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Hotel Butler Training – Cape Royale Hotel & Spa

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Excellent Training Course completed at the prestigious Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa in Cape Town.  Enjoy our latest short video.


Hotel Butler Training Completed – Cape Royale Hotel & Spa

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The South African Butler Academy completed another excellent Hotel Butler Hospitality Program and this time at the Cape Royale Hotel & Spa. The hotel provided 15 professionals from housekeeping, front of house, guest services and rooms division to attend the South African Butler Academy program.  We wish them all success and pleasure in their current positions and above all keep the professional passion flowing!




Reference General Manager Cape Royale, writen by Mafu who attended the course:



Ladies and Gentlemen I want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for the Butler Training which was held yesterday in the King Phillip Suite it was Excellent! we’ve learnt a lot. Mr. Cross and Mr. West are excellent Professionals and very well prepared. Their experiences and knowledge was the real impact and they know their trade. Now it’s up to us to implement what they thought us. Thanks again have a great day and may it be filled with love, joy happiness and Laughter.


Kindly Regards


Excellent News! More employment!

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Excellent News – 2 Butlers are placed in residential positions from Guild Recruitment       

(5 placements this week) 



It is our pleasure to announce Shahrokh our Butler student on the current course will be working as a Butler for one of the world`s well known families.  Alongside Shahrokh we also secured  Mbongeni who will working as a residential Butler for the same family.



Again and Again we provide excellent positions to our Butlers! From hard work comes pure delight and a promise of success. The South African Butler Academy will be posting every placement on the website to share the happy moments with you. Enjoy and above all  feel free to wish each Butler the very best in his / her new career, as we support our Butlers every step of the way!


Join our next course starting on the 13th of January 2014 – space is running out book now!


Thank you to for the excellent placements.

CONGRATULATIONS! Another SABA Butler receives employment

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Well done to Guild Recruitment the past week we have employed 4 butlers in 2 days! Congratulations to Philip who received employment this week working as a Hotel Butler and to Aninne , Mbongeni and Edgar!


The South African Butler Academy is delivers every time, quality butlers who received exclusive positions across the world. Good luck to our Butlers who received residential employment and commercial employment in last week.


Join us on the next exciting Butler course starting on the 13th of January 2014. (butler & household personnel employment)

Receive world class Hotel Butler Training

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Hotel Butler Service is unique and differs from the residential butler job description;  the hotel butler provides a seamless service to not only one guest or one family but to many guests and many families on short stays or longer. The effect which is created by the hotel butler is forever in the minds of his / her clients. Many Hotels provide Hotel Butler Service and quite a few do not know the services which a Butler can offer to guests, therefor the Academy assists in providing the correct job description & training for Hotels / Resorts / Lodges & Yachts.


The South African Butler Academy base our programs literally on practical training, we are by far the number one choice in the world when it comes to hotel butler training.  When onsite we touch the senses and interpersonal development of each student – we leave a mark which no one can copy or claim. The South African Butler Academy Training is purposefully imagined & Meticulously considered, crafted to precision.   It’s not just what’s next. But what should be next!


The Butler Academy specializes in the training of Hotel & Resort butlers as well as butlers working in Africa surrounded by nature and spectacular views.  From Kenya to Namibia we provide Butler Training to 5 Star Lodges across Africa. Recently we completed our 14 day training program in Madikwe “Etali Safari Lodge”




German butler training


Our program is customized and since 2009 our experiences will benefit your organization through the South African Butler Academy methods.


The South African Butler Academy Hotel Butler Training Program:



We provide each Hotel ( our client ) with our latest book called “Allow Me” only available to select clients and personnel. We will also assist long distance with Skype Training if deemed necessary.

We provide Hotel Butler Training to many countries amongst of which are:



Please feel free to contact the South African Butler Academy at any time for a reference on the various hotels trained, we are off this month to train exclusive hotel on the Island of the Maldives! Keep your eyes on our Facebook Page:




(The Butler Academy will be spending 3 months next year onsite many properties providing our excellent Butler Training Program)

 hotel butler training



Hotel Butler Ausbildung Berlin – South African Butler Academy

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HOTEL BUTLER TRAINING – von der südafrikanischen BUTLER Academy
Hotel Butler -Service ist einzigartig und unterscheidet sich von der Wohn- Butler Stellenbeschreibung, bietet das Hotel Butler einen nahtlosen Service , nicht nur einen Gast oder eine Familie, sondern für viele Gäste und viele Familien für Kurzaufenthalte oder länger. Die Wirkung , die durch das Hotel Butler erstellt wird, ist für immer in den Köpfen seiner / ihrer Kunden.

Die südafrikanische Butler Academy Basis unserer Programme buchstäblich auf die praktische Ausbildung sind wir mit Abstand die Nummer eins in der Welt , wenn es um Hotel Butler Training kommt . Wenn wir vor Ort auf die Sinne und zwischenmenschliche Entwicklung der einzelnen Schüler berühren – wir Spuren hinterlassen , die niemand kopieren oder kann behaupten .

Der Butler Academy ist spezialisiert auf die Ausbildung von Hotel & Resort Butler sowie Butler arbeitet in exklusiver Umgebung zum Beispiel Pensionen und private Wildreservate .


Unser Programm wird individuell und seit 2009 unsere Erfahrungen wird Ihre Organisation durch die South African Butler Academy Methoden profitieren.


Die südafrikanische Butler Academy Hotel Butler Training Program :


Wir bieten jedem Hotel (unserem Kunden ) mit unseren neuesten Buch mit dem Titel “Allow Me” nur für Kunden und Mitarbeiter auszuwählen. Wir werden auch helfen, Ferngespräche mit Skype -Training , wenn für notwendig erachtet .

Wir bieten Hotel Butler Ausbildung in vielen Ländern unter denen sind:


Bitte zögern Sie nicht , die südafrikanische Butler Academy jederzeit für einen Verweis auf den verschiedenen Hotels geschult kontaktieren, wir sind aus diesem Monat zu exklusiven Hotel auf der Insel der Malediven zu trainieren ! Halten Sie die Augen auf unserer Facebook- Seite:



hotel butler training




Hotel Butler Training – South African Butler Academy

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The South African Butler Academy provides tailored Hotel Butler Training to many hotels across the world. Recently we trained the Beautiful and Luxurious Resort Fancourt in George.


Here is a snip view of our training curriculum:





(please note we offer 250 modules)



Our passion and experience is what each hotel enjoy and celebrate with us when we provide the butler master classes. Butling has developed into a sense of interpersonal guest skills. We focus on practical skills and all round professionalism.

Please see one of our many videos. In this video the butler academy is conducting Hotel / Resort Butler Training.


Butler Training Field Trip – Cape Town Flower Market

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 Celebrate Service with us!


The Butlers on the 14th of October 2013 Course had the honor of meeting Delia our favorite Capetonian selling flowers in Adderley street since 1990! We teach our butlers the power of connecting with locals and building relationships with suppliers.


South African Butler Academy in the “City Press” Newspaper

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The South African Butler Academy is featured in the City Press Newspaper, take a look and enjoy the excellent read!



Did you know?

The historical fiction drama The Butler is based on the real-life story of Eugene Allen (inset), who worked for the White House for 34 years. He started in 1952 as a ‘pantry man’ and rose through the ranks until he became the Maître d’hôtel, the highest rank of butler in the White House.



In the movie The Butler, which opened in local cinemas on Friday, Forest Whitaker plays Cecil Gaines, who becomes head butler at the White House. The film spans more than three decades and eight presidential families. And all along, Cecil remains silently in the background – pouring, preparing and polishing with the discretion and charm demanded of his profession.



While the movie highlights America’s political twists and turns during Gaines’ 34-year tenure, it also trains the spotlight
on an often-misunderstood occupation.  A jack-of-all-trades, the butler is all-knowing but utterly discreet and runs a household with the efficiency, authority and aplomb of a ship’s captain.



‘Butling [that’s the correct term] is about service, not being a servant,’ says Newton Cross, principal of the South African Butler Academy (SABA) in Cape Town. ‘It’s about being unobtrusive but indispensible. Butlers in private homes may not be part of the family, but they are definitely part of the household.’



In an age when technology rules and the emphasis is on instant gratification, it’s interesting that demand for practitioners of this old-world profession is growing on the continent. Adriaan Coetzer, who heads up the recruitment arm of the academy, says the increase in African billionaires has spiked this demand. ‘You’d be surprised at how many families require a butler. We’ve placed people on cattle farms in Namibia, game lodges in Kenya, private estates in Tanzania and seven-star hotels in Dubai. A good butler is seen as the ultimate status symbol – one way of showing you’ve really arrived.’ This privilege doesn’t come cheap – butlers can earn upwards of R28 000 a month.


butler training


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Butler Tips: How to treat difficult stains!

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Butlers Tips: How to treat tough stains


stain is a discoloration that can be clearly distinguished from the surface, material, or medium it is found upon. They are caused by the chemical or physical interaction of two dissimilar materials.


The Stain Bible is one of the essential tools for Butlers in a household as we deal with tough stains on a daily basis.


The Butlers on the current course where given the task to research different difficult stains.


Enjoy the Blogs below!