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How to set a Formal Dinner Table – Newton Cross

By Butler Academy

Formal table setting:   More than just an exercise in creating a fancy display or a tedious ritual, setting a formal table can be a sojourn into the past -- to a time when a dining experience might be viewed as the height of refinement.   And like many traditions with detailed rules, it’s ...


By Butler Academy

The practice of tableside preparation of food has been around for a long time, partly because it’s a very special experience. Think of a dessert prepared at your table:         the warmth of the flame on your face, the combination of cold, warm, and sweet in your mouth. There are a few ...

Butlers Library

By Butler Academy

7 books which will change your "Butler Life"   1) Achieving Excellence in Guest Service - By Josephine Ive   2) Emily Posts Etiquette - By Emily Post   3) A Butler`s Guide to Table Manners - Nicholas Clayton   4) The concicise Larousse Gastronomique  - Endlessly Fascinating Prue Leith   5) Restaurant Service Basics - Sondra J. Dahmer   6) Flowers ...