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Butler Training – Terminology

By Butler Academy

Dear Readers and Butlers,


It is evident in our industry that butlers acquire a sound theoretical knowledge in; household management, understanding table service, event planning, concierge service and culinary terminology.


A few culinary terminology “SABA” examples:


Maitre d’ Hotel Butter – 

This most common of all the compound butters.  It is flavored with lemon and chopped parsley and used  to   garnish fish and grilled meats. Garlic may be added, but it would then be called escargot butter.


Marzipan – 

An almond paste with the addition of egg whites.  This mixture is kneaded into a smooth paste and used to wrap or layer  cakes and candies.


Mirepoix – 

A mixture of chopped onion, carrot, and celery used to flavour stocks and soups.


Mise en Place – 

French for “Put in place”.


Mulligatawny –     

A curried chicken soup adapted by the British from India.  Originally the soup was enriched with coconut milk and embellished with almonds and apples.


Macaroon –    

Small round biscuit with a crisp crust and soft interior of various flavours.  Italian Amaretti is a type of macaroon.


Marscapone –  

Rich creamy fresh cheese from Italy; used in Tiramisu.


Mayonnaise –

Cold egg and oil emulsion.


Melba – 

Popular dessert named after Dame Nellie Melba (opera diva), consisting of poached peach halves, vanilla ice cream and a raspberry coulis.


Mille Feuille –

A thousand leaves:  pastries made of fine flaky/puff pastry.


Minestrone –      

Italian vegetable soup, sometimes with pasta, but never meat.


Mornay Sauce –

Béchamel sauce with added cheese, usually Gruyere.


Moussaka –          

Greek layered dish made of lamb, eggplant, tomatoes and onions, bound with a white sauce and baked au gratin.


Join us at the Butler Academy. Excellent training awaits you!

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