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Butler Service South Africa – Interpersonal Skills

By Butler Academy

BUTLER SCHOOL – Interpersonal Skills


Interpersonal skills in food and beverage service for Butlers with a commercial environment and household environment is required to interact with their clients and staff. All other interactions are secondary to, and the result of, the prime interaction of the clients and staff.


This has implications for the way clients are treated. Conversation between clients and staff override conversations between staff and staff. When in conversation with clients and staff you should:


1) Talk to members of staff without first excusing themselves from the client!


2) Interrupt interactions between clients and staff, but should wait until there is a suitable moment to catch the attention of the other member of staff so that may excuse themselves from the customers first.


3) Serve clients whilst carrying on a conversation between staff!


4) Talk across rooms either to each other or to customers.



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  1. Ernest Nolte says:

    What an Excellent day at the butler academy. And what an excellent experience at Saba.Thank you Mr Cross and staff for making it a Excellent and so professional course.I am so grateful for what i have learned. Thank you Saba.!!You are the best!!!

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