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International Lodge Butler Training | Royal Madikwe

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The South African Butler Academy completed one of our international lodge butler training programs at the prestigious Royal Madikwe Safari Game Lodge in Madikwe.  Did you know, the South African Butler Academy provides not just excellent Butler training but provides direction within each lodge. We ensure implementation of the right procedures, excellent guest experiences and the correct service styles suited to each lodge.


Our training focuses on all Butler duties and skills in order to be, or become, a professional butler, whereby the emphasis is on the acceptance and adaptability of the knowledge in practice after the training. For that reason, our training programme consists of three sections: Technical Knowledge, Soft Skills and Mindfulness. The Soft Skills help the butler implement his/her technical expertise to full advantage while Mindfulness enhances the vital emotional intelligence skills such as Empathy, Self-Awareness and Compassion, amongst others, and increases the butler’s emotional fitness for the job.


A landmark in modern conservation and community development, The Madikwe Reserve is a joint venture between the state, the community and the private sector. Now the setting for Africa’s biggest translocation of wild game, including the endangered wild dog and cheetah, our guests witness an abundance of new life in a once economically depressed region. The Madikwe reserve is now a thriving refuge for the most precious sustainable resource in Africa, its flora and fauna. We are proud to be part of this ongoing success story.



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Mindfulness! Butler uses their senses!

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During our signature Hotel Butler training program we cover the art of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment, which can be trained by meditational practices that are described in detail in the Buddhist tradition. Mindfulness and The Present Moment – Definition Benefits of Mindfulness in Butler Service. The Power of Attention The Power of Thought Thoughts & Emotions The Use of Our Senses.

South African Butler Academy is a member of?

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The South African Butler Academy is a proud member of The International Butlers Guild & Recruitment Devision, also a member of the European Butler Association.The Federated Hospitality Association and The International Advisory Board is a global network of experts with integrity, value and taste who have agreed to give the Foundation of  meaningful input on a regular basis in many different areas, including organisational development and policy and may suggest establishments that deserve the utmost recognition.


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Our clients are seeking the assistance of 4 professionally trained Butlers to work as a team for a large property in Spain. More details on the position and location will be given to suitable candidates. The position is of high confidentiality and we always act in the best interest of our clients.

Salaries: Head Butler – Euro 5000pm &  Under Butlers Euro 3000pm

All flights, accommodation and meals will be provided and be  paid for by our clients.




Head Butler: 


– oversee the household management

– plan and make necessary arrangements for family and friends

– Train the current staff and new employees

– responsible for household finances

– Implementation of systems

– Oversee other properties in London, United Kingdom


Under Butlers


– Food & Beverage service

– Housekeeping duties

– Maintenance duties

– Valet service (packing and unpacking of suitcases as well as care of clothing)

– administrative duties

– Menu planning

– Preparing light meals during the day, a chef will be used for events and parties

– Wine service is very important


Under Butlers will be working shifts and sometimes late hours, the Head Butler will be in charge of all staff and will be in charge of his / her own working schedule to suit the household and clients.


Please send your Butler Certificate / Diploma , CV , Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Certificate (clean bill of health) to


Please note only serious candidates who meet the above criteria may apply. Reference MFAN


Training reference Oldenburg Vineyards | Butler Training

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The Butler Academy proves to provide exceptional training. Our latest training reference from Oldenburg Vineyards (exclusive property) in Stellenbosch.


Good afternoon Mr. Cross

I trust you are having an excellent day !

This morning I was greeted by staff with happy faces and positive demeanour. I can only attribute it to the excellent training received by Mr West from the Butler Academy. Although time was limited, Mr West addressed many areas where there is room for improvement. The staff is confident and eager to apply the skills they were taught.

The 2-day training – it was almost like ‘boot-camp’! – we had at The Homestead at Oldenburg Vineyards did wonders for the  staff – and myself. We can so easily get bogged down by the rush of daily tasks and duties that you forget the fun, pleasure and ‘heart’ of what we do. We were once again made aware of the importance of how small things can create memorable moments for guests and how easy it is to apply – and get excited about it !

Thank you for the Butler Academy and Mr West for teaching us once again that service comes from the heart !

Kind regards

Annine van Reenen

Manager: The Homestead

Oldenburg Vineyards



It is important to be health & safety aware?

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Are you familiar with the health and safety standard at your residence / establishment of employment? Take a glance at this quick test below to get a fair idea?

1 -Hazards’ can be defined as anything that can lead to illness, injury or damage to your property.

2 – Ergonomics is the study of peoples’ efficiency in their working environment.

3- The first thing that you should do when arriving at work is wash your hands.

4-  A excellent posture does little to prevent fatigue and promote efficiency.

We know there are many other aspects of health and safety to consider. These are covered in great detail in our Health and Safety module during the signature butler course.

Butler Academy manual is handy?

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Your Butler manuals are a handy guide containing images from the modern content, with summaries from what was taught in the lesson, making them a great learning tool to use in conjunction with your course videos. The Butler Course website is a must for every Butler!

SABA course documents provides you with a wealth of information?

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Your supporting Butler Academy course documents provides you with a wealth of information needed to guide and polish up your skills required in the Butler & Hospitality industry. These components to your courses communicate an accurate description of the course, including the topics that will be covered, practicals and assessments that you are responsible for, as well as a clear source for the expectations that need to be met.

The History of the Handshake?

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The act of shaking hands came about some time during the Roman Empire, not out of respect and good will, but out of fear. In order for two men to become friends, they first had to make sure that the other would not attack.

They either laid their weapons on the ground or kept their dominant hand away from their bodies, displaying their empty palms. To be certain that neither man would grab for his sword, they would grasp each other’s dominant hand, and so the handshake was born, not out of friendship, but of pure mistrust.


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Oldenburg Vineyards receives International Hotel Butler training. The South African Butler Academy is currently onsite in Stellenbosch at one of South Africa`s prestigious wine farms “Oldenburg” training employees.


Oldenburg Vineyards is an independent family run boutique winery aiming to make some of the finest and most respected wines.

Due to some heritage, careful planning, and a large amount of good fortune we are the custodians of a small corner of Stellenbosch, tucked away in the mountains in an area known as Banghoek. The finest terroir in South Africa, with some magnificent views, and a truly unique and beautiful setting.



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