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Butler Training China & Russia

Posted on: April 23rd, 2014 by Butler Academy 1 Comment

The South African Butler Academy is now offering training in other parts of the world. We have teamed up with professionals executing our leading Hotel / Resort Butler program.


Contact the South African Butler Academy for more details regarding onsite training.


Understanding basics, How to fry an egg?

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Part of our curriculum is based on basics in the Household or Penthouse. The Butler is responsible for light cooking upon request. We take it one step further and teach our Butlers a entire week of cookery skills.



Sense of Taste – Butler Academy

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Exceptional practical training day. Students experience the real world of  flavours and taste sensations.


Hospitality Training Program (2nd of June 2014 – 3 weeks)

Posted on: April 18th, 2014 by Butler Academy 1 Comment

The South African Butler Academy will be hosting a 3 week International Hospitality (Hotel Services) Program at our prestigious Academy located in Century City, Sable Square.


For the individual focused on improving his / her  Hospitality skills , this programme teaches you advanced and basic  skills of Hospitality Operations as well as the management skills necessary in this dynamic and growing field.


Candidates who successfully complete this programme will be awarded The South African Butler Academy Certificate in Hospitality  which is a registered qualification.


The Program comprises of: 



The cost of the course:


How to apply: 





“Candidates will receive first class training by experts and hotel professionals. The Academy will provide snacks and beverages during lectures. Students will be visit different establishments to implement practical training and observing experts in the field of Hospitality”

Congratulations to Michelle & Hantie! Butlers of the week

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At the South African Butler Academy we recognise achievement and this week two excellent ladies have “wowed” our team who are attending the current butler course.


Michelle Kemp


Michelle fits the Butler program very well and is a natural leader.  She is results driven and mindful of the talents of her fellow Butlers, which she utilizes very effectively.   She is focused on obtaining her goals and always willing to go the extra mile.  It is a pleasure to have such a friendly and efficient student on board.  Well done Michelle!


Hantie Dobson


Hantie is a hard working, neat, friendly and well organized individual who is very keen to learn new skills.  Her work method is systematic and she is always prepared for any situation.  This methodical approach, can only but guarantee positive outcomes.  She can work well in a team environment, yet can also delegate effectively as a leader.  Well done, Hantie!


Well done Butler Team!

Sense of Taste – Butler Practical Training

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The South African Butler Academy prides itself on practical training. South Africa offers a wide selection of the finest products and resources to teach our students practically. We export 65% of South African wines to the rest of the world. Our surroundings offer the finest selection of wines, cheeses, grappa, chocolates and award winning beer breweries.


At the South African Butler Academy we are proud of our curricula –  memorable experiences. Our Teaching methods are oriented around the enjoyment of excellent quality products in the company of friendly and well informed hosts.


The South African Butler Academy is first in line when it comes to; what you see is what you sell. We teach our students real butler training. It is far better to experience the world of cheese and wine practically as it is made on the farm than to read about it in class.


Take a look at our exceptional day out and bout Paarl / Stellenbosch.



Next Butler course starts on the 11th of August 2014 – Join us

Butler of the Week – Giovanni

Posted on: April 5th, 2014 by Butler Academy 1 Comment


Congratulations to Giovanni who received the honour of being Butler of the week on our current 8 week Butler course.


Giovanni has shown from week one that he is very committed and that he sets high standards for himself.  He gets on well with his fellow students and has impressed on his days as Head Butler.  He is hard working, pays attention to detail and is always ready to serve with a smile.  These are very important qualities of a Butler and will be beneficial to him in his future career.
Well done Giovanni!


butler of the week