the late 1960s, after civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, Louis returns home and tells his family that he and a few others have founded a chapter of the radical organization called the Black Panthers. Aware of Richard Nixon’s plans to suppress the movement and upset at his son’s actions, Cecil orders Louis and his girlfriend, Carol, to leave his house. Louis is soon arrested and is bailed out by Carter Wilson. The Gaineses’ other son, Charlie, confides to Louis that he plans to join the Army in the war in Vietnam, to which Louis announces that he wouldn’t attend his funeral if he were to be killed. Indeed, a few months later, the Gaines family hold a funeral for Charlie, which Louis does not attend, much to the dismay of his enraged father. However, when the Black Panthers begin to exercise violence in response to racial confrontations, Louis leaves the organization and returns to college, earning his master’s degree in political science and eventually winning a seat in Congress.


Meanwhile, Cecil’s professional reputation has grown to the point that in the 1980s, he is invited by Ronald and Nancy Reagan as a guest to a state dinner. Cecil realizes that the invitation was just for show, as Reagan plans to veto any Congressional sanctions against South Africa. Cecil announces his resignation to the President, but not before gaining Reagan’s support in his years-long effort to have the black White House staff receive the same rate of salary and opportunities for career advancement as their white counterparts.


Gloria, wanting Cecil to mend his estranged relationship with Louis, reveals to him that Louis once told her that he loved and respected them both. Realizing his son’s actions to be heroic rather than antagonistic, Cecil joins Louis in a protest against South African apartheid.


The film then advances to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, where an elderly Gloria dies shortly before Obama is elected as the nation’s first African-American president, a milestone which leaves Cecil and Louis in awe. The film ends with Cecil preparing to meet the inaugurated Obama in the White House.


(the above is sourced from Wikipedia)




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Butler Team Building – Excellent Day!

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WOW! We had an incredible Team Building day. The Butlers undergone obstacles in thinking and leadership skills. From walking on eggs to bursting balloons – we really had the time of our lives!


People in every workplace talk about building the team, working as a team, and my team, but few understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team. Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than yourself. As a professional butler it is imperative to work as one – Together Everyone Achieves More!


We ended the day with the best gourmet hamburgers designed and prepared ‘per barbecue’ style and presented in elegance.  Thank you to our incredible team of butlers especially our head butler for the day Mr. Willem from Holland!


Please take a look at our Facebook Team Building Album –


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Butler training underway, today we discuss the importance….

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Butler Training & Butler Service Life Lessons


At the Butler Academy we give life class lessons to our students enriching each individual on the power of choice and how to know your self better!


Herewith some tips: 



A butler is best described as a complex mixture of ingredients resulting in the master of service. The SABA philosophy is unique, and the frame work of our training is by far the best in the world.  Our clients expect modern yet traditional butlers who can multitask and work under pressure.

Use the above life lessons and you will jet set your professional career as well as a human being.



Hotel Butler Formazione Italia

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Hotel Butler servizio è unico e si differenzia dal maggiordomo descrizione del lavoro residenziale, l’hotel offre un servizio di maggiordomo senza soluzione di continuità non solo di un ospite o una famiglia, ma per molte persone e molte famiglie un soggiorno di breve o più lungo . L’effetto che si crea dal maggiordomo hotel si trova per sempre nella mente dei suoi / sue clienti .
Il sudafricano Butler Academy di base dei nostri programmi letteralmente sulla formazione pratica , siamo di gran lunga la scelta numero uno in tutto il mondo quando si tratta di hotel di maggiordomo formazione . Quando sul posto Tocchiamo i sensi e lo sviluppo interpersonale di ogni studente – lasciamo un segno che nessuno può copiare o rivendicare .
Il maggiordomo Academy è specializzata nella formazione di Hotel & Resort maggiordomi così come maggiordomi che lavorano in un ambiente esclusivo per esempio, pensioni e riserve di caccia private .


Il nostro programma è personalizzato e dal 2009 la nostra esperienza sarà la vostra organizzazione attraverso gli africani maggiordomo metodi Academy sud .


Il sudafricano Butler Academy Hotel Butler Programma di formazione :



Forniamo ogni hotel ( il nostro cliente ) con il nostro ultimo libro intitolato ” Allow Me” disponibile solo per selezionare i clienti e il personale . Ci sarà anche aiutare a lunga distanza con la formazione di Skype , se ritenuto necessario .
Forniamo Hotel Butler formazione in molti paesi , tra dei quali sono :



Si prega di non esitare a contattare il sudafricano Butler Academy in qualsiasi momento per un riferimento sui vari alberghi addestrati , siamo fuori di questo mese per allenarsi esclusivo hotel sull’isola delle Maldive ! Tenete gli occhi sulla nostra pagina di Facebook : /


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14th of October 2013 Course is underway!

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After much anticipation we have our final course for 2013 underway! The South African Butler Academy welcomes 18  Students, with 9 international students joining  as far as Switzerland and Spain. Our students come from different backgrounds in the Hospitality industry some from the Butler industry and others from a finance background.


With the ultimate ‘kick start’ to Cape Town Season we will be commencing with employment as early as week one! Guild Recruitment our sister employment company will be sending Butlers to work for Royalty and Famous individuals arriving in Cape Town during the festive season. We are also placing students in private residential employment positions all across South Africa and latest in Germany.


Our wish is not only for each student to receive employment but to enjoy every second spent here at the SABA house! Make your dream a reality with us!

14th of October 2013 Butler Course Blog

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Butlers Blog Posts 14th of October 2013


Dear Butlers and  friends of the Butler Academy please enjoy the Butler Student ‘Blogs’ below. We will be ‘blogging’ each day events and Wow`s which are created by our Head Butler. Feel free to comment and add useful information to enrich our knowledge.

Lodge Butler Training at Dan`s Country Lodge in Mthata

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The Butler Academy completed a 10 day Lodge / Resort Hospitality Training Program in Mthatha, Eastern Cape of South Africa.


Dan`s Country Lodge are the Champions of rural development whereby the Butler Academy assisted the professional team with; Systems, SOP`s, Table Service, Housekeeping, Laundry Management, Food & Beverage, Front of House & Operational Management.



A special thank you to Buyiswa and Mandisa for the royal treatment and amazing gifts! We where presented with luxury gifts in honor of our training and implementing fundament standards which enhances the staff as well as the service.



Dans Country Lodge is blessed with the best service team outstanding views and the perfect location for events and business conferences. In the green valleys and hills of rural Mthatha, is an unexpected surprise destination on the N2: Dan’s Country Lodge. Rising out of the countryside, the Sprawling Estate is set against clear blue skies and crystal white clouds. Rolling mists can be seen in the distance, as you look across the valley to the rolling green hills. The beautiful natural setting can only be described as something out of a storybook.


Applauded by many travellers as an ‘Oasis in the Desert’, the Estate is just 10min away from the bustling city of Mthatha, the birth place of Nelson Mandela. Within 10 minutes, you are able to trade the hustle & bustle of City Life for the calm tranquillity of the countryside, offering you a complete escape into the country. We are a 4 star resource by choice, but boldly boast 5 star quality in the facilities and service that we offer.



We would like to thank Mr. Cross & Mr. West on an outstanding job well done. The Butler Academy will be developing hospitality skills and setting up a skills portal satellite campus at Dans Country Lodge in Mthatha.




Why us?

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What distinguish SABA from any other Butler Training Institutes?


Allow us to explain …


The SABA & Guild Recruitment not only provides the best employment to Butlers & Household Staff, but also assists each student with the most suitable employment, during and after the Butler Training course of eight weeks. We are the only Butler Training Institute in the World to offer a 10 week Butlers Course!

SABA is the only Butler Training Academy in Africa to offer this unique, an intensive eight-week Butler & Household Management Course. Even if a candidate has NO experience in hospitality, results at the end of this course serve as sufficient proof that the Academy Curriculum successfully sculpts each candidate to become the best Butler possible.

The Butler Training offered by SABA is the most affordable and best value for money in the world. According to some European countries, we offer much more for only a third of the normal fee.

What distinguish SABA & Guild Recruitment is:-

·      Our Trainers and Teachers have worked as commercial and private Butlers in the industry;

·      We always have an ‘open-door’ policy to all our Butlers that completed the Course;

·      We are the most active Butler Academy on social media in the world. We share our success stories with thousands of followers from all media platforms with regular updates – at least three times per week – on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest;

·      We have state of the art software and technology to create the most amazing visual material and online media;

·      To demonstrate that our Training is pro-active, we provide daily cooking lessons;

·      Conventional office hours are not applicable as our Trainers are 100% committed to service excellence;

·      We are the only Butler Academy teaching our Butlers the subject of Electronic Valet & Household Technology;

·      The first class training equipment used at the Butler Academy is similar to the products and equipment used in luxury residences worldwide.

·      The Butler Academy is HACCP-aware and teaches students on the essence of Green Butling and Food Hygiene Management.

·      Our commitment is more than words it is reality!

During the last five years, we have created a world class Butler School with integrity – we are more committed to our Butlers and you, their future employers, than being concerned about remuneration. Your success is our concern!

Since 2009 the SABA training program has been thoroughly planned and designed by Hotel, Resort and Residential Butlers in South Africa for Butlers Globally