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Butler Training 14th of January 2013

By Butler Academy



Dear Butlers and new students who enrolled into the 14th of January 2013 Butler Course. We  welcome you to the South African Butler Academy’s web site, home of over 363 Butlers and 8480 viewers a week who work, live and breathe Butler Service South Africa day and night!


We have to thank each and every Butler who attended our five courses for 2012. It has truly been the most excellent year in the history of the Butler Academy. We placed over 96% of all our butlers into private residential homes, hotels, resorts, exclusive yachts and private jet liners for 2012.  Guild Recruitment did an excellent “job” this year, and with 2013 knocking on the door we have a number of new projects and International employment waiting…


19 Butlers will join the Butler Academy on the 14th of January 2013. The Butler Academy will present “EXCLUSIVE NEW” Butler Subjects in; Event Management, Culinary Art, Interior Decorating, Professional Interpersonal Management, Culture Diversity, DIY classes. Practical subjects will be conducted on a daily basis during the course – 40 days of practical! The Butler Academy is the ultimate in Butler Service!


The Butler Academy would like to thank all our staff and Trainers who created the lasting “WOW” effect for every student and client. To all our Butler Service SA viewers and SABA friends, we wish you a wonderful festive season ahead and a prosperous new year! We would like to thank Guild Recruitment & Mr. Coetzer for making real dreams come true!


Next available course is on the 13th of April 2013 – Enroll and make your dreams come true!

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