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Butler Couple – United Kingdom

By Butler Academy

Excellent opportunity with long term clients who have recently relocated their main property and are now looking for a domestic couple, Butler and Cook.  The property is a formal house with strict rules. The property is absolutely beautiful with terraces and maize gardens. The Butler and Cook will be living on site in their own apartments.


The duties will include: cooking, cleaning, valet service, maintain high standard of decorum, pantry management, ironing skills, setting tables, culture diversity and a love for dogs.


Being a butler is about discretion and loyalty, for this position we require the highest standard of professionalism. As mentioned above “longstanding clients” we build strong relationships with our clients to ensure longevity with all placements.


The principals travel frequently and you will be required to act as caretakers and assume responsibility of the residence in their absence and also care for the family dogs,  delightful cocker spaniels. There are 2 full time daily housekeepers, so time off and absence from the property must be co ordinated with them.


We are looking for a young vibrant and passionate couple or 2 singles. Our clients will provide significant paperwork for the application for working visa. If you do have a UK passport you will have first option. Our clients will pay for all travel costs and visa applications.


“A dream position, worth applying for”

Salary on offer: Butler $3500  / Cook $3 000  (living in, all meals provided and travel allowance)

Reference: 2014/05/25511



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