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Butler Training – 8 weeks of intense superior Butler Training | Prestige Magazine article

By Butler Academy

The Butler Academy featured in the “Prestige Magazine”


Butler Training, 8 week Butler Training course.


The South African Butler Academy will be hosting a superior course starting on the 15th of April 2013.  The Butler Training course is specially designed for young and mature individuals in order to work as a professional Butler in today’s ever changing climate.


Congratulations to 15 Butlers who received employment over the busy season period in Cape Town, South Africa. Guild Recruitment provides exclusive international and South African Butler Employment to SABA Butlers.  Please note The Butler Academy will be doing an intensive assessment if you are from any other Butler School.  Our screening process is intense and thorough. The Butler Academy has seen too many cases, the effort to provide a fast track is resulting in a failure to provide necessary, marketable skills.  The Butler Academy provides  advance Butler Training , our program is number one world wide, our curricula is the perfect blend which is required by international standards.  We do not compete others follow.


Keep your eyes on our website as The Butler Academy will be launching a brand new edition to Butling  world wide soon…  Our latest Butler Academy publication is available here, please see the Butler Academy featured in the Prestige Magazine!


You rang sir – Prestige Magazine


Join us on the 15th of April,  Join us on Facebook 2064 likes, and over 3 million viewers.


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