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Class of July 2018

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Student blog July 2018  – Enjoy!

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  1. Etienne says:

    We had a very interesting day today…with many surprises. We had our first sandwich making competition,today.
    Also learned how to make iced tea.

  2. K.t.k says:

    On 03/08/2018
    I had nice day to day because I learned how to make amazing sandwiche.

  3. Johan says:

    Being a butler comes from the heart. Always expect the unexpected. Take a step back and think out of the box.

    Just had the best week learning so much about myself and being a butler.

    Thank you Mr Cross, Mr Coetzer, Mr West, Mr Strydom and Ms Hunter.

  4. Qudzy says:

    I had an amazing week,and being a butler ,you have to be a team leader, with passion and always committed to your work,thank you so so much to our wonderful teachers.

  5. Noelene says:

    Had an absolutely eye opening experience today on how you can take an ordinary task i.e making a sandwich or a jug of ice tea, and make it exquisite.

    It’s only been a few days into our 8 week course, and I have learnt so much already.

  6. Elsabé says:

    What a fantastic day! Our first week is already over! Learning the art of butling is an honor. There is so much more to it than I could ever imagine. Loving every moment of this journey, this is simply me.

  7. Sinqobile says:

    03 August 2018

    Today I had an exciting day learning how to make a great open faced sandwich in 2minutes and to make a tasty refreshing ice tea.
    Looking forward to having more fun in the Saba International Butler Academy.

  8. Thembie says:

    Had an amazing week overall, my highlight was definitely the amazing race butler’s edition I took on so many roles in just one one short morning. My week in retrospect, I am identifying areas of my personality I need to work on. To the training team at the Butler Academy your efforts are much appreciated.

  9. TendaiTendai says:

    It has been such a pleasant week being at SABA,as l have already learnt alot such as Yoga for the very first time in my life OMG??such a fun,being a gentleman and how to work as team .Am looking forward to learn alot as this 8week journey unfolds.

  10. Tendai says:

    It has been such a pleasant week being at SABA,as l have already learnt how to Yoga for the very first time OMG?such a fun,being a gentleman and also to work as a team.Am looking forward to learn alot as this 8week journey unfolds.

  11. Tendai says:

    Its been an excellent week being at SABA as l have learnt alot such as Yoga ,being a gentleman and to work as team .All these experiences have motivated me to be eager to lern more about Butling.

  12. Elsabé says:

    Had a truly wonderful time at the potjiekos competition and we received first place! Never did I once throughout the day think we wouldn’t place first…With Mr.Cross & Mr. Coetzer’s cooking combined, you cannot go wrong!

    Thank you for the opportunity to help out today.

  13. Tendai says:

    Its been a such a pleasant week at SABA as l have learnt alot such as Yoga for the very first fisrt time OMG ?such a fun ,how to be a gentleman and how to multitask .lm realy looking forward to lern alote as this 8week journey unfolds.

  14. Tendai says:

    Its been such a pleasant week at SABA as l have learnt alot such as Yoga for the very first day OMG such a fun?,how to be a gentleman and how to multitask.lm raly looking forward to learn alot as this 8weeks journey unfolds.

  15. Elsabé says:

    Had a super eventful day! From my first housekeeping class to making the mansion’s famous ice tea. Fabulous Monday!

  16. Kudzie says:

    The life of a butler equipped with perfection in speech and exercusion.
    Such a delight??

  17. Johan says:

    What a amazing day,

    Learning how to do perfect housekeeping and standing ready for your client to require you to go the extra mile, even a quick unplanned trip to the city.

    Mr Cross is excelent Ala of training.

  18. Thembie says:

    Today we had our first housekeeping Lesson. Overall I had a marvelous and most informative afternoon. My highlight today was the culinary terminology. Everyday I am learning and growing.

  19. ktk says:

    It was other beautiful day cleaning house practicaI enjoyed it realy

  20. Etienne says:

    Another exciting day at the Butler Academy. Quick thinking combined with a ” hands on” approach. Housekeeping early in the morning..then serving Mr. Cross’s delicious soup. Then onto French Terminology, followed by a quick quiz. Everyday more and more interesting information and facts about life in the day of a Butler.

  21. Qudzy says:

    Excellence in housekeeping, excellence in words,
    Excellence in appearance…. traits of a exceptional butler.
    Lessons learnt, more to learn and growing by the day. Truly an amazing experience.

  22. Precious says:

    Today l learned how to clean the floors the easy way wax on wax off. Thank you

  23. Precious says:

    Today l learned how to clean the floors the easy way wax on wax off,polishing the furniture, window cleaning lastly how to make a delicious vegetable soup. Thank you

  24. Omega says:

    It was such an amazing experience yesterday learning how to set a table and how to make a delicious mouthwatering soup. I also learn the basics of how to clean the house a specially the way to mop the floor, and what to use to clean the floor

  25. Omega says:

    I had an amazing experience yesterday learning how to clean the house especially the part of cleaning the floor, there is an excellent way of doing it preferably with a cloth than a mop. And we had a mouthwatering delicious ? soup I enjoyed it

  26. Zodwa says:

    Yesterday class was amazing learning from scratch how to do the floor. Something that you thought you new only to find out there is a better easy way to do it even,also using affordable products you get around the house it’s it was incredible experience

  27. Sharon says:

    It was a lovely day I learned how to do housekeeping and I was tasked to clean balcony railing.

  28. Thembie says:

    Today was by far for me the most marvelous day for me personally. I got the highest mark in a test we wrote and later on in the day, set up for a dinner we are hosting tomorrow. I am excited about the table service practical tomorrow.

  29. Zodwa says:

    It was so so amazing to learn other languages especially Chinese SABA BUTLER INTERNATIONAL TRAINING IS brilliant

  30. Elsabé says:

    What an intense day! Had a glimpse of how it is being a real butler. Had an unexpected guest today which we had to prepare for in just 15mins! It was a really good experience for me working under pressure!!

    Thank you Mr.Cross

  31. Johan says:

    How to describe today……

    You receive a phone call all instructions is given and you have minutes to be prepared the million things that goes though your mind trying to do everything yet if you just work out what needs to be done and deligate making the task at hand manageable.

    The sound of breaking glass your heart sinks to soles of your feet all to see if you are prepared for the unexpected.

    Don’t hold back give it your all. You can make mistakes but do not make the mistake twice.

  32. Omega says:

    I had such an amazing day today, setting a table for Mr Taylor with 18guest in 15 min was such a surprise luckily he got delayed and give us more time, I enjoyed every minute of it. My best part was welcoming Mr Taylor we frooze. But now we knw our mistakes. Lovely

  33. Etienne says:

    We went for a refreshing walk this morning. Then a short quiz on the work from the previous day.After doing an unprepared setting up of table settings we were shown how its done the correct way. Tommorrow night will be our first dinner with invited guests.Feeling happy and excited about tommorrow evening.

  34. Omega says:

    I learnt alot yesterday, we prep the bar and the beautiful decorations everything was just beautiful, it was quite an experience. My moment was when my colleagues did a barley dance while serving the main course, it was beautiful

  35. Noelene says:

    Week 2 has been amazing. I feel honored to be able to have training in such a beautiful establishment. Our week conisted of detailed housekeeping chores, a beautiful dinner event, exquisite napkin folding lessons and culinary terminology. Absolutely amazing.

  36. Elsabe says:

    Wednesday was an amazing experience for me. It was my first time prepping and helping at such a formal event. I learnt so many new things, from setting a formal table to using the Laurastar and more. After the function I saw how everybody can work as a team to get a day’s worth of cleaning up done in just an hour or two!

    Thank you Mr.Cross for all that you have done for us so far, I am so grateful for everything I’ve learnt and been a part of here at SABA & thank you Miss Hunter for your hard work and late nights spent at the academy.

  37. Johan says:

    what a amazing day i had on wedenesday.
    learning how to make my first ever amuse bouche and being in charge of the canopies at our fist dinner party.

    during the dinner party i was part of the plating team such a experience.

    Thank you Mr Cross and Ms Hunter for making the amazing possible.

    thank you to my fellow students for all your hard work we did it as a team.

  38. Johan says:

    Yesterday we had the debrief of the the dinner party.

    it was such a heartwarming feeling to hear the guest loved it.
    it was also a eye opening experience to hear the mistakes that was made by myself aswel as the my fellow training butlers.

    The most important lesson was we are students we need to listen to ensure we do it the correct way.
    personal emotions has to be left aside while busy with service, Do not let your emotions spoil your clients party.
    BOUNDRIES has to be kept at all times.

  39. Zodwa says:

    2weeks of our amazing butler course has gone looking forward to third week it’s life changing experience

  40. Omega says:

    Knowing how to clean a house is a daily job for everyone but knowing how to clean it is different because it Has its statistics. Am loving every moment of how to clean the house in a proper way

  41. Roald says:

    This week was I was thought how to set a beautiful table, serve wine and do ballet serves it was an successful week

  42. Etienne says:

    Friday we had another pleasant day at the mansion. We started with folding toilet rolls and napkins.Then on to more Culinary Terminology,followed by an interesting read on Protocol and Etiquette.The day was finished off with our assignments being monitored for progress and if we are doing it the right way.

  43. johan says:

    Week 3

    The heat is on…..
    what a amazing day today I realised that I am at the right place on the right time. a moment we never think of them but they are all over from day to day.

    we always look so far ahead but we should not to be to blind to see the opportunities that is right in front of you.

    I would love to explain but the excitement of my day is something confidential.

  44. Elsabé says:

    What a wonderful day once again! We are all finally getting settled in & knowing our duties around the house!Had so much fun with the photoshoot and thank you Mr. Cross for our amazing gifts!!

  45. Noelene says:

    An eye opening day for me as we had the privilege to go to a beautiful residence, what a great way to obtain insight in the life of a butler. Every day at SABA International Butler Academy inspires me.

  46. Thembie says:

    H ad a spectacular day today learning silver and table service with Mr West. Everyday brings with it a treasure trove of wisdom, skills and homework. Taught with passion and learning with enthusiasm on day 13 at the butler Academy.

  47. Noelene says:

    In the middle of week 3 already, time certainly does fly when you’re having fun. By “fun” I mean life changing, soul awakening kind of fun. Today was all about service, service is like a hug, a warm caring hug. I am grateful for this amazing experience, I have seen such a positive change in myself. Thank you to our amazing dedicated and driven teachers.

  48. Zodwa says:

    Had onther wonderful day at butler academy now must get down to my home work it’s so much excitement to fill like a school child again excellent filling

  49. Zodwa says:

    Had onther wonderful day at butler academy now must get down to my home work it’s so much exciting to fill like a school child again excellent filling

  50. Johan says:

    Reaching the end of week 3.

    Learning so much. I have realised that becoming a butler is the best decision i have made.

    I am taking everything I am learning to heart making a simple pasta at home but instead of making it my normal way i did the pasta al dente with a bechamel sauce ending having a amazing cabonara served silver service style. how much fun can you have serving yourself refreshing water the butler way.

    I am the butler of my own mansion.

  51. K.t.k says:

    How to make Bed it was wonderful lesson I really did enjoy it.
    Thank you m West

  52. K.t.k says:

    The bed making it was wonderful lesson.idid really enjoyed it thank you Mr West

  53. Elsabé says:

    We had an interesting assignment once again, teaching me so many new things. For instance, how to remove dog dropping stains…you do that by simply patting the area dry then soaking it with a 50/50 solution of water & vinegar, putting on baking powder and leaving it to dry. The next day you simply vacuum the area and voila! Deoderized & stain free!

    Had a wonderful day polishing glass and silverware.

  54. Noelene says:

    Had a an amazing class with Mr. West today. We learnt how to make a bed the correct way. Mr. West also showed us how to correctly organize a closet. Had a lovely time practicing our silverware polishing skills. I would like to wish Mr. Cross and Mr. Coetzer a safe journey to China. It’s wonderful to see how they inspire people from around the world to make service industry simply amazing.

  55. Noelene says:

    How to remove an ink stain:

    Most hairsprays contain alcohol, which helps dissolve the ink and remove the stain. Try to find a hairspray with a high content of alcohol—often the least expensive brands are best. Place a clean towel underneath the fabric where the stain is, spray the stain thoroughly with the hairspray, and then blot with another clean towel until the stain is gone. Then launder the clothing as usual. From

  56. Qudzy says:

    How to treat lipstick stain

    Try Gojo hand cleaner from the garage or WD40 .rub-on and let it sit for 30 minuets. Sponge with ammonia and launder afterwards

  57. Omega says:

    I had an amazing day on Friday, I was the head butler, it comes with responsibility, I enjoyed every minute of it, I baked banana bread and my colleagues loved and enjoyed it, I felt good because they enjoyed it and the buggers at lunch,they were amazing and I had compliments from executive I was so happy ? to hear it from them it was a beautiful day for me.

  58. Tendai says:

    Yesterday was yet another excellent day for Tendai as his dream of becoming an excellent Butler coomn true each and evry day that passes by.Thank you so so much SABA for such an establishment changing people’s lives.

  59. Johan says:

    the end of week 3

    it was a very busy but productive week. The best feeling is being here and knowing that I am at the right place. PPPPP is one of the most important lesson for everybody to learn.

    butler comes from the heart. open it.

  60. Tendai says:

    On the 17th of Aug2018 marked the end of the third week of learning on how to become 1of the world’s excellent butler.Thank you so so much SABA for such an establishment changing people’s lives.

  61. Chris says:

    Half way through the amazing course, I’ve learnt a lot already. Cannot wait to find out the challenges we have this week.

    The chemical that remove nail polish From clothes is acetone.

  62. Roald says:

    Today I learn how to remove perfume stains

    1 the yellow stain is mainly due to the acids in the perfume which turns the fabric yellow.

    2 use a sponge to remove perfume stains from the cloth piece. Damp the sponge in lukewarm water and rub on the stain

    3 you can also wash the stained cloth in lukewarm water. Add liquid detergent and soak the cloth for 15-20min before washing.

    4 soak the cloth in water and baking soda solution for 10-15min. Baking soda is an easy ingredient to get rid of dark perfume stains on clothes. Wash with detergent after soaking the stained cloth in baking soda.

    5 make a paste of ammonia and baking soda. Apply on the stained cloth 8-10 min before washing. First try on a small cloth piece and make sure that the paste doesn’t harm the fabric.

    Rinse well and hang to dry

  63. Snenhlanhla says:

    How to remove hair dye:

    Treat the hair dye stain as soon as possible.Begin by mixing a solution of water,a teaspoon of liquid washing soap and one tablespoon of plain non-sudsing ammonia in a plastic or glass container.Submerge the stained area allow the stain to soak for 15 mintues.Remove the fabric from the solution and rub from back to loosen the dye from the fabric.Soak an additional 15 before washing and drying.

  64. Omega says:

    How to remove tea stain

    If you just spilled the tea and immediately take off your clothes, you can can blot with soda, apply a scoop of soda witha little bit of water on the stain, wait for some few ours and then wash it off it might come out.

  65. Etienne says:

    How to remove shoe polish stain from garments:
    – Saturate area with pretreatment laundry stain remover(aerosol types work better on greasy stains)
    Wait 1 minute for product to penetrate the stain.For stubborn stains rub with heavy duty liquid detergent. Launder immediately.
    If colour stain renains soak wash in chlorine bleach if safe for fabric or in oxygen bleach.
    For xtra heavy stains apply dry cleaning agent at back of stain over absorbent paper towel. Let dry..rinse.

  66. Zodwa says:

    Great teaching from miss Hunter and Mr Strydom classe is always mind blowing can’t wait for tomorrow

  67. Precious says:

    Today it was an amazing day we learned more on terminology and alot about how to work in a cruise ships, yacht.We also learned about what is bow, Stern, starboard, head, Port, and galley.

  68. Elsabé says:

    I cannot believe how the time is flying by! I know by the end of the 8 weeks I will definitely not want to leave my new home here in CPT.
    This experience is life changing and I would continue on my journey recommending this to every person – young & old.
    Definitely not a joke, it is hard work but it is the most amazing course and I have grown so much as a person already.

    I might be jumping the gun a bit, however I am looking forward to our end of the course presentations, it will be really interesting, I am looking forward to each and every sincere word that will be spoken.

  69. Sinqobile says:

    21 August 2018

    Today I discovered a beautiful and unique experience in making of wines from grapes planted on the best sites of Stellenbosch in Simonsig winery.

  70. Elsabé says:

    Had the most wonderful day visiting a wine farm today. The team work in our group is simply phenomenal! I am so proud of every single person that is here with me. We have grown together and learnt how to work efficiently with one another.

  71. Omega says:

    Today was an amazing day day we had a tour at simonsig stellenbosh for wine testing what an experience it was. I learnt a lot, my best part was testing the wine ? and knw wat it made of it was an eye opening and I knw different taste. My best wine was demisec which I bought for home

  72. Snenhlanhla says:

    I had the most amazing day today! Seeing how wine is made and what type of soil,temperatures and landscape to grow grapes was the best.The experience of learning different types of wine was phenomenal!

  73. Thembie says:

    Today we had a delightful trip to visit Simonsig wine estate where we attained a great wealth of knowledge from Itumeleng who took us on a tour of the cellar and conducted our wine tasting. Being at the estate where method cap classique was introduced for me was an awesome experience. I am intrigued by the avenues made available by being a SABA product yet still in the making. A huge thank you to the team that brings dreams to fruition.

  74. Tendai says:

    There’s alot in to wine making than l thought and yesterday was realy an amazing ,fruitful day ever.Climate and soil determine the kind of of wine thats going to be produced and i feel honerd to get such an experience.

  75. Johan says:

    Today we had a lovely day learning about the life on yachts. with my cruise liner experience i was really interesting to learn the differences.

    excellent day I had

  76. Johan says:

    today we had one of the most amazing outings.

    We went for a amazing tour of Simonsig what a amazing view and a knowledgeable guide we had.

    The most interesting part was learning the correct way to do wine tasting look smell taste and MCC you listen to the bubbles.

    Afterwards we learnt to present wine love it. it is so elegant.

  77. K.t.k says:

    ? test it was amazing thing ever I did really love it
    Thank you

  78. Johan says:

    Becoming to the end of week 4

    today was yet again a amazing day learning everything about wine and champagne. The reason why any country their “champagne” not Champagne to name, the amazing way it made.

    tomorrow night our first silver service dinner party so exciting. then public appearance the day to becoming a confident butler is crawling closer.

    Monday is the big mid term exam….

  79. Qudzy says:

    Mid week and what an exciting time we have had. The week started with a yatcht service lesson where learnt a lot about yatcht spaces and how team work is of the utmost importance as well as a lot of humility and hard work……….

    This was followed by a day at Simonsiag wine farm. The experience was amazing and very educational. We learnt from when it’s still a grape fruit,harvesting, the whole process up to bottling as well as how wine is fermented into champagne ?

  80. Zodwa says:

    Wow time flies didn’t realize it’s mid night busy with home work. Wonderful not even filling bored SABA rocks ,let me take a quick nap and get ready for Mr West in the morning,

  81. Precious says:

    Today was a marvelous day we learned about types of wines how they are harvested and processed into wine. What is MCC and how it is made. Whiter Cultivar and red cultivar. Types of park exciting,

  82. Sinqobile says:

    22 August 2018
    WToday the wine lesson was amazing.Thanks to Saba

  83. Sinqobile says:

    22 August 2018
    Today the wine lesson was amazing.Thanks to Saba

  84. Elsabé says:

    Had a wonderful time at the event last night. I felt so much more relaxed and involved than at the first event. I’m starting to feel more and more like a butler, even though I did make a mistake or two…
    Mr.West taught us so much about our first day on the job and I love the “real” scenarios and demonstrations we worked through, it is really the best way to learn.

  85. K.t.k says:

    Other wonderful day at Saba we are getting there

  86. Qudzy says:

    We had the most amazing day, first we went to Fairview for wine and cheese pairing, it was phenomenal and I loved it.afterward we to SpiceRoot for chocolate testing at DV chocolates and it was extremely informative.Thank you so so much.

  87. Sinqobile says:

    30August 2018.
    What an amazing day, I had an opportunity to cut flowers for the first time.I had no idea that there is more creativity in the florist department.Thanks to SABA for adding another skill within a few hours .I can proudly say I have a Hospitality career.

  88. Omega says:

    One of the butlers duty is to deliver, always be one step ahead of your client know what the client needs urgently and deliver, I now know a place and a bland of the kitchen appliance my client my need. It was an amazing experience to see some kitchen appliances and how they work automatically. Miele one of the best shops and expensive shop.very surprised and I knw

  89. Tendai says:

    Leaving a dream is what l am experiencing at SABA being equipped with such technical skills such as cheese &wine ,food&wine peering etc is really going to take me far with my career.

  90. Sinqobile says:

    3September 2018
    Wow! What an amazing start of my week 6 in the SABA, learning how to prepare a pouched egg, with bacon and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin.

  91. Elsabé says:

    On Monday we had our first cooking class. I was so excited to hear that we are going to cook, I have always wanted to be a part of a cooking class, it was a first for me and I loved every moment of it. I learned how to make eggs Benedict, 15 years of experience accomplished in less than 5 minutes! Thank you to the incredible team at SABA for making every day memorable, and giving me memories that will last a lifetime.

    Today we have another cooking class lined up and I am equally excited to absorb all the information given.

  92. Elsabé says:

    On Monday we had our first cooking class. I was so excited to hear that we are going to cook, I have always wanted to be a part of a cooking class, it was a first for me and I loved every moment of it. I learned how to make eggs Benedict, 15 years of experience accomplished in less than 5 minutes! Thank you to the incredible team at SABA for making every day memorable, and giving me memories that will last a lifetime.

    Today we have another cooking class lined up and I am equally excited to absorb all the information given.

  93. Elsabé says:

    Again, I had the most amazing day in class. Although I’ve never been an expert with making omelettes, Mr.West’s and Mr.Cross’ expertise & guidance helped me produce a really presentable looking late lunch. I even made the top 3 in the class ? so proud of myself and all the students who are on this journey with me!

  94. Lovemore says:

    22 October Excellence in housekeeping, excellence words. Excellent in appearance thank you butler

  95. Lovemore says:

    22 October Excellence in housekeeping, excellence words. Excellent in appearance thank you Saba

  96. Shaun Mattig says:

    22 October 2018

    Having such an amazing time with the SABA International Butler Training group. Lovely team. I have been on the course for just over a week now and have learned so much already. Very excited to see what else they have in store for us.

    Best Regards

  97. Eugene says:

    25 November, It’s been an amazing experience at the butler mansion, I’ve learnt so much from housekeeping to etiquette, mannerism to becoming a better person and learning to make lots of things. I feel a lot more confident in a kitchen than I ever did before, thanks to the Academy for teaching me all these wonderful things. We off to a wine farm to day and I’m super excited to learn about where it all begins.
    Butler student

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