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The following took place on the 8th of August by P. Brodie

The start of the day was and early rising for everybody as we were to be embarking on our first outing of the course and we needed to arrive earlier as to prepare for the day that lay ahead.


We all departed from the Butlers academy with great anticipation and high spirits. When we had arrived we were greeted by the curator of the Groot Constantia grounds who showed us around the grounds of the estate and explained the history behind the architecture, layout and art works of the buildings and also explained the various ages and owners that the estate had belonged to.


After the tour of the main house and the history of the farm were over, we all sat down together for some tea and scones and exchanged banter and pleasantries. Once we had rested our legs and had enough tea we continued to the tour of the winery where we learned of the different methods of wine making and all the work and processing that is required to make the wines. Shortly after we had concluded our tour of the winery facilities we got the chance to sample the wines that we had just been taught about.


After we had all tasted the various wines and had gotten the chance to purchase our own mementos and had excellent lunch, we all got back into the various transports and left for the academy. Once back at the academy a few people stayed behind to clean up and pack away for the weekend and once every one had completed the tasks given to them, everyone went home to enjoy the long weekend.


Please note “I am having the time of my life” !!



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  1. Willem says:

    My day started with my duty list for the day, as there was planed for house cleaning today by Mr Cross, I had to adjust my schedule according.

    We went to a villa in Cape Town which we as Butlers in training had to practical clean the inside from top to bottom.I had to do my days line up at the villa.Then Mr Cross took us through the house and point out the layout of the house, before we entered the house we had to take our shoes of and placed it at a zoned area,we went out side where Mr Cross zoned the inside into three levels, and where divided into groups, Mr West gave each group a cleaning basket to clean with ,we had to work carefully as the house had lots of expensive antique furniture in. Mandisa was our time keeper, every 15 minutes she had to call the time as we work on a time schedule. We had a break for 15 minutes where i served Oros to our Butlers, after the break we carried on with the cleaning, Paul, Marilise and Annine had to clean the kitchen which is the most difficult part in the house to clean and they did a excellent cleaning in the kitchen, so did we all, we then had launch, I had to prepare,hot-dog rolls with Vienna sausages, mustard sauce, tomato sauce and mayonnaise sauce and bananas,after launch we carried on finishing the house cleaning, which was around 14h00pm, and we went back to the academy.

    Mr Cross gave us a demonstration on opening a white wine screw on cap, and how to not only present a wine, but to sell it with confidence to a guest, and how present wine to a guest and to pour to taste for a guest as well. it was was a real SABA DAY for me.We left at 17h00pm with Mr West to a hotel in Hout Bay to teach us to turn down beds for guest another SABA Moment it was for me.


  2. Anine says:

    A Day of Old Favourites at the Butler Academy On the first day of week three at The Butler Academy, our unique group of Butlers-to-be were once again swept away by the in-depth knowledge of Mr Cross. Not a moment passes by where we are not learning something from him or Mr Braam West about the profound world of the Butler. From ‘treating’ us with a few points on delicious maple syrup to indulging us with interesting facts about the noble little yellow citrus fruit – the LEMON! Can you think of 20 different uses for a lemon?
    After learning another few tricky serviette folds we enjoyed an old favourite South African dish for lunch – Bobotie and yellow rice with banana salad.
    The afternoon were spent getting serious about the Butler’s pantry and the Butler’s office – next to the kitchen I would say this is the true heart of the house as this is the hub from where the Butler will deliver the ultimate service!
    Go Butlers!


  3. Adolf says:

    Tuesday was excellent to me as well as my fellow colleagues. Their team work and cooperation certainly made my work very easy.
    We learnt a lot but what dominated the day was “Two Eggs Two Cups Pasta” lesson which was prepared in our classroom and was our lunch. I strongly believe that everyone enjoyed the subject as well as the lunch. That was an excellent combination, thank you.

    The Quote for the day was ” Every Minute Is Precious”

    My kind regards,


  4. Newton Cross says:

    Thank you Butlers for your wonderful comments!


  5. RYAN says:


  6. Ted says:

    It was an excellent day! We have a great group of Butlers and I learned so much!

  7. willem says:

    i did enjoy my day, it was a excellent day.

  8. Paul says:

    Learned a lot today in terms of terminology, high tech and sparkling wine. Everyday there is a lot to get to know. We are so privileged!

  9. Marilise Geldenhuys says:

    Dear SABA,
    Please find blog for the 15th of August as follows:
    It is amazing how quickly we learn and grow here at SABA. My second time around as being head butler, and already I found myself so much more calm and confident. So much more aware of what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and when it needs to be done.
    It was a very cold day, we got to wear casual clothes, so everyone dressed as warm as possible. Perfec day for soup, and that is exactly what we had for lunch – a big pot of vegetable soup and healthy brown seed bread. The day’s subject of focus was “high tech”, with extension cords, cables and laptops everywhere, we sat there eagerly soaking up all the information we needed to have to be effective in our admin work and apply it to our “Butler’s Book”.
    Words of encouragement for the day was; “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery. And I promise you something great will come of it.”
    Thank you SABA for once again giving me the opportunity to take on the role of Head Butler. It was an excellent day.
    From your butler n the making
    Marilise Geldenhuys

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