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Butler Employment available for January 2014

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Latest Butler Jobs available:


Hollywood, Los Angeles 


Butler to join a team of actors in a new movie about butlers and household staff in America. The Butler Academy received a training contract of a different kind. We will be sending one Butler over to the Hollywood to groom and assist with technical and practical training for the actors who will be playing the roles of Butlers. The list just goes on from laying tables to walking dogs, polishing shoes, maintenance work, pouring wine and making beds.  We cannot mention the name of the movie nor details at this time but we will post more details once they become public. We are thrilled at the opportunity and publicity which the Academy will receive.



Position: Training Butler for Celebrity Cast on site a film production

Duration: 8 months

Renumeration: Accommodation, Meals, Travel Allowances, Monthly Salary and Medical. (you will be featured in the movie)

Employment Code (3688-99#)



Residential Butler , Johannesburg 


Large property in Houghton Johannesburg seeks the assistance of a well groomed Lifestyle Manager / Butler. Family with two  children, pets and 2 additional properties in South Africa. Duties will include;  driving children to school,  plan ahead and do the shopping, oversee the housekeepers & gardeners, understand household technology and event planning. The Butler will be required to be hands on and must be an example to the other staff.  Essential; cooking & drivers license. Please contact the South African Butler Academy for more information.



Duration: Permanent

Renumeration: R24 000pm, includes accommodation as this is a live in position and vehicle will be provided.

Employment Code (4756 – 33#)



Residential Butler, Cape Town


Large formal home of discerning long term clients. The property has been renovated to the highest standards and requires a very active, high energy, hands on Butler who has a an eye for detail and who is able to rise to a challenge as the house is often busy with periods of entertaining, meetings and guests visits. The principal often works from home too, so there are frequent guests and visitors.


Applicants must be completely hands on in all aspects of day to day housekeeping duties which will include handling special artefacts, fine fabrics and specialist cleaning. A full time cleaner is employed and additional staff brought in when needed. The perfect applicant will be required to make simple meals and drive the principal to and from meetings etc. The Client travels to Portugal 4 times a year which allows the applicant to travel to other properties with the principal.



Duration: Permanent

Renumeration: R18 000pm, includes accommodation as this is a live in position. Vehicle will be provided for Chauffeuring & Shopping.

Employment Code (52212 – 69#)



Residential Butler Couple,  Russia


A highly experienced couple are required for a large luxury property in the Var region. This Russian business man requires the highest level of housekeeping and property maintenance. Gardening, handyman and maintenance work, operation and maintenance of larger garden machinery, general driving duties so one must have a clean driving license , housekeeping to a very high standard, ability to arrange flowers, lay tables and generally maintain the interior of the property to the standard of a boutique hotel. The couple needs to be hard working and discreet with the ability to work autonomously, be able to ‘think on their feet’ to problem solve and adapt to the clients demands.  The principal is well known in the world and therefor the utmost of discretion is important.  The candidates will be required to go onboard the clients luxury yacht which is birthed in Monaco. Duties onboard as well as on land will be required; shopping, cooking, serving and assist with any errands.



Duration: Permanent

Renumeration: R55 000pm ( inclusive of both Salaries), includes accommodation,meals, flights and visas.

Employment Code (544343 – 9#)


Hotel Butler, Dubai


Butler Team Leader Primary Location :   United Arab Emirates-Dubai


Raffles Luxury Hotels & Resorts is located in vibrant destinations around the world. Unique with its own distinct personality, each Raffles hotel distinguishes itself with the highest standards of product and service.   Raffles offers excellent career development and growth opportunities for our colleagues who have the talent, dedication, drive and passion to be part of a leading global luxury hospitality brand.


Butler Team Leader 

Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:     



Duration: Permanent

Renumeration: R22 000pm, includes accommodation,meals, flights and visas.

Employment Code (64455 – 04#)





“Please apply via our contact page” Join our next butler course 13th of January 2014 for more employment opportunities. Employment provided by Guild Recruitment South Africa.

Butler Training & Butler Service Video

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Join the South African Butler Academy  in 2014, a world of luxury and dedication awaits. 


If you are a school leaver or turing 60 we welcome all students to the domestic hospitality world. We specialize in the placement of butlers, house managers, corporate butlers, estate managers, chefs, personal assistants and butler couples. Our employment packages range from full time, part time, and seasonal contracts to private yachts, private jets, luxury estates, resorts, hotels, lodges, guest houses and luxury trains. Our clients turn to us for the best in the industry!



Butlers and house managers, hotel butlers  in today’s hospitality market understands the skill set and foundation of the industry. Our students learn how to correctly execute the Butler Academy techniques and facilitate superior management styles within a household or within a team of professionals.  We are extremely proud of our techniques and execution of our program.  Since 2009 we created a the a modern butler with the following traits; well groomed, well mannered, passionate, sincere, graceful, elegant, multi talented, trustworthy and loyal individuals who respect the butler profession.


Superior Training, Multi Skilled Teachers, Practical and Enjoyable! The art of managing a modern home takes discipline and attention to details, to work with other experienced butlers with in a hotel requires communication skills and anticipation techniques! Here at the Butler Academy we master the true art of butler service.


Join us! Next Butler Course starts 13th of January 2014.





Interpersonal Management Skills – Butler Training

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Once you attend one of our exclusive Butler Courses you will see the impeccable reaction it will have on the view you have of service. It starts with you, sharing words and understanding the power of words.  “Pay attention to your words and use them wisely”- Newton Cross


Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups.  People who have worked on developing strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives. In many interpersonal encounters, the first few minutes are extremely important as first impressions have a significant impact on the success of further communication. The use of encouraging words alongside non-verbal gestures such as head nods, a warm facial expression and maintaining eye contact, are more likely to reinforce openness in others.




“The soft stuff is always harder than the hard stuff.”

In short, it’s the people skills – those aptitudes and abilities used to get the best out of our human assets. It encompasses all those things we talk about when discussing leadership – the highly nuanced interactions with a diverse workforce that result in motivation, morale, enthusiasm, focus, commitment, productivity, teamwork, organizational cohesiveness, and group success.”


Join our next Butler Course and become a professional butler!



Butler Academy 2014 Video

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Join the South African Butler Academy for the next 8 week butler training course, be part of history in the making. We celebrate service and abundance of technical skills as we will be hosting 4 courses in 2014.  Apply early as space is limited due to exclusive employment available to you! Enjoy our latest video:



Newton Cross – Principal, South African Butler Academy on “Die Nataniel Tafel” – Napkins

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Butler Academy on Kyknet ” Die Nataniel Tafel”



We would like to thank  Nataniel and his amazing team of professionals for the outstanding opportunity to present on the history of napkins on “Die Nataniel Tafel”


 “DIE SERVET! ‘n Mooi groot spierwit lapservet is een van die koswêreld se grootste vreugdes en ‘n móét vir elke tafel. Hierdie week is Nataniël se gas Newton Hilton Cross, hoof van die South African Butler Academy. (Vir meer inligting gaan na In ‘n fassinerende gesprek gesels hy oor die geskiedenis en korrekte gebruik van die servet.”


Residential Butler “healthy food guide” for your principles

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Butlers preparing healthy meals which your family will enjoy!


The next time you rush out the door in the morning without something to eat, consider this: Skipping breakfast can set you up for overeating later in the day. A healthy a.m. meal, on the other hand, can give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and set the stage for smart decisions all day long.



“You want to aim for a breakfast that combines good carbs and fiber with some protein! We as Butlers make our own home made muesli which contains an array or nuts and good protein.  Setting the table with fresh produce; fruits and fibre with a choice of hot breakfast is always available, selection of juices (freshly prepared) and barista style sepciality coffee`s.


For Lunch we tend to steer away from bread and prepare Omega 3 rich meals which assists hay-fever sufferers  as well as nutrients for the skin and mind. ‘Salad Nicoise’ is a popular choice due to the selection of ingredients used, tuna, beans, egg and butter lettuce.  Tabbouleh Salad is alternative to couscous or heavy salads, originally Lebanese ingredients include: Bulgar Wheat, Chopped Parsley, Coriander, Bell Peppers, cucumber and Tomatoes dressed with olive oil and vinegar.  You may serve pita bread with the salads if you akin to.  Try Chicken Skewers or Salmon dishes!


Dinner is always a butlers favorite part of the day as we create the mood and set the stage for entertaining. If the amount of people for dinner is on the minimum side then do not over do it! Keep it simple as less can be more!  If for instance we are celebrating a special occasion  – then do indulge.


Some ideas:  (remember classic styles are always safe, food should have flavor and above all should consist of fresh produce)



Healthy eating starts with learning new ways to eat, such as adding more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and cutting back on foods that have a lot of fat, salt, and sugar.


A change to healthier eating also includes learning about balance, variety, and moderation


Aim for balance. Most days, eat from each food group-grains, protein foods, vegetable and fruit, and dairy. Listen to your body. Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you feel satisfied.


Look for variety. Be adventurous. Choose different foods in each food group. For example, don’t reach for an apple every time you choose a fruit. Eating a variety of foods each day will help you get all the nutrients you need.


Practice moderation. Don’t have too much or too little of one thing. All foods, if eaten in moderation, can be part of healthy eating. Even sweets can be okay.


At the South African Butler Academy we teach our butlers the importance of eating and living healthy!