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Butlers visit “Tumi” & “Louis Vuitton” and many more…

By Butler Academy

 The Butlers embark on a journey of Luxury in Cape Town!


“WOW” The Butlers from the Butler Academy will be joining Louis Vuitton and Tumi tomorrow for a demonstration on luxury Luggage. However, that’s not all the Butlers will be spoilt with luxury writing implements – Mont Blanc! What about diamonds??


Yes, our butlers receives the entire “promise” of perfection – Shimansky and Tag Heuer! The perfect day for the perfect butler class – Our Butlers are spoilt to the “T”




TAG Heuer


Innovation, prestige, performance & precision are the soul of TAG Heuer. But above all, there is passion. This is what inspires us and what beats at the heart of every TAG Heuer timepiece.





From 1911, Heuer manufactured timepieces to be mounted on the dashboards of automobiles, aircraft and boats. These clocks and timers included a variety of models, designed to address specific needs of racers and rallyists. In 1958, Heuer introduced a new line of dashboard timepieces, which included the Master Time (8-day clock), the Monte Carlo (12-hour stopwatch), the Super Autavia (full chronograph), Sebring (60-minute, split-second timer) and Auto-Rallye (60-minute stopwatch). Heuer continued to manufacture these dashboard timepieces into the 1980s, at which time they were discontinued. Heuer also introduced timing devices for ski and motor racing events, including Formula One.


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  1. El-marie says:

    What an awesome day! Learned so much, every place we visit was a surprise. Shimansky, Mont Blanc, Tumi, Louis Vuitton, The Cape Grace Hotel, Nespresso! Thanks Mr. Cross for the macaroon treat {diet fly out of the window today} and thank you for a lovely lunch.

  2. El-marie says:

    Sorry meant Louis Vuitton.

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