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Butler Academy Brochure – Download your copy

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The South African Butler Academy is unique in every single way! We provide professional Butlers to Private Residences and Luxury Hotels across the world.

We are a Household & Resort / Hotel, Butler School.  The Butler Academy is innovative and express  passionate training through real Butler service. We provide world class employment and outstanding practical training.  Please study our Brochure!


The South African Butler Academy training Brochure is an online Magazine,  please download your copy.


Hotel Butler Training | The Butler is more than just an extra pair of arms

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 The Butler commits himself/herself to the guest and cares to exceed their expectations and create extra- special moments. Exceptional service is only the starting point; we organise the guest’s stay in the most perfect way. We want them to spend their time in the resort as comfortable and as pleasurable as possible. A professional Butler pays great attention to detail. The Butler is an excellent organiser and knows, and follows, the accepted manners and customs, adhering to the right Etiquette and Protocol. The butler is always in the background, smoothing things over and is firm about the amount and quality of work done by those assisting him/her to provide a first class service to the guest. At the end of the day, a good butler must have the energy and humility to ask, “Was there anything else I could have improved on with my service today?”


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Butler Training at the Michelangelo Hotel Sandton, Johannesburg

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The South African Butler Academy is currently conducting a luxury Butler service training program at one of the world`s leading hotels,  the Michelangelo. We are privileged to be invited for a second time to the conduct our special training program. The Academy was met by enthusiastic staff who couldn’t wait to commence with training. The program is underway and the results are excellent.


The Michelangelo Hotel – Where the World Meets and Plays. The splendour of the Renaissance architecture at the heart of the rapidly growing Sandton CBD will leave a lasting impression for all.


Located on Nelson Mandela Square, ‘Africa’s Business and Lifestyle Capital’, The Michelangelo is the very essence of status and success. The Michelangelo offers world-class facilities in a stylish and elegant setting with easy access to Africa’s finest shops, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. The Michelangelo is a proud member of the ‘Leading Hotels of the World’.


Again thank you to Legacy Hotels and Executive Team for the wonderful hospitality during our training program. The South African Butler Academy will be off to another diamond star property, keep your eyes on our website for more wonderful moments.



Butler Training in China

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The South African Butler Academy  is now offering its global Butler training and Butler Service  program to Hotels and Residents in China, Russia and Indonesia.


The South African Butler Academy, one of the finest and most prestigious Butler and Service training schools in the world, is fast becoming known as the world leader in both modern and traditional service training excellence.


We now offer a dedicated onsite training program and also invite Chinese students to South Africa in attending our prestigious 10 week Butler Course. The only Butler course focussed on successful training methods as the course is the only 10 week program in the world.


The Butler Academy clients consists of in China are; British Airways,  Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Armand, Intercontinental Hotels, Burj Al Arab Dubai Hotel, Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hotels, Ritz Carlton, St Regis, Regent, Yachts of Seabourn, Cunard, Royal Caribbean and many more.


The Chinese Butler training market is growing fast. The Butler Academy is pleased to be cultivating a unique culture in this area. With China’s billionaires getting richer by the minute, demand has been rising over the past few years for professional, full-time home-caring staff. China’s rich and famous used to rely on Chinese ayi, typically middle-aged women coming from the country’s less-developed provinces working as domestic helpers in big cities – but no longer.”It’s very fashionable to have a Butler coming from Europe. People really enjoy this Western lifestyle!


Contact the Academy for more information.

11th of August 2014 Butler Course

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It gives the Academy great pleasure to announce our new course which started on Monday the 11th of August 2014. The course is set out to be unique in every single way as we have launched our new syllabus and  a new “Butler Bus” Yepee! We are so excited.

As with every course we would like to share every single moment with you, ready our student blog below!





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