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Butling is Exciting

By Butler Academy

Butling is definitely one of the world’s most exciting careers.

I want to tell you a bit more about myself. I am currently employed by the owner of the largest publishing company in Europe. I have been a Butler for the last 20 years, and my employer requested me to write a book on Bultering, for he realized that there is a huge gap in the market for information on personal service.


To come back to my topic, the word Butler was derived from the Latin word “buticula” meaning bottle and it evolved through the ages to become the modern-day word Butler. The dictionary definition of the word in the broad sense is; the chief servant in a large or important household with a wide range of responsibilities. It is argued that the image of tray-wielding Butlers who specialise in serving tables and decanting wine is now out-dated, and that employers may well be more interested in a Butler who is capable of managing a full array of household affairs—from providing the traditional dinner service, to acting as valet, to managing high-tech systems and be the Major Domo that is responsible for multiple homes with complexes of staff. In conclusion, it varies with the requirements of the individual employer.


Becoming a butler entails a complete transformation of consciousness. Success is dependent on possessing a vast amount of qualities which includes being flexible, a master of presentations, has an eye for detail and is trustworthy and loyal.


Being successful necessitates being a powerful observer of human life and requires a relentless shift to service orientation. The modern butler is a magician that enchants and a mentalist that can predict and anticipate his employer’s every need. He is an entertainer that leaves his audience in awe of his skills, an interior decorator, information technologist, chef and housekeeper while being timelessly elegant and graceful at the same time. His approach and insight should be that of a psychologist after years of watching and studying human behaviour.


An attitude of devoted service to others, deference, and the keeping of confidences can help your employer succeed.


I am confident that this book will make a vital contribution to the art of Butling. I hope you will find your Bulting career enormously satisfying.


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