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24th of March 2014 Course Student Blog

By Butler Academy

The time has come again for us to share our student blogs with you, our dedicated readers.  Each student brings with him  / her the eagerness to learn and the passion for the vocation.

Enjoy real butler training with us…

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  1. Ilze says:

    One only realise the true power of a uniform once you walk in a public place. With each compliment received, you smile brighter and walk prouder. One actually feel as excellent as Mr. Cross makes us believe! As we are transforming, individually as well as a solid team, we look forward to each day spent at the Academy, with our fabulous Instructors guiding us each step of the way! Good luck Butlers in training 😉

  2. michelle says:

    WOW what a amazing 2 days we has thus far. Can hardly wait to see what todays practical entails.

  3. PEREMA says:

    These is my 3rd day at the academy and i am feeling really great,with the methodology used in delivery lectures by Mr Cross And all his team member,it brings out the Inner Person in you and to me that is the greatest gift life could offer you,Knowing WHO you really are,I have gone through leadership training down to safety and health then moved on to security mgt system,but the truth is i have not
    Seen such wonderful profession as being a Professional Butler,once again thanks to the SABA TEAM Most especially Mr Cross.

  4. PEREMA says:

    It was yet another beautiful day,going to the Academy every one was just looking at me and my name my Name Badge,some even walk up to me just to take a look and know what the Academy was all about,was just feeling very exited all the way.Thanks you SABA team.

  5. Ilze says:

    Bright and early, ready for another excellent day at the Academy to kick off. Week 1 is almost done, and we have already accumelated a huge amount of skills and knowledge. Wishing all of you the best for the day ahead 😉

  6. Ilze says:

    Another fun-filled week ahead, starting off with Barista training. Can’t wait! Wishing our excellent team of Instructors and Trainee Butlers the best for the week ahead. Lets make this one unforgetable!

  7. Ilze says:

    Excellent Barista Training! No excuses when it comes to serving the perfect Espresso & Cappuccino!

  8. Hantie Dobson says:

    Excellent training day at SA Butler Academy in Cape Town. We have undergone training in napkin folds, how to use the most fantastic ironing appliance- Laura Star. Also had a surprise visit from Mr King and his guest, had to serve welcome drinks, canapés, and lunch in a time frame of 20 minutes. Well done Team, we did it.
    Congratulations to Butler of the week, Giovanni, you deserve the title .

  9. Ilze says:

    Week 3 already! I had the privilege to be Head Butler, and run an excellent team of Butlers in training. Mr Cross guided as through the process of how to use the Technology available to us, when we work for Mr King. We are much more knowledgable about Valet Service, and can confidently ensure the King family will always look and feel amazing. We had a glimpse of the world that awaits us, through the eyes and experience of one of the best Butlers in this field. What an honor to be in your presence, Sir! A very special Lady, who is also a Butler from one of the previous courses, spent quality time with each student and updated our profiles. She sure knows how to polish a rough diamond. Tomorrow we have a eventful day planned, so time to get my gloves, apron and uniform ready!

  10. Ilze says:

    We had off site training today, doing housekeeping at a Private Residence. I absolutely love trips like these! We get the opportunity to speak to the Butler, and see how skills and techniques we currently still study at the Academy, gets applied into their daily routines. It’s experience you can’t gain from studying a text book. As the hourglass runs empty on my last day of being Head Butler, I want to wish Mr Jacobs all the best for the next few days. You will have an excellent team at your side, Sir. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight!

  11. Juan-Louis Nel says:

    Week no 4!Having an Excellent time at the South African Butler Academy. I was privileged to have my first day as Head Butler and to welcome Marko to the team. I would like to congratulate Michelle as well as Hantie On being butlers of the week. I am exited for day 2 as head butler so with that it is time to prep for tomorrow!

  12. Llewellyn Meyer says:

    What an excellent day at the south afrian butler academy, we where tought how to make fruit salad for the King family for breakfast and as well as different ways of making egg breakfast like potched egg, sunny-side up eggs and om (over medium) egg

  13. Llewellyn Meyer says:

    What an excellent day with the south african butler acacademy, went to Fairview wine estate for cheese and wine tasting, chocolate tasting and grappa tasting and a loving lunch thank you Mr Cross and his team thats went with.

  14. stanley says:

    Technical skills plus energy passion commitment!
    True Essence of an Excellent Butler
    Striving… towards Excellence

  15. Ilze says:

    Today marked a very special day on our Academy’s Calendar. We wrote our Mid-Term exam, and was fortunate enough to have time off over the Easter weekend to prepare and study. After a fun practical session, we were taught what a quality Valet Service is all about. We are now all able to make sure our future employers travel with their clothes packed as wrinkle-free as humanly possible. This course is turning as all into amazing Butlers 😉

  16. michelle says:

    I was head butler today and would like to thank everybody for working so well in a team. We had great fun! I am looking forward to sharing another excellent training day with you tomorrow.

  17. Niguel says:

    Decanting wine, having our own restaurant, tea trays . We learned it all Another excellent day past and tomorrow even more exciting with the formal dinner coming . Once again Mr.Cross thank you for your excellence and the whole SABA team.

    t – together
    e – everyone
    a – achieves
    m – more

    Thank you for this life changing experience and it is truly a honor.

  18. niguel says:

    Unforgettable formal dinner with the team. We had chefs , decorators , music , team work and a unforgettable experience. Even learned flambé . Thank you to the Best academy there is . I will never be able to forget this moment of my life , because this is by far the best.

  19. PEREMA says:

    Today being Another wonderful experience at the South Africa Butler Academy,We were given an on site practical experience at the much-anticipated hotel in Cape Town TAJ CAPE TOWN.
    we were taking round the Hotel,and its History being an Heritage Site as well,By Mr Clement the head Butler of the Hotel, we were told that the building was designed by renowned Cape Town architect James Morris and was completed in 1932.
    we were thought Hotel Butler,with each Hotel with its Distinct personalized service called the “Signature Service”,thanks to Mr Cross and Mr West for such an Excellent exposure given to all the student at the South Africa Butler Academy to learn the true Art of Hotel Butler.

  20. PEREMA says:

    I almost forgot to say I was also the head Butler today at the South Africa Butler Academy,What a great experience assigning duties to my fellow Butlers,waoo.

  21. PEREMA says:

    Greek day Celebration at the South Africa Butler Academy, green day. Colours for Greek day is blue and white, saving Nature is very important we were though on the importance of Recycling being a Great part of Preserving the Mother Nature. Re use recycle, reduce and last Respect.

  22. michelle says:

    It’s week 7 and the end is rushing towards us. The pressure is on and a lot was done. Our International Exam is done and dusted! The Terminology Exam also done and dusted. We had great fun with our fairy tale tea serving practical and heard the most amazing stories.  Imagination in abundance! Today we entered the art of cognac, cigars, caviar and different tea servings. I can hardly wait to put this into practice. I feel so blessed being able to learn from the best. Thank you SABA team.

  23. Ilze says:

    Luxury, opulence, style and abundance. Words that we experienced at the V&A Waterfront today. We had an amazing time getting to know each brand closer. Being able to see, feel, touch, smell and hear it as well. Seelan is the place to go. We had an amazing lunch there, consisting of a variety of salads, as well as 3 delicious pastas. Will be going back soon! I understand better why Mr King would prefer his travel bags be bought at Tumi, and after writing with a stylish Mont Blanc pen, buying Mr King a present from them will be my pleasure. Thank you for the Mont Blanc umbrella as well! Loved this day! Thank you Mr West and Ms Mitchell for making this day, unforgettable!

    • Hantie Dobson says:

      What a wonderful day at the Waterfront, it was a real eye opener for me, all these amazing shops for Mr and Mrs King.
      Thank you Mr West and Miss Mitchell,I will always remember today

  24. Damon van Rooyen says:

    Excellent day at the butler academy! Enjoying it thoroughly!

  25. PEREMA says:

    It was wonderful learning about difference types of olive oil and wine in one of the world best olive oil factory.

  26. Marinda says:

    I am a student at the current course and fall in love with olive oil. Thank you for an excellent day

  27. Marinda says:

    I am a student at the current course and fall in love with olive oil. Thank you for an excellent day Mr Cross and team

  28. Juan says:

    I am a Student on this May Corse and I would like to say thank you to The South African Butler Academy For this educational, exciting and excellent day on a olive oil adventure.

  29. Ilze says:

    Had a great day getting to know the history behind olives and oils! We were treated to a tasting of delicious olives, oils and balsamic vinegar, and then taken through to the factory to see where the magic happens. Once you know what to look out for and what to avoid, you understand why some oils will never find a place in your pantry ever again. Thank you to our awesome team at the Academy for taking us on this journey, and opening our eyes once again. Another unforgettable day 😉

  30. Ilze says:

    Our last week has been amazing so far. We had a delicious Sushi session on Monday, and today we created magical memmories with breathtaking views over Cape Town. With exactly 2 days, 1 hour and 20 minutes to go until we graduate, I am saddened by the thought of our journey drawing to an end, as a Student. New opportunities awaits each of us after this. Skills galore. This was an unforgetable experience. One that opened our eyes to a whole new world only a few will ever experience. I will miss this…

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