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Sheraton | W Hotels Maldives | Butler Training

By Butler Academy

The South African Butler Academy is currently onsite the uber luxurious Sheraton Full Moon Resort conducting our legendary 10 day seven star resort Butler training program. The program hosts Butlers from many different resorts including; Kuredu, Loama, Velaa, Velassaru, LUX, W Hotels, Six Senses and Gili.


Mr. Newton Cross is the simply the most advance trainer in the world,  when it comes to Butler training. This is our 12th Resort being trained in the Maldives in less than 2 years.  We wish our team only the best! Please, we invite you to our Facebook Page (Hotel Butler Training or SA Butler Academy) for up to the minute posts, live feeds and videos.


Training date 12th September 2016 – 21st September 2016 (Completed)

Next Training date: 14th January 2017 – 19th January 2017 (Apply here)



15 Responses

  1. Ibrahim says:

    I think this is one of the best sessions I have seen in years. I think I have rarely seen such a consensus on the positive outcome of such a training session. I got out of this class way more than what I was expecting. Mr Newton is excellent, Keeps the course interesting with his great personality.

  2. Kaptain says:

    It is the most amazing, wonderful training session i am attending so far in my life. Mr. Cross has taken training to a whole new level. He is so energetic and helpful, and has inspired all of us alot. His tricks and way of handling all of us is excellent. I am truly inspired. I wish Mr. Cross and his Acamedy a bright future and would love to attend more of his trainings in the future.
    This especially for Mr. Newton
    ” May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars. ”

  3. Jessica lim says:

    WOW..I am simply noumenon with every drop of lovely words running through my brain in this training. Thank you Mr. Newton, you have so much to share.. we all feel your passion.

  4. Lache says:

    A Big thanks to Mr Newton & Mr West, I have learn lots of new things and had excellent training with both, it was fun with special tricks,
    Me & my colleages wish to have another training in future again. “The presentation was very clear, the materials were good, and the examples were useful and thought-provoking. I learned how to use Sentence in new ways, and how to work more effectively on brainstorming. Wonderful program!
    Once again thank you SABA butler trainers mr newton, mr west and photographer jaavidh.

  5. Rifaz says:

    The best training ever love..this is the turning point of life

  6. Wisham says:

    Mr. Newton and the SABA has completely changed my life. I am much more confident and am completely in love with service.I have learnt a lot during the programme. Excellent training.

  7. Athu says:

    Mr West And Mr Cross The Best Of The Best, No Words Can Describe How Wonderfull This Training Is ? The structure Of This Training Is Unique. ” I Am Speechless ” Round Of Applause For Mr West And Mr Cross 🙂
    One Of My Dream Was To Become A Butler And This Course Helped Me To Do So. I Will Recommend This To Everyone I Know.
    The Best Trainers Teach From The Heart Not From The Book !!

  8. Ahusan says:

    It’s an excellent training I ever had in my life ,Mr cross is just a amazing trainer with full of energy and he is in love in service butler . The way he do training is unbelievable. It was my dream to do butler training. Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now. Thank you so much Mr newton and Mr west . Hope to see you soon

  9. Naif says:

    In this10 days training I have learned how to an arrival, departure and rooming orientation professionally. Secondly, how to serve wines, foods and about Food and beverage and also housekeeping. When i came to this training i have no idea about F&B and now i know so many. So i have learned so many things which is very important fo a butler in hospitality industry.
    Thank you so much Mr. Newton, Mr. West and SABA for giving me this excellent opportunity.

  10. Pichney darling says:

    Today in my life I have opened a new page with the very helpful,interesting,knowledgeable and amazing butler training held on the beautiful Sheraton full moon island resort in Maldives.trainers were Mr Newton ,Mr west brome and helpful jaawidh.These trainers were absolutely wonderful and memorable and boredless.Allow me to thank them from bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH ?????and also would like to thank to our host Sheraton Maldives and my work place W Maldives for giving me this wonderful opportunity to do a SABA international Butler Training course,Have an excellent Day

  11. Ahmed Rasheed says:

    Mr.Newton & Mr.West
    Thank you very much for this 10 days training. It shows me the right path to build my career in this industry. I enjoyed each & every moments of this valuable training.


  12. Ali says:

    Mr.newton & mr.west thank you very much for this 10 days excellent training. i have ever attend.This training has teach me a lot of new words and skills.i enjoyed very much.thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  13. Visham says:

    An excellent training, we all are honored to be the graduates of first ever open butler course in Maldives by SABA.
    Thank you very much to entire SABA team, especially Mr Cross & Mr West for the dedication and hard work in all the trainings sessions in order to transform us to the best butlers in Maldives.
    I promise we all will bloom and shine

  14. Maria says:

    Mr. Neuton is a true leader that leads by example! He is very passionate about what he does and his passion is truly contagious. Besides, he has an individual approach to every single student in the class which makes studies extremely comfortable and enjoyable. What I found was wonderful about this course is that it is very easy to absorb new information as it was presented in such an easy and playful manner. In the end of the course I felt that I’ve grown not only professionally, however personally too! I wish our course was longer than just 10 days! I will definitely miss it.
    Mr. Neuton & Mr. West, big thank you and I wish you all the best!

  15. Nasym Ibrahim says:

    Dear Mr. Newton Cross and team,

    Thank you for the wonderful 10 days training (I know we have said it before). I found your style of training uplifting, stimulating and terrific, the venue was lovely, the organization in relation to accommodation, travel instructions etc was second to none. So, thank you for making the whole experience a great one. I now have the confidence to start my journey . Thank you for your patience and care. I will have no hesitation in attending more of your courses and recommending them to others.

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