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18 April 2016 Butler Course – Fully booked! Apply for 18 July 2016?

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Get ready for the next 8 – week Butler course   (July to September 2016) .

There is no match. “job shadow, culinary extravaganza & aviation” 

The South African Butler Academy will be offering our Signature International Butler course from the 18th of July 2016. The course is packed with skills, practicals, master classes and lots of travel. The best part of the course is the onsite cooking lessons at Miele.  This is unique and a very special experience.


Also, each Butler student will be going on a real job shadow (working with a professional butler). Yes, we will be sending each student on a week of practical work experience to firstly: build your confidence, two to build your skill-set and truly to taste a day in the life of a real modern Butler.


The South African Butler Academy is dedicated to you as our future student and world class professional Butler. We are unique in every single way as we prepare to spoil you and provide each student with more knowledge and more practical training. Our professionalism & powerful training methods draws attention to a worldwide audience.








The South African Butler Academy is a unique Butler Training institute which offers Butler Training to individuals who want to start a new career as Professional Butlers / Household Managers and Personal Assistants. World class material written by Butler experts, who are not only experienced in the field, but also have training skills, aids in mastering the art of true Butler Service.


SABA – South African Butler Academy – is world renowned for our modern approach to Butler Service in private households, resorts, exclusive yachts and passenger liners. Our training material is sourced worldwide but customized for our own unique requirements and standards. SABA standards are above the expected international norm.


We do require all applicants to be aware that the SABA Butler Training program is based on both solid theoretical and practical Butler skills. At SABA, our trainers express experiential training.


All previous students who attended the training program have consistently given exceptional feedback on the successful outcome in their new work environment. Above all, you will meet over 48 working Butlers in Cape Town during the course. Please see our Facebook page for instant comments and updates.


How does the course run?


We always say at school plan for the unexpected as in a household anything can happen, nothing is as you think it might be… However we are the finest Butler School in the world and we believe in structure and discipline –  so a typical course day starts at 7.30 to 17h00 however, we might adjust these and ask for flexibility. Some days may be earlier and some longer. Also, we require your full co-operation during the course and availability is key on weekends. Our trainers will coach each throughout the 8 / 10 week course period. Some days we will split the day into two groups for one on one intensive training.  Every day we will provide feedback and assist our students in becoming a professional seven star Butlers. At the end of the day our students represent us (SABA) and we strive for the best quality!  Please note the program is intense (also fun) and we require our students to be more than mentally prepared.


The Butler Academy Curriculum


The South African Butler Academy program is broken down into two parts; part one is Residential Butling and part two is Hotel Butling. Butlers and household managers in today’s residential market must understand the skill set of each staff member in the residence. Our students learn how to correctly execute each household job to facilitate superior management of their staff. We have mastered an excellent curriculum of which we are very proud. The Butler Academy Curriculum is extremely practical with offsite visits to Butlers working in Cape Town as residential Butlers, Hotels and step onboard luxury private yachts. We know that hands-on training is by far the best.


As we would like to give you a complete in-depth breakdown of our curriculum, we simply cannot as this is our recipe for success. However,  we would like to give you a glimpse!

The Butler is an all rounder responsible for anything and everything happening in and around the house / estate. Today Butlers manage more than one household. Also, the Butler may be responsible for catering on private yachts or jets. Butler’s work in top 5 star Hotels and Resorts across the world and the expectation of excellent service is very high. Therefore our curriculum is diverse and covers a broad spectrum of a modern Butler requirements and skills.


The role of a professional Butler



Butler administration and the modern Butler



Managing a 21st century home & how to manage and work with your team of staff



Food & Beverage Service



Household Management & Housekeeping



Etiquette & Protocol 



Special areas of expertise



Cooking classes & knife skills





Concierge service & Valeting Skills



Child Care and Au Pairing skills



Pet and Animal Care



Hotel Butler & Corporate Butler



Security and Safety



Chauffeuring & Travel



Employment & Interviews



Taking care of others is a unique gift and at the Academy, you are well looked after by professional Butlers who have years of experience. The above cannot summarize the course as we cover many more topics practically. Every day is different and you will love the South African Butler Academy course!


Did you know that we are the only school in the world with an active Facebook page and online video training course shop? Do your home work and look for real pictures with students having fun who enjoy the course and receives wonderful employment opportunities. There is literally no match, we are unique and modern in every way with the highest employment rate.


Advance practical Butler Training


Every day we have three parts to the program, first part is morning routine (known as morning cleanup and setup) then we start with theory training (culinary terminology, subject lesson from our handbook called the Butlers Compendium) following by a Head Butler who is in charge of the setup, serving and preparing of luncheons. The last part of the day is practical – folding, ironing, setting tables, cooking, mixing of cocktails, packing suit cases, planning for the next day or we may be out on a field trip (there are many, also over weekends)


One of the most important yet fun parts of our day is role playing. Role-playing is an important instrument we use in our training methods. It allows students an opportunity to know and understand what it is like to be in charge of a large staff and at the same time the staff will learn to work under a demanding supervisor.


We create real events / scenarios at the Academy and we set the scene with unexpected requests as team work is extremely important. One of many examples is our science projects which children in the house may receive from school, packing luncheons, unexpected last minute dinners, drinks service, afternoon tea ceremony, travel check list, making appointments and many many more…


Remember once you qualify at the Butler Academy you will be so proud of your accomplishments and knowing that you have just finished a training program of matchless quality.


More about Cape Town: 


The South African climate is exceptionally well received by all our foreign as well as our local students. Welcome to Cape Town – a city with a diverse range of attractions, sights and activities to offer. From lavish and luxurious to backpacking on a budget, Cape Town has something for everyone. From the landmark beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay to the vibrant V&A Waterfront, Cape Town City center and the award winning wine farms of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek – time spent in Cape Town will not be forgotten, least to say, your time at SABA will be remembered for eternity!


Join the Academy for an exciting program ahead. Click on the Apply page and simply select the 18th of April Butler Course and submit.


 Join us for the July / September 2016 training program. 


Traveling Butler | Salary Euro 5000pm

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Excellent Position – Travelling Butler, Salary  5 – 8,000 Euro per month


We the South African Butler Academy and Guild Recruitment International are recruiting a Travelling Head Butler for a high profile family.  This position is open to an exceptional person who will be able to demonstrate leadership skills in order to lead/supervise two under Butlers.


We are looking for someone who is well-educated, experienced, well-travelled, had experience working for a family as a Butler or perhaps someone with equivalent experience as a Personal Assistant for a high profile Executive / or Concierge in a Luxury Hotel / or Chef Waiter in one of the world’s finest restaurants.


The Candidate should understand the difference between average and excellent and have style with an acute eye for detail. It is expected that this person will be self-confident, with a positive attitude, be computer literate and speak at least one extra language in addition to English (ideally French, German or Italian).


In addition to traditional Butler service (table arrangement/service etc.) it is expected that this person will fulfill the role of Private Assistant to the Principal’s family i.e. make reservations/bookings, maintain a diary, and other typical PA duties.





Salary is negotiable dependent on the experience/quality of the Candidate  5 – 8,000 Euro per month


Reference: EURIK50

Banyan Tree Seychelles | International Hotel Butler Training

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The South African Butler Academy is currently onsite at the prestigious Banyan Tree Resort & Hotel. The Banyan Tree Hotel is one of our special clients as we return quarterly to train associates of the Hotel. On this program, we are rolling out our level two  (advance) in Butler training for previous attendees.

Below this page you will read references by the  associates. We are currently training all departments at Banyan Tree Hotel / Resort.


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Excellent position available to a qualified well groomed Butler. Our clients are located in Cannes, France.  The position requires a well-experienced individual with strong F&B and Operational skills. This is a wonderful opportunity, travelling on the Mediterranean ocean working for wonderful principals.



Salary on offer: $4000 (includes flights & meals)

How to apply? Please send us your CV, Police Clearance Certificate and above documentation to  (reference YachtMY)


Honesty is the best policy

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The best policy as a human being is to be honest! Sometimes it is best not say too much about something you truly want to be honest about. However, when your employer confronts you when things go ‘south’ remember the following words ” Mr. Themba, I apologize for the inconvenience, I am truly apologetic, allow me to rectify immediately” – but never justify or be dishonest! 

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Finishing School 14th & 15th of December 2015 – Book Today!

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Finishing School for Young Adults (all ages welcome), step back into time to get the correct foot into the door of the future! Finishing School