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19th of October 2015 Butler Course

By Butler Academy

The Academy proudly welcomes all 18 students to the international butler training course. 18 students embark on a life-changing journey. Please read our students daily blogs and posts.



175 Responses

  1. Wictor says:

    Today, I have learn`t how to scoop butter and make it into a butter ball! WOW!

  2. Riaan says:

    Today,I learned the correct way how to make pouched eggs.

  3. michaela says:

    Today , I learnt how to work as a team helping one another.

  4. Ranganai says:

    What a fabulous way of making poached egg with boiling and white vinegar

  5. IVAN says:

    Today I learn how to pre per the table properly and that I must have a miza plaz to see if I have every thing to pre-per the starter,main meal and the desert to serve the client

  6. will says:

    today,i have learned how to prepare and set up the table.

  7. Alec says:

    Today i have learned that preperation is very important in everything you do.

  8. Mercy says:

    Excellent training from Mr Coetzer on how to make burger patties!!!

  9. Jean says:

    I have learned how to prepare water for a guest. More work goes into this than one might expect. If you would like to impress someone by simply serving water, follow the instruction below.

    You will need:

    1. 2x Water glasses
    2. Ice cubes
    3. Lemon
    4. Sharp cutting knife
    5. Bottle water
    6. Toothpicks
    7. Tray
    8. Ramekin
    9. Cleaning Cloth
    10. Cutting Board


    Always remember to first wash your hands before preparing anything.

    Using your cutting board and cutting knife, remove the end off the lemon and place this to the side. Cut two slices of lemon and further cut the slices into halves. Therefore, you will have four lemon halves. Place these lemon slices in one of your ramekins. Take one toothpick for each lemon slice and stick these into the white part of the skin of the lemon. This will allow your guest to pick up the lemon without physically having to touch it. You may now place the ramekin on your tray.

    Fill one of your water glasses with ice cubes. You may place this glass on your tray.

    Depending on the desires of your guest you will do one of the following:

    1. Open the bottle of water and pour the contents into the second water glass. You may place the water glass on the tray.

    2. Your guest may prefer to open the bottle themselves. In this case you may place the second glass on the tray. As a rule, one should never carry a bottle on a tray. Thus you will sever the bottle separately.

    Lastly, place a beautiful flower on your tray. You may now serve the water to your waiting guest.

    How can you create a “WOW!” moment in this process?

    You may place an extra ramekin on your tray with mints. For that little something extra, you can prepare ice cubes with berries or mint leaves inside them.

  10. bongie says:

    had an excellent day today,had a lesson on how to lay a table,and how to lay a table

  11. Varo says:

    Yesterday, I learned how to make scrambled eggs, easy over eggs, french pouch eggs. Today, learned how to setup the for dinne. Wow!! The training is so amazing.

  12. Chris says:

    We just keep on learning everyday, everything and it can only get better, but what keep on dwelling in my mind is the 5 p’s in life: Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance….. you can implement it everywhere and in every situation.

  13. Johan says:

    Today I learned the difference between different types of spoons and forks and how to properly set up a dinner table.

  14. Bright says:

    I have leant how to make a burger patty,its amazing

  15. michaela says:

    Today I learnt new and exciting food terminology , now its time to make a crème anglaise to pour over my delicious chocolate fondant.

  16. Jean says:

    Butler service is:

    Technical skills

    Today I was blessed with the oppurtunity to join Mr Cross and Ms Tracey Lange on Heart FM.

    There I could clearly witness both Mr Crows and Ms Lange in action and realised that although the above line specifically says “butler service”, one can actually apply it anywhere in life.

    If you truly have energy, passion, commitment and the technical know how in your chosen field, nothing but success awaits you.

  17. Belinda says:

    today i learnt how to make white sauce and the different types of pastas like farfalie .Its amazing how i thought i know everything learning surely never ends

  18. Mercy says:

    Mr West taught on folding a picnic napkin, very creative and quite interesting!

  19. Alec says:

    Today Ive learned and exercised how to hold a tray properly and stand the right way.

  20. will says:

    I have learnt how to make a white sauce and terminology.

  21. Riaan says:

    I had the priviledge to make lunch for my peers and tutors.First time in my life I had to cook for 20 people.Wow what a day.Thank you Mr West for the assistance.

  22. will says:

    my day so excellent, and I wish we continue like this in future. I have learnt how to welcome the guest and serve canopies, soup ,water, bread and main meal

  23. Mas says:

    Today was an awesome day, thank you Mr West for the lovely lecture now I know how to set up a table for lunch and pour wine

  24. WILL says:

    My day was so excellent, Mr. WEST gives us excellent lecture

  25. Christopher says:

    Today was my day as head butler, what an amazing feeling. Thanks to Mr. West for the opportunity to bake a well known Italian biscotti. Then there was the silver service training and it was so insightful to know that you can do, a well spend day. perfect preparation surely prevent poor performance.

  26. Ranganai says:

    I had the best time of my life today. Priceless

  27. Rodman says:

    Had an excellent session with Mr Braam west and today you made easy for me and explain step by step how to set a table .

  28. Mercy says:

    Who knew setting a table requires rulers! l learnt to set a table with so much sofistication and paying attention to detail! Excellent training Mr Cross!

  29. michaela says:

    Today was another remarkable day at the butler academy With precision , concentration ,technical skills , accuracy and a lot of patience you can set up the best looking dining room and impress your guests .

  30. Varo says:

    What an excellence day today with me learning new things everyday. Today, I learned how to present a bottle of wine to the guest and how to pour wine into a wine glass.

  31. bongani says:

    Had an amazing day today.i had a lesson on how to set a table and also how to welcome guest and sitting then

  32. Jean says:

    Today was all about table service and who knew that so much precise work goes into it? Precision is everywhere from the floor of the dining room all the way up to the roof. All is measured in relation to one another down to the finest most minute detail such as the distance from one fork to the next. However, all this detail pays off when you end up with a table that is beautiful to behold from every angle.

  33. Alec says:

    I had a wonderful day. I have learned the best ways how to set a table for different menu’s

  34. Riaan says:

    Today,i learned the correct way and importance of setting a table according to the menu.The standard is very high but the result is eye candy excellance.

  35. Bright says:

    Friday was my best day at school because I can now prepare the table,welcome the guest,sit the guest and offer the services.Thank you Mr West.

  36. ranganai says:

    another day of rest from so much hard working and learning l,m so looking forward to monday, everyday l learn something new. thank you so much Mr Cross and Mr West, have a wondaerful day

  37. ranganai says:

    looking forward to the quiz tonight

  38. Riaan says:

    Today,we’ve learned about the history of the butler.It originated in France where he was called a bottelier and main function was to serve wine and beers in taverns.During WW1 the function fell away.It was only after the industrial revelution that it became a reconized occupation again.
    Today a butler is more of a household manager that runs the day to day sop of the wealthy households.

  39. IVAN says:

    To day I learned that the 5Ps (perfect preparation prevents poor performance ) is very important and when Mr King and Ms King are on their way, how to prepare the table in 15minutes. How to do a proper plan and know which people you going to use for what job that there is.How to carry a tray with 3 glass on and to set up a to polish glass

  40. Varo says:

    Today I learned how to work as a team in setting up a table of 20 guests in 15 minutes for the arrival of the host Mr and Mrs King and his guests of honour. To prevent poor performance, we have to apply the Amise en Plus (MIP) which is pre planned or preparing the things you neet to perform you action within 15 minutes. It is so interesting how I am learning every blessed day.

  41. Chris says:

    Today was one of those days where all the information you already accumulated during the first two weeks come to the front, everyday you need to revise and just recall what you know. Its around us from a decent greet to just a “Thank you for asking” do wonders…

  42. bongie says:

    what a wonderful day it was today ,we had a lesson on how to carry a tray with 3glasses on it,i also leant what is the difference between a residential and a hotel butler.

  43. Mercy says:

    Holding a tray is a true work of art. Thank you Mr Cross, as always it was eye opening!

  44. Johan says:

    Today I learnt how to introduce a guest to drinks served on a tray. It is important to remember to name the drinks on your tray, where they are from and the year in which they were made. You have to take a small step back with your right foot and use hand gestures to indicate which drink is which while you explain their details. If you see a guest with an empty glass, approach him or her and ask politely if you can take his or her glass away.

  45. michaela says:

    Today made me realise how much you need to practise what you are tought no matter how good you think you are , practise makes perfect!

  46. Jean says:

    With the unexpected arrival of Mr and Mrs King today, I learned how truly important checklists are.

    Now matter how good you think you are, sometimes the mind does a complete blank on you and then a checklist is the only way to get through the ordeal.

  47. Alec says:

    Today Ive learned how to hold a tray properly with 3 glasses on and walk with it without breaking it

  48. will says:

    I have had an excellent day, learnt so much about events and trays.Thank you Mr Cross

  49. Belinda says:

    Everyday is an exciting day for me at the academy cause of the new things we learn each day . I cant wait to see what today brings…

  50. Ranganai says:

    Today l,ve learn that non stick pan is only for eggs

  51. Bright says:

    Wow red wine gets its colour from the grape skins and wine is preserved by sulphur.What a great day.

  52. Butler Beylefeld says:

    Today,I learned about wine,from the veticulture,harvesting,venification,fermentation to botteling.
    Sulphar stops the natural fermentation process.
    Red wine is red because of the colour of the tanin and not the juice.Redgrapes have white juice.
    The 3 best known white wines are sauvignon blanc,chenin blanc and the “moody” chardonnay.

  53. Rodman says:

    Today had excellent day with Mr Cross , thank you Mr Cross for sharing with us the process of making wine.

  54. Ivan says:

    Today I learnd about wine and the proses iet goes through when iets being made and what is happening during the proses

  55. michaela says:

    Today I learnt how to make a tasty breakfast , 1 slice of bread , 2 strips of fried shoulder bacon, lightly fried onions and mushrooms a half sliced tomato on the side and to top it off scrambled eggs with a herb seasoning of your choice . Wow new ideas everyday

  56. Belinda says:

    Wow today i learnt how wine is made from the Terroir process which is when they choose a perfect location to grow the grapes all the way till its processed bottled and labeled truely amazing lesson .

  57. Mercy says:

    Learning about the wine process was quite interesting. I leant about the different types of wine, Sauvignon blanc, Chenin Blanc and Cardonnay and the food pairing. Thank you Mr Cross for this excellent teaching!

  58. Johan says:

    Today I learnt how to prepare scrambled eggs properly and the making/history of wine. The wine class was extremely interesting and I learnt so many new things! Viticulture and different cultivars of wines/grapes are just a few of the new terms I learnt in class today.

  59. Chris says:

    Today I have learned how to make a decent scrambled egg, its quick its fast and it is fit for a KING….perfect planning surely prevent poor performance….

  60. Alec says:

    Today i learned to make the perfect scrambled eggs and afther that the how to make wine and with what meal it can be served with

  61. bongie says:

    Wow loved it today. I was thought how to make an omelette egg and a scrambled egg.i had a lesson on wines from how they are made till we have the final product

  62. Jean says:

    The class today was about breakfast service. Breakfast can sometimes be a difficult meal to prepare as this is the one dish where one truly has the freedom to have whatever you desire. In order to prepare a proper breakfast, you will need to know the following:

    1. How many people will be having breakfast.
    2. Who will be eating breakfast.

    When addressing the “Who will be eating” question, it is important to consider the culture of your guests.

    The Americans, for example, tend to love waffles, doughnuts(both with maple syrup) and eggs especially in the form of an omelette. Americans also tend to be either healthy conscious or not. The healthy conscious Americans tend to like Mexican style foods such as wraps or yogurts and berries.

    The British tend to do everything by the book and do Continental Breakfasts. A continental breakfast means that all food items are cold. This would include items such as muesli, yogurts cold meats such as hams and salamis. A great bread selections is a must and should include rye bread, croissants and bagels. Cheeses Camembert and Brie.

    With the British it is important to remember that presentation is everything. Thus all your cutlery, bowls, plates etc needs to be beautiful. The guests will normally dish up the cold breakfast for themselves. This would be the time to inquire about hot breakfast.

    Some ideas for breakfast includes:

    Eggs Benedict which is ham and poached egg served on an English muffin with Hollandaise sauce.

    Eggs Florentine: Florentine is spinach thus any dish with the word Florentine in it will contain spinach. Eggs Florentine will be similar to Eggs Benedict but the ham would be replaced with spinach.

    Eggs Royale: Also similar to the Eggs Benedict but the ham would be replaced with salmon.

  63. will says:

    I have learnt more about terminology the terms and the meaning of it for example Flan an open top tart filled with cream and fruit topping

  64. Bright says:

    Escargot is snails,3 litres of champagne is jeroboam, coarsely chopped vegetables is concassee,farfalle is bowtie pasta,foie gras is goose liver. What a day of terminology.

  65. Mercy says:

    Terminology is a big part of being efficient, knowing correct translation of menu terms, how dishes are cooked and what their accompaniments are. A Professional Butler will always have this knowledge to carry out service efficiently! Mr West knowledge of terminology is excellent! Thank you!

  66. Alec says:

    Today was a good day, we learned about terminology and I found it very intresting.

  67. bongie says:

    Had an excellent day today,we did terminology which is a bit challenging but manageable

  68. Varo says:

    Yesterday we learned about the terminology, that is to know different type of menu and how there are called in different European languages such as French, Portugal, Spanish etc. This menu terminology are very essential and a butler has to know what the dish is and carry them everywhere he or she goes. Thank you to Mr West for this knowledge of terminology, I am enjoying it.

  69. Johan says:

    Today I have learned so much about wine. I learned about all the different types of red and white wines and also a bit about champagne. We had an in depth explanation during class about various wine glasses and their fucntions and why they are shaped differently. What an intriguing class!

  70. Michaela says:

    Today I learnt that a butler’s time is not his or her own time. PLAN PLAN PLAN!

  71. Butler Beylefeld says:

    Today,our operations manager,mr West,had an interesting discussion on the missing noblety of beieng a gentleman on Heart FM 104.Its missing because the basics of mutual respect deacensy,good manners and integrety is not used in daily life.It must be s lifesryle and not an off/on button.

  72. will says:

    i had an excellent day today with Mr Cross, and i have learnt about red wine i.e cabernet sauvignon,pinotage- a truly south african wine with hints of cranberry,lots of berries and it is a game meat wine.
    merlot- medium wine which goes along italian style dishes
    pinot noir

  73. Mercy says:

    As Head Butler today, I had so much to learn! What an exciting experience! I have learnt a lot from Mr Cross. A butler should plan everything because every single moment, every single detail counts. I will take this experience wherever I go, many many thanks Mr Cross!

  74. Ivan says:

    Today I learnd a lot about driffent glass and the diffrent uses they have also a little about wines and what temperture the need to be cep so that mr or mrs king does not complain

  75. Ivan says:

    Today I learnd a lot about driffent glass and the diffrent uses they have also a little about wines and what temperture the need to be cep so that mr or mrs king does not complain.What meals goes with the wines well

  76. Belinda says:

    I did not know how important the right temperature is in the preservation of wine for a example
    White wine has to be at 6/ 7 degrees Celsius
    Red wine 14/16 degrees Celsius
    Cherry 18 degrees Celsius
    Champagne 3/4 degrees Celsius

  77. Alec says:

    Today i have learned the different types of wines and also more about table services. I also learned the different ways to fold the napkins. it was a good day! Thank you Mr Cross and Mr West

  78. bongie says:

    Today I learned different types of wines,also was thought how to fold a napkin in different ways. Today I also learned about the different glasses.what an excellent day it was..

  79. Jean says:

    Today on Heart FM, Mr West spoke about the characteristics of a gentleman. In true “Mr West Fashion” ther were a number of memorable liners such as: “Being a gentleman is not something you can download an app for and does not have an on/ off switch.”

    Being a gentleman is 24/7. A gentleman is gentle but not soft or quite nor loud. A gentleman does small little things for everyone regardless of age, race or gender. Acts as simple as opening a door for someobe else.

    True fashion never goes out of style, a true gentleman therfore does not follow trends.

    It should also be remembered that the qualities of a gentleman is not limited specifically to men but can also be applied by women.

    Lastly, a gentleman is always in style, always quite and always bespoke

  80. will says:

    Today I have learnt about five cultivars of red wine their characteristics and the temperature there are stored in and also the food they are paired with

  81. Butler Beylefeld says:

    Today,we had the previlidge to visit one of SA most well known winefarms.They dont just do wine but have a huge selection of the best cow and goat milk cheeses.Our host Derek paired white and red wines for a mind blowing taste expierance.Do yourself aa favour and visit Fairview for a out of this world wine and cheese paring adventure.

  82. michaela says:

    Today was an excellent day with my fellow butler and tutors I have learnt so much this week from table service and settings to food terminology to easy to make egg sandwiches and to top it all off wine tasting today at the beautiful Fairview wine estate . I cannot wait for next weeks adventure thank you SABA .

  83. Belinda says:

    Wonderful day indeed i went wine testing and cheese pairing today amazing experience really enjoy it My favorite pair was the Fairview Mourvèdre with white rock with cranberry cheese libel taste the wine was so smooth with a medium palate savory flavours and the cheese was sweet with a touch of cranberry it is to die for .

  84. Mercy says:

    Opening a bottle of sparkling water can turn into a nightmare. When opened in a rush, it can explode and splash all over your lap and the people around you!Slowly, very slowly, turn the cap so slightly to allow a small amount of carbonated bubbles to disperse and close. Repeat the opening and closing process a couple of times until it is safe to open. Mr Cross, thank you for this excellent lesson!

  85. Bright says:

    On Friday I had the opportunity to test wines and tour the wine factory at Fairview.The more the wines stay in the cellars the more they become sweeter.Cabernet sauvignon is the king of red wines and chardonnay is the queen of white wines.White wines goes better with the starters.

  86. Johan says:

    Today I learnt how to polish silverware properly and how to pack and lay out a cleaning basket. I also got a look at how a real butler functions in a household. I had such a fantastic glimpse into the butler world today!

  87. will says:

    Today I have learnt about how to make bechamel sauce.first I melt the 100g butter in a pot.
    Stir and add 250g of flour and cook the mixture ,as a roux.
    Keep stirring and add milk and keep on stirring well so that no lumps for.bring the mixture to the boil and stirring constantly, so that the mixture thickens and become glossy

  88. bongie says:

    What an exciting day it was today.i had a cooking lesson on how to make beachamal saurce.also made made lasagna wow it was soo exciting …

  89. Alec says:

    Today i learned how to make a bechamel sauce which go with the lasagne. I enjoyed it so much as cooking is one of my favourite things to do. Thank you Mr West

  90. michaela says:

    today I learnt how to make a tasty lasagna , the method and time that you put into it and they enjoyment I had , making new dishes is an experience in itself , ones creativity can be shown even in the taste of your prepared meal. The highlight of my day was being able to be apart of the butler academies finishing school on 104.9 heart FM ,so exciting it was as if Mr West was giving me a class within a class,still learning so much , cannot wait for tomorrows class ! !

  91. Alec says:

    Today I learned more about housekeeping. It was a amazing expiernce to see how much there is to do in housekeeping and how it must be done.

  92. IVAN says:

    Had a nice day today seeing what it is to be a real butler and listen to Mr west on the radio with the breakfast team on haert fm

    We did today clean the windows,bedrooms and the loung

  93. Mercy says:

    A professional butler should be able to put everything in order and that includes office work. Making telephone calls, filling and receiving visitors. Today l had an opportunity to practice how a butler organises the office in order to keep a good record of petty cash. Thank you Mr Cross for this excellent opportunity!

  94. Belinda says:

    Amazing day I had my first great opportunity to accompany Mr West to a live broad cast at 104.9 fm.I still learnt a lot from there as well for instance how important it is to have a handkerchief .I always thought its old fashion but Mr West said ” to step into the future you always have to step back a little to the past ” .

  95. Jean says:

    One aspect of the course that I truly love, is the fact that we are always presented with opportunities to put into practice the theory learned. The focus for the past few days has been housekeeping.

    To put this into practice, we were taken to an exclusive mansion where we were taught everything from how to put your housekeeping bucket together, cleaning toilets and dusting.

    We were also shown that housekeeping starts on the outside of the house which includes the garden and the area that surrounds the property (such as streets, hills and so on).

    This is also where you notice that perfection truly is a lot off small things done well. One of my tasks today was to perform a maintenance check on all of the lights to ensure that they were working. At first glance, all seemed in order, yet upon closer inspection I found a number of bulbs that had to replaced.

    One also gets the opportunity to see some rather odd things such as a butler mowing the lawn in full uniform.

    Mr. Cross. Mr. West and the team at the South African Butler Academy, thank you very much for these amazing opportunities.

  96. michaela says:

    Today was another amazing day at the butler academy , this morning I went to heart FM with Mr West and Miss Ndlovu . I am so impressed with Mr Wests presentation , its one thing to learn all these techniques but its astonishing to see it done in action , I give my hat off to both Mr West and Mr Cross for the dedication they put into their work and the motivation to be the best I can be and better .

    Best of all I now know how important it is to have many different products in my cleaning bucket, its not just a scrub and wipe its a detailed process to get the job done the correct and 5* way .

  97. michaela says:

    Today I learnt the importance of being a head butler , good butler how I need to have my check lists how to lists and just good communication skills , I had an excellent team who assisted me and I believe we worked well as a unit . The 5 p are one of most important know hows of a butler
    Something even a non butler should always know

  98. Mercy says:

    Everyday at the Butler Academy is truly an experience of a lifetime. We learnt how to make the bathroom tissue paper look lovely by making it into different fun designs. I couldn’t learn this anywhere else. Thank you Mr West!!

  99. Alec says:

    Today i learned something of everything. Learned something intresting how to fold toilet paper in different ways so that it is easier to start a new roll of toilet paper and it even looks beautiful

  100. Jean says:

    Perfection truly is in the details.

    much of today was spent revision (which takes us back to PPPPP – Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance) as no plan can be executed perfectly without constant revision.

    However there was one section of the class that was particularly enjoyable to me and this was the art of toilet tissue paper folding.

    All of a sudden toilet paper becomes something beautiful to behold in the bathroom and not just an item that is there for practical reasons.

    Thank you Mr West.

  101. Ranganai says:

    Beautiful experience of being a head butler today, that went amazingly well thank you Lord

  102. will says:

    Today I have an excellent day, l learnt about how to serve the tea and how to carry tea pot sugar cup and the milk INA tray.

  103. Jean says:

    Today was Mr West’s birthday and a cake was delivered to the Academy for him. Being the true gentleman that he is, he is used it as an opportunity to do a lesson on afteroon tea.

    Afternoon tea is a light meal typically eaten between 4 pm and 6 pm. This tradition had its origin amongst the wealthy in England in the 1840s.By the end of the nineteenth century, afternoon tea developed to what we know today and was enjoyed by both the upper and middle classes.

    Traditionally afternoon tea is accompanied by luxury ingredient sandwiches (customarily cucumber, egg and cress, fish paste, ham, and smoked salmon), scones (with clotted cream and jam, see cream tea) and usually cakes and pastries.

  104. Alec says:

    Today i’ve learned more about tea service. How to greet a guest oudside and to take them to their table and seat them. i also learned how to serve a cup of tea. I enjoyed it thank you Mr West

  105. Mercy says:

    What an exciting day it was!!! Celebrating Mr West’s birthday in style. We learnt how to serve tea and coffee. The best part was serving it with a very rich “Death by chocolate cake”. Once again, Happy Birthday Mr West!

  106. michaela says:

    Today I learnt the importance if carrying a tray with tea , presentation of tea and serving tea
    Did you know you always pore the milk and sugar in first before the tea and white sugar goes with tea . I learnt that and thats another great day at the academy .
    Mr West thank you for sharing your birthday with us today . The cake was truly delicious .*

  107. Chris says:

    What an amazing feeling to learn and learn, all the new things that you not familiar with, or thought you knew which you haven’t known….The weeks at the academy pass way to quick, the amount of knowledge you put in is life changing.

    This pass week there was a lot to take in:

    Housekeeping- to have a basic cleaning kit which will help to clean the whole household, that is less dangerous to the environment or not even harmful to the body, or poisonous to kids.

    Food and wine pairing- to know what wine would accompany a meal for a great dining experience

    Cheese- all the types of cheese that you would have with your wine, what to use for a top class cheese board, fit to treat a queen

    dinner service- how to serve VIP’s or just any person who would like to be treated as royalty

    Dinner etiquette- How to dine like a diplomat, to leave a lasting impression at the dinner table and make all the guests dinner a pleasant experience

    Laundry service- to keep your clothes last longer and to take care of it

    Valet Service- to pack your suitcase not to crease any of your clothing, or just to pack that overnight ‘package’ without losing that one sock..

    and the list goes on and on, but most of all I have realize that being a butler it is not just what you want to do its who you are, it comes in time you have to grow.

    a huge shout out goes to SA-butler academy that’s a job well done…

  108. Ivan says:

    Today we had a change to praktes our table serve.
    Wine pouring,selver service, setting a table and how to pack a suitcas.
    How to fold ouer clothing to pack them in the suitcas and what needs to go in first.
    First it is the heaver stuff in the suitcas and then the lights stuff last
    Mr West tank you for helping as to correct where we dit wrong

  109. Ivan says:

    Today we had a change to praktes our table serve.
    Wine pouring,selver service, setting a table and how to pack a suitcas.
    How to fold ouer clothing to pack them in the suitcas and what needs to go in first.
    First it is the heaver stuff in the suitcas and then the lights stuff last.
    The shoes and the jackets are firs which ever is heaver goes in first
    Mr West tank you for helping as to correct where we dit wrong.

  110. Bright says:

    Wow I went to school today with clothes in a black bag not fitting in my bag.Thanks to Mr West who taught me hw to fold Mr Kings clothes as all the clothes fitted in the small bag.

  111. Mr X says:

    Today, i learnt how to do valet service..Pack correctly and by doing this you will turn packing for a trip into a breeze..Wonderfull

  112. Mr X says:

    Today, i learnt how to do valet service..Pack correctly and by doing this you will turn packing for a trip into a breeze..Wonderful

  113. Alec says:

    Had an exellent day today. I learned how to pack a suitcase and how to fold your clothes in different ways. Afther that we’ve done some more table services and serving each other with a small meal and more how to pour wine or water. Thank you mr West

  114. Alec says:

    Had an exellent day today. I learned how to pack a suitcase and how to fold your clothes in different ways. Afther that we’ve done some more table services and serving each other with a small meal. Thank you mr West

  115. Butler Riaan says:

    Halfway through our 8week course and what a course. On average I’ve learned about five new things a day. Not only about butling but life, good manners, respect and integrety. If you for some reason dont want to be a butler, this course will equip you for all aspects of life as well as any other occupation you may seek. Good luck to all my colleagues.

  116. Butler Riaan says:

    Today we had our mid-term theory exam. Cant believe we are already halfway through our wonderfull course. We blog every night about our experiences, but until you’ve expierance the life changing course you wont excactly know what its all about. Join the Butler Academy that change your life in an excellent way forever.

  117. Johan says:

    Today I had the opportunity to learn how to set and prepare a table setting for breakfast and I learnt more about wine presentation and the different types of plates and their functions.

  118. michaela says:

    Today I learnt the importance if setting a table knowing what you are going to serve and when you will be serving it especially what wines go beat with the specific dished . Goid know how .

  119. michaela says:

    Today I learnt the importance of setting a table correctly , what cutlery to use where to place my cutlery and most importantly what dish will be served with the cutlery , it is always very important to know your wine pairings especially flavours and aromas what will pair well with a noisette lamb or even a delicious dessert a sweet wine a port or any good pairing good know how and another how to , to add to my list .

  120. Alec says:

    Today we had our mid term exam. Were very intresting and I enjoyed it. It also learned me to concentrate more in class and to ask more questions

  121. Jean says:

    Today we did revision on table culture and as usual we saw how intrecate “PPPPP” is in everything we as butlers do.

    “Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

    The menu and the style of service will absolutely dictate how you set your table. The size of your table will also determine how you set it.

    Will your dinner be fromal or informal? Hiw may people will attend? Where will each individual guest sit? What wines would you pair with your meals. Will you have base plates, decorative underplates, side plates, finger bowls, fish forks or knives, soup spoons, 3 glasses or more or less, starter kinves and forks, desert knives and forks.

    Your table may not have enough space for all these items and you would therefore serve them with each course rather than placing it on the table.

    But when all is done perfectly, it is amazing te see how beautiful your tabke is and how all items line up on the table. Perfection truly is in the smallest details.

  122. Alec says:

    Today we have exercised how to set a table. One group have set the mice n place and the other group have set the table. Once again we have learned that the water glass is always the biggest glass and it must have a stem under. I enjoyed it

  123. Mercy says:

    What an exciting day!!! Table setting and table service is fascinating indeed. Mr West, you are a huge inspiration, thank you.

  124. will says:

    Today was an excellent day,making omelettes and table setting and many thanks goes to you Mr West and I do hope to polish up certain areas I lack behind.

  125. michaela says:

    today i learnt how to make a delicious omelette planing it setting it up and presenting it and of course eating it , delicious !!!!and now i know how to silver service lemon wow new tips cant wait to put them to practice

  126. Belinda says:

    I made my first Omelette today and it was excellent and silver servicing a lemon that for me just topped it all up .I cant wait to go out into the world and show my wow woo’s.

  127. will says:

    today i have learnt how to make egg benedict.first i add a cup of vinegar to a pot of boiling water.crack eggs individually into a cup and slowly tip the egg into the water,white first and leave to cook for 3 minutes.
    melt 100ml of butter in a pan,and crack 2 eggs and separate the yolk and the white.put yolk onto the pan and whisk and add tablespoon of lemon juice and mustard.
    fry the bacon
    cut french bread into pieces and toast them in the oven.
    place on top bacon of the toast
    place a poached egg on top.
    spoon over the hollandaise sauce and garnish with parsley.
    serve immediately

  128. Alec says:

    Today was good day. We have done some more poatching egg. We also learned about and learn how to make a egg benedict and the famous hollendaise sauce that goes perfectly with the poached egg on a toast. There is so many intresting things you can do with a egg and i have learned so much so far

  129. Jean says:

    What an interesting week this has been so far! Amazing omelettes, mouth watering Eggs Benedict, Table service, table culture, the mid term exam and silver servicing lemons. Yes that is right, silver service lemons!

    When doing silver service it is important to remember that this is a special service and it is therefore done from the left. During normal silver service you will use a spoon and a fork as tongs, however, when silver servicing a lemon, you will use two forks and a spoon.

    The first thing you need to do is to cut your lemon into wedges. Then taking one wedge only, use on fork and push it into the center of the lemon until you can hear it piercing the skin. Take this fork in left hand and take the other spoon and fork in your right hand in silver service fashion. Now place the spoon underneath the lemon and the fork at the top. Move your lemon from your side plate over to your guest’s plate and position your left at your 12 and your right at your six. Now gently squeeze the lemon using the spoon and fork in your right hand. This will cause the juice from the lemon to collect in the spoon.

    You may now gently drop the lemon from the spoon over the food in the plate.

    You have now silver serviced lemon and will have an impressed guest.

  130. Mercy says:

    Today it was practice, practice and more practice. Mr West, your dedication and commitment to teach us the perfection of a table setting and table service is truly amaizing. You have changed my life in a huge way!!!

  131. michaela says:

    Today I made a delicious Eggs Benedict smelt tasted and was truly one of a kind . Something to make for anyone and to impress your friends and family

  132. Oscar says:

    I have learn how to build a flower

  133. Mercy says:

    Flowers are beautiful and make me smile, that’s all I knew about them. Mr West taught us how to make them mean something to us. There is nothing as wonderful as knowing how to create my own flower arrangement. Thank you so much for this exciting lesson Mr West.

  134. Butler Riaan says:

    Today,we did the do’s and donts of flower arrangements.My first ever flower arrangement ever.WOW.Got our mid terms results back 80% ten below my aim but place for improvement.Tommorow is our table exam.Everyone has a theme and set up a dinner table accordingly.So of to study terminology.Good luck to all my fellow students for tommorow.

  135. michaela says:

    Today was so much fun , learning how to make flowers for my table its so interesting how you can combine all different colours flower types together and make so many creations yi never thought would be possible . Thank you Mr West for opening my eyes on flower’s 🙂

  136. Mas says:

    Thank you Mr West for another Excellent day, flowers have never been so exciting apart from seeing them at a distance with admiration. Thank you Mr West for your enthusiasm and encouragement

  137. Bright says:

    I have been head butler yesterday and was thinking that I won’t make it but thanks to Mr West for being instrumental to my successful day.
    It was also an eventful day whereby I learnt how to prepare egg Benedict,hollandaise sauce and hwz to perfect table services.

  138. oscar says:

    I learn how to uniquely make a bouquet of flowers.

  139. Bright says:

    l have learnt new things at school everyday and now I know how to arrange flowers which I thought was for florists.Thank you Mr West

  140. Ivan says:

    Today I learnd how to do the flower was and how to decorad iet where to start and you wil have a nice folwer that yoh can use on your table

  141. Alec says:

    Today was a very nice day. We have learned how to combine different flowers together for different themes. Its very interesting what you can do with flowers.

  142. will says:

    What an amazing day at school,I have learnt how to combine different types of flowers and come out with beautiful rose made flower bowl with different colours of flowers.Thank you Mr West

  143. Mercy says:

    Never in my life have l enjoyed an exam the way l did today with our table exam. It was a relaxed environment, with us concentrating on our tables, creating all these different themes with the excellent teaching we got from Mr West! Table setting will never b the same again, love it!

  144. Belinda says:

    Great practical exam yesterday am quite impressed with myself ?

  145. michaela says:

    HAVE A SUPER SERVICE DAY , indeed it was I was head butler today and I made a few staff members of shoprite checkers day . Standing in front of a red carpet opening the doors for staff saying have a super service day , I fely like had made someone’s day thank you Mr West for a lovely and eventful day .

  146. Alec says:

    Today was a excellent day. We were at shoprite standing at the doors and said have a super service day to the staff and everybody entering the building. It made me happy to see how we light up their days just by being friendly with a big smile saying have a super service day. I enjoyed it thank you Mr West

  147. Ranganai says:

    I really can’t wait for tonight,s fuction

  148. Bright says:

    Tuesday evening is a day to reckon in the world of butlership when I experienced the practical part of silver service at Taj hotel in Capetown.Thank you very much Mr West for an eye opener.

  149. Alec says:

    Tusesday evening was exellent. We have done what we have learned about table service. It was very nice and i enjoyed it

  150. Butler Riaan says:

    Today’we had the priviledge to enjoy our principals Mr Cross birthday’
    we covered hotel butler,ballet of service aswell as the 5 butler services.

  151. will says:

    today i have learnt about hotel butler ,and the difference between five star hotel service and seven star service.the seven star service is when the stafftreat each other like guests.
    the butler has got five signature services i.e
    -Early Morning Beverage
    -Shoe Cleaning
    -Valet- steaming,ironing and laundry and unpacking and packing
    -Destination Dining

  152. Oscar says:

    learn bed turn down ,

  153. Varo says:

    Today was an excellent day with excellent hotel butler training where a butler has to be humble when talking to a guest and also when shiwingbtge guest around the hotel, your one hand has to be at the back while using the another hand to communicate with the guestnand show him or her around. I also learnt the 15roots of a butler which one of them is smiling and greeting.
    Again, I learnt how to roast chicken which I can use the same ingredients and mothed to roast fish, pork, beef etc. All thanks to Mr.Cross.

  154. Johan says:

    Today I learnt how to do a fold down and correctly lay/set out a bed. I also learnt how to do the elegant napkin fold.

  155. Jean says:

    What a remarkable day! Firstly our Principal had his birthday! Happy Birthday Mr Cross! May there be many more blessed years ahead!

    Today we learnt about the 5 signature services of a butler. These are:

    1. Morning Beverages
    2. Shoe Shining
    3. Destination Dining
    4. E-Butler
    5. Valet Service

  156. oscar says:

    I learn 5 signature,how to do a ballet of services and how to do a turn down.

  157. Mercy says:

    What an honour to serve with Mr West. Such a hardworking individual with a unique style. Thank you Sir, for leading the way and showing us what being a Butler truly means!

  158. Alec says:

    Today was a very good day. We have learned the different spices you can put with chicken and different ways how you can cook a chicken. We also learned more about hotel butling and layouts of beds and how you must fold a bed. Welcome back and thank you Mr Cross

  159. michaela says:

    Today was an excellent day as always at SABA , Watching and assisting Mr Cross in the preperation and completion of making a dekicious chicken using breast and drum sticks marrinated in lemon and herb . Delicious thank you Mr Cross and Mr cow

  160. michaela says:

    Today was an excellent day as always at SABA watching and assisting Mr Cross in the preporation and completion of Cooking a delicious chicken breasts and thights . Thank you Mr Cross its wonderful to have you back and Mr West for every great thing you do.

  161. Varo says:

    I have an excellent day today. I learned how to make different types of cocktails. Thank you Mr. Cross and Mr. West the excellent training.

  162. Mercy says:

    Excellent day indeed! Today I learnt how to make different types of cocktails. Mr Cross thank you, your teaching is out of this world!

  163. Belinda says:

    Fun day it was we learnt how to make cocktails even went on and invented our own .I won the best price for my new creation the Sasha Fierce this is a must try at home .
    Soda water


    Cut your pineapples into small blocks
    Place in a blender or nutri bullet together with 1 short of vodka
    and a couple of ice cubes
    Blend for less than a minute
    Pour in a hurricane glass
    Add 100ml of soda water .
    Garnish with a slice of pineapple

    Best cocktail ever.

  164. michaela says:

    Today was so much fun I got to experiment with making cocktails such as maitai , mohito and a delicious bloody mary fun fun fun . I also enjoyed making my own concoction need some work on my mixology but thanks to Mr Cross and Mr West ill be able to make amazing creative and delicious cocktails soon , thank you for a few new how too s to add to my Butler book 🙂 *

  165. will says:

    Today was mixology day and mixology is mixing drinks or i learnt about how to make mai tai are the ingredients:lime juice
    Add little bit of brown sugar
    Dark rum 50ml
    Triple sec 50ml
    Almond essence
    Add pineapple juice with crushed ice
    Lemon grass in a hurricane.

  166. will says:

    Cocktails l learnt today,Margarita
    Long lsland ice tea
    Respberry,classic martini
    Bloody Mary
    Strawberry daiquiri
    Kir royale

  167. Butler Riaan says:

    Today,we learned the art of mixology.The different cocktails and how its made and we were shown how to make a bloody mary and mojito.Fun fun

  168. michaela says:

    Today I learnt more terminology and I presented a sneak preview of my assignment presentation to Mr Cross now I need to wow them with everything I can do . A good term I learnt today nutella a delicious chocolate spread for your bread or anything you desire ( I’m eating ntella because I’m missing you ) a nice way to make someone feel good while learning terminology

  169. Jean says:

    What a marvelous day has this been starting off with a photoshoot at Rhodes Memorial which has breathtaking views of the beautiful city of Cape Town.

    Then it was time to learn about appliances and of course there is no better place than Hirsch’s.

    Here we had the wonderful oppurtinty to meet Mrs Margaret Hirsch herself. What an amazing lady!

    During her speech there were two things she said that captivated me.

    “What you think about, you bring about” and “The little bit extras accumulate over time”

    Simple small words but very true

  170. Bongani says:

    the future of man kind lies not in the hands of new technological inventions and scientific lies in the hands of ambitious people like Mr Cross,Mr West,Mrs Tanya and the guild recruitment team for the excellent job they did in guiding me into the butler world,They thought me how to lay a table, make a cappuccino,how to wash the dishes,how to iron a shirt, how to make an eggs Benedict,envoltini chicken,house keeping, valet service, event planning, cooking amongest a lot of beautiful and professional things they thought me.Im really appreciate what the butler academy have done for me and i will forever will be your excellent and proud product.THANK YOU SABA

  171. Christopher says:

    So the time has come to an end……it was a long road but all the information, learning sure did wonders,,,this was truly life changing….Thank you SABA and me we have a life long journey…

  172. Mercy says:

    What a journey! Coming to the end of our 8 week Butler course, I cannot help but be excited about what the future holds. I have learnt what it means to have a passion for service and excellence. I came to the South African Butler Academy without a clue of what to expect, but today I am so proud to stand up with my head up high and say I am a Butler!
    I am so grateful to the Butler staff for the lessons they have taught me. I am truly a new person, with a much bigger vision for my life. I can spread my wings today, and know that I am now the person I was meant to be. I can take every lesson and apply it in any situation, environment or organisation.
    Mr West and Mr Cross, you dedicated and committed all your time to bring out the best in us. I will take your excellent advice and lessons wherever I go. I am never going to be the same again. Today, I have skills I never thought I would have and can proudly say, I am a Professional Butler! Thank you SABA!

  173. Belinda says:

    Very inspired today by Margaret Hirsch now am ready to take over the world and work my way to the top to become that succesful woman i want to be i have prepared my calendar with all my goals for next year am my first step is taken tomorrow when i received my certificate and graduate as a Butler .Thank you SABA and Mrs Hirsch.

  174. Alec says:

    Today on our second last day we had our beautiful photos taken at Rhodes memorial, it was fun and enjoyed the dancing part. I’m very glad I did this wonderful butler course. Ive learned so much in this 8 weeks time. I have also grown and look at life in a different way. I feel like a different person. I have also learn to smile more and open myself to other people. It was a fun, exiting and a exelent journey. Thank you so much Mr Cross and Mr West and for the rest of the SOUTH AFRICAN BUTLER ACADAMY TEAM

  175. michaela says:

    Today butlers we have done it !! Today we graduate , we have longed for this day for 8 weeks not only to graduate but to know we have made it this far , all the hard work long hours and emotions we have out in .Today is not the end its only the beginning and I thank the hole of the South African Butler Academy for your hard work dedication , patience and motivation I see how passionate you are about your work and how hard you have worked with us to make us the best butlers we can be
    I applaud you all and I will cherish these 8 weeks and take them with me where ever I go hold your name up high and be proud . Thank you Mr Cross and Mr West for the experience of a life time you will always be in my hearts and I will make you all proud .

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