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Butler Training in Hout Bay – Housekeeping Practical @ Hout Bay Manor

By Adriaan Coetzer



Our training for today was the privilege of Housekeeping 101 & Hotel Butler Training at Hout Bay Manor. Hout Bay Manor was built in 1871, accompanied with neo-classist Xhosa and Zulu finishing touches, the wooden floors combined with stone serve as witness to an old world charm. Nestled between the hills of Hout Bay, this five star Hotel offers 19 luxury rooms and peace and serenity to body, mind and soul.



Ms. Lucia, the hotel Manager, surprised the students on arrival with coffee, a variety of muffins as well as a fruit salad as palate cleanser! We then proceeded with our specialized cleaning. We were not at all surprised to find the rooms in an absolute pristine condition, as one would expect from a five star hotel. However we still needed to be taught how new and antique furniture is wiped down and treated and how to proceed with caution. It is essential to a hotel and client with so many beautiful delicate accessories, not to damage anything. We then enjoyed a lovely lunch served by Ms. Lucie’s kitchen staff. Thank you for making us feel so very special! A special thank you to the chefs of Hout Bay Manor for the freshly baked muffins. A lovely day out and our thanks goes once again to Mr. West and Mr. Coetzer for taking time out of their busy schedules to accompany the students on this field trip!

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  1. Henriette Maritz says:

    There were loads to appreciate and to learn. Thank you again Ms Lucia for an absolute delightful surprise breakfast. Such a beautiful hotel would be an honor to work in. Thank you to our Student Mentor and Primarus and Mr Coetzer from the Guild Recruitment who made this yet another successful training day!

  2. Paisley says:

    Today’s lesson was not all about the cleaning part of housekeeping, but also on how to prepare yourself and the planning before starting a cleaning task. As with most tasks in life, more we plan and prepare the quicker and more efficient the job gets done with excellent results! Big thank you to Hout Bay Manor for their hospitality!

  3. Anton Swart says:

    Today we went to do housekeeping at Hout Bay Manor…I enjoyed it very much! It was the first time that I was in a five star hotel and it was an excellent day! Thank you Mr. West and Mr. Coetzer for taking us on such an excellent day!

  4. Armand Smuts says:

    Thank you Hout Bay Manor for allowing us to use your excellent facilities. Your service has to be commended. Absolutely wonderful hotel. 5 Star for a reason.

  5. Meja de Klerk says:

    Today was MORE than excellent!! We went to clean Hout Bay Manor. It was such fun, all the practical training helps you to remember it better and do it in the proper way. Thank you Mr. West and Mr. Coetzer for taking us there and thank you Me. Lucia for having us and the excellent food we got.

  6. Carlington says:

    Thank you much Ms Lucia and the whole team of Hout Bay Manor for your friendliness. We really had wonderful experience today. I personaly have learnt lots of things from you.

  7. Lalitha Soma says:

    Thank you to Hout Bay Manor & Ms Lucia for having us today. We really appreciate the lovely meal which you provided for us, as well as you allowing us to clean the hotel, as all the practical training we recieve helps us in becoming Excellent Butlers.

  8. Gerhard says:

    Thank you to Hout Bay Manor & Ms Lucia for allowing us access to your Hotel to learn, do zoning and clean a 5 Star Hotel and prepare us for a household one of these days. this was an excellent day.

  9. Candice says:

    Today was an excellent day! It was a bit daunting when I heard that we would be cleaning a 5* hotel – afraid that I wasn’t yet up to the hotel’s high standard. But, thanks to all the excellent training that has been provided at SABA, we were all able to execute and complete our set tasks for the day. Thank you Ms. Lucia and the rest of the staff at Hout Bay Manor! PS The food was lovely.

  10. Theunis Smit says:

    We were at Hout Bay Manor. We cleaned and had allot of fun learning of zoning and were spoiled by a fabulous lunch. Thank you everyone

  11. Ferdi says:

    What an amazing day at Hout Bay Manor. Housekeeping was on the agenda for the day and what an excellent opportunity to learn the skills hands on needed to clean and get a hotel ready for their guests. Thank you to all the staff and to Lucia and Hout Bay Manor for having us and giving us the opportunity to explore your beautiful establishment

  12. Louis Che Mantohbang says:

    What a wonderful housekeeping day @ Hout Bay Manor. Thank you so much the management and friendly staff for giving us the opportunity to train in their premises. Thank you for breakfast and lunch – your are very nice people.

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