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Queen Mary 2 “A flagship without compare” receives Butler Training!

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The South African Butler Academy provided onboard  Butler Training to the worlds most exclusive Ocean liner the Queen Mary 2, also the flagship of the entire fleet e.g. Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth.  The Queen Mary 2 is the largest Transatlantic Ocean Linear at sea, she is also the only ocean Liner with kennels onboard, yes your beloved pet may travel with you!

Queen Mary 2 Butler Training


The Queen Mary 2 is being remastered in Hamburg, without a doubt the most transforming event in the history of Cunard. Therefor it was only fitting to choose the perfect Butler school to teach and transform the Butler department into a classic traditional butler with ample technical skills. The South African Butler Academy is honoured to be chosen as we know Cunard has done there homework. We are the worlds finest Butler school, our teaching methods are the best in the industry, we provide bespoke butler training world wide! The Queen Mary 2 Butler will enhance your stay by providing sensitive service in an unobtrusive manner, skilled, punctual and by far desired! Take a look at the Queen Mary 2 being remastered…




Queen Mary 2 goes into dry dock on May 27th, 2016, for its most significant refurbishment in 12 years. She comes out on June 21st and will make its first post-refurb crossing from Southampton on June 23rd. Among the many changes planned are: Fifteen single staterooms, a first for the ship. Thirty additional Britannia Club Balcony cabins, giving more passengers access to the exclusive Britannia Club Restaurant (which will also be expanded during the refurb). Britannia Club Balcony rooms. The addition of the Verandah Restaurant, replacing the Todd English restaurant, with an all-new menu that will be rolled out to the rest of the fleet once Queen Mary 2 comes back into service. Ten new animal kennels, along with a new inside play area and a larger outside walking area — plus a lampost, for the dogs. A complete redesign of Kings Court, the ship’s central buffet, with new serving stations, pre-set tables, waiters serving drinks and a reconfigured seating arrangement to create a less crowded experience. As part of the redesign, a bank of elevators will be removed in order to use the space for a central serving station, also reducing the number of entrances and exits to the buffet to make the flow of traffic less confusing. The addition of the Carinthia Lounge (replacing the current Winter Garden), an all-day venue serving a light breakfast and lunch, followed by an afternoon tea and evening drinks, refreshments and entertainment.






Really amazing website for you to enjoy

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We love sharing, here is a nice website for you to use and read through. Lots of tips!


Scotland | Stirling Butler Employment | Salary £3300pm

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Excellent Residential position available in Scotland, Stirling. The South African Butler Academy Clients are seeking a top professional Butler with a South African Butler Academy Qualification to join one of 4 households.



Salary £3300pm living in or out.


Apply: Please send your Butler Certificate, Police Clearance, Medical Letter to

Please note you need a minimum of 3 years similar experience in order to apply.

Reference: Scot987j



Why do people drink wine?

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Wine is a social product. It is present at Sunday lunches, at meals shared with family, friends and business associates, and at our celebrations. It adds depth to any dining experience and is an extension of the plate. Food and wine go hand in hand.


Wine has been made for centuries and is ingrained in our history and culture, from as early as the Ancient Egyptians who considered it the drink of kings and gods, right through to being a regular presence at our dinner tables today.


Wine is exciting! Every glass of wine has an ‘address’. The place-specific attributes of where the grapes were grown (such as climate, altitude or soil type) are all expressed in the glass. Wine is a natural product affected by the seasons. So, as the seasons differ, so every bottle differs from year to year.


•Wine is the extension of a dish.

•Wine knowledge will help you to gain respect from your Guests by sharing your profound knowledge of wine regions, wine styles, production methods and pairings.

•By learning about wine, you will be able to taste wine and recognise flavours and nuances.

Please could you tell us more about Glühwein?

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Wine was first recorded as spiced and heated in Rome during the 2nd century. The Romans travelled all across Europe, conquering much of it and trading with the rest. The legions brought wine and viticulture with them up to the Rhine and Danube rivers and to the Scottish border bringing their recipes with them.Glühwein is enjoyed at traditional Christmas Markets or after a day on the Austrian slopes at one of the huts.


The secret to getting a great Glühwein is the right mixture of red wine, cinnamon stick, sugar, oranges and cloves.


Serves 10

How to make it:

Put all ingredients in a pot and bring it close to boil. For additional taste, cut 2 oranges into bite-size pieces and add to the wine. Let simmer but not boil. Remove clove and cinnamon stick before serving it into lightly pre-warmed glasses. Decorate glasses with an orange slice.

Enjoy and drink responsibly!




Club Med Finolhu receives Butler Training | Maldives

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The South African Butler Academy is privileged to be associated with International well known brand – Club Med. The Academy provided training for two Islands neighbouring each other in the Maldives, Finolhu and Kani.

The program was top-class and elevated service to the highest level! Enjoy our video…




Club Med Finolhu Butler Academy Training from Butler Academy on Vimeo.

Packing and Folding Clothes | Valet Service

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This is a must buy learning video, the art of packing! Every Butler should know some skills in packing suitcases, here is a quick tip on how to pack a suitcase.



Packing Service | Valet Service from Butler Academy on Vimeo.


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Excellent position available as Resort Butler for top class new resort in the Maldives. The Maldives is the perfect holiday destination catering for all countries. Many celebrities break away from reality in the Maldives to relax and receive only the best service available.





Salary package: The resort will pay for flights and provide meals plus accommodation.  The Salary will be $3000pm.


Apply: Please send your CV, Butler Certificate and reference letters to

Reference: Mald4793

Dining Etiquette – Butler Tips

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This is your front row seat to the Butler Academy, Mr. Newton Cross International Butler Trainer will teach fundamental International Dining tips. Purchase your copy!


International Eating Styles – Butler Tips from Butler Academy on Vimeo.

Luxury Learning Online | Breakfast Table

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Take a front row seat and learn “Butler Style” more about the Breakfast Table



Butler Tips: The Breakfast Table from Butler Academy on Vimeo.