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Abraham Olusegun Oni from Nigeria joins the Butler Academy

By Butler Academy



Dear readers and friends, we are delighted to announce our newest associate to the Butler Academy team Mr. Abraham Oni who will be our African Student commission from Nigeria.


Guest instructors are treasured lecturers of The Butler Academy. These enthusiastic men and women are regularly working butlers within Cape Town and other parts of Africa.  The Butler Academy prides itself on delivering firsthand knowledge from guest speakers and “real” Butlers who are working as professional committed Butlers as they add exceptional value to your training in becoming a world class Butler!


Abraham is a graduate of The Butler Academy. Abraham has experience in top hotels such as the Orient Express Group Mount Nelson. He shares with our students his knowledge about working with VIP Clientele and above all adds exceptional value to our  School.


“I believe in providing flawless and impeccable service at all times and I do not compromise anything in order to maintain these high standards. I am gifted at multi-tasking and flexible enough to be able to attend to all duties under any situation that presents itself. I am strict in creating functional systems, but also creative to allow for adaptation where need be” Abraham Olusegun Oni 



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  1. Henriette Maritz says:

    Welcome Mr Oni! We are looking forward to your attributes to the April 2013 course. We have only three weeks left of our training and we welcome any additional training and insight into the Life and work of a Butler!

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