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Butler Training – The art of ‘Smoked Salmon’

By Butler Academy



Butler Training –  What is Smoked Salmon?


Smoked salmon is a preparation of salmon, typically a fillet that has been cured and hot or cold smoked. Due to its moderately high price, smoked salmon is considered a delicacy. Although the term lox is sometimes applied to smoked salmon, they are different products.


smoked salmon

Smoked salmon is a popular ingredient in canapés, often combined with cream cheese and lemon juice, or “bulked out” with other fish.


In Europe, smoked salmon may be found thinly sliced or in thicker fillets (such as “tsar fillet”) or sold as chopped “scraps” for use in cooking. It is often used in pâtés, quiches and pasta sauces. Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon mixed in is another popular dish. Smoked salmon salad is a strong-flavored salad, with ingredients such as iceberg lettuce, boiled eggs, tomato, olives, capers and leeks, and with flavored yogurt as a condiment.


Slices of smoked salmon are a popular appetizer in Europe, usually served with some kind of bread. In the United Kingdom they are typically eaten with brown bread and a squeeze of lemon; in Germany they are eaten on toast or black bread.


In Jewish cuisine, smoked or brined salmon is called lox and is usually eaten on a bagel with cream cheese.


Smoked salmon is sometimes used in sushi, though not widely in Japan; it is more likely to be encountered in North American sushi bars. The Philly Roll combines smoked salmon and cream cheese and rolls these in rice and nori.


Butlers Tip:


  • Always use the best quality Salmon – perhaps buy from the smoke house!
  • Always rub your cutting utensils with lemon when slicing Salmon – prevents the fish smell on your cutlery.
  • Always wash plates apart from other table ware as the water will have a distinct salmon smell.
  • Black pepper and Salmon go very well together on a Blini.
  • Smoked Salmon tagliatelle is excellent lunch dish.
  • Don`t over do it – keep it simple less is more.
  • Smoked Salmon Scrambled eggs are divine – garnish with Rocket Leaves!
  • The Academy enjoys cutting a ring out of a cucumber , add some cream cheese and a sliver of smoked salmon! A splash of lemon is advisable!


Butlers in training went on an excursion to South Africa`s leading ‘Trout & Salmon Farm’ in Franschoek. The process from Hatching to eating is intense. Enjoy our latest course video:






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    I have spent several hours on your site, I love every video and the work you are putting into the school! Welldone Butler Academy, I am a reporter for international hospitality news. Please refer to my email sent!

    Ps: I can see how happy your Butlers are! Just what we need!

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