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Concierge Service – Butler Training

By Butler Academy

Butler as a concierge


A personal concierge service runs on the most basic of premises. People want things done but don’t have the time to do them. But they’re happy to pay someone to take care of their business efficiently and with a touch of class. Why not let that someone be you?



Although personal concierge services are a fairly recent development, the number of companies that serve time-starved clients is mushrooming, right along with customer demand for such businesses.

A list of some duties may include:

  • Airline reservations
  • Booking Travel
  • Catering coordination
  • Dry cleaning pickup
  • Gift wrapping
  • Grocery shopping
  • Office assistance
  • Organisation services
  • Personal Shopping
  • Private Jet reservations


Use your imagination and artistic skills that come naturally to you. Not only will you stand out ” WOW FACTOR”  and be invaluable to your client, you will also find yourself beginning to 
undertake tasks and services you might never have considered in the 
past, as well as seeking out opportunities to impress your principle.






9 Responses

  1. El-marie says:

    Thanks for reminding us what a good butler is all about, to do concierge is one of our skills you have taught us.

  2. Tinashe Murena says:

    Yesterday it was just a whole different day. Full of amazing experiences! What really took my breath away was the concierge service which l had to plan from Cape Town to California in a PowerPoint and present it (sell it) to the judges. After that we matched wine with chocolates…

    l truly loved yesterday and l will always remember it because now l even know how to plan my destinations

  3. Tinashe Murena says:

    wow we went to new york with my mr king and mrs king it was excellant i never being there it was my first time to new york .new its nice city of lights and the hotel it was wow casablanca its a nice hotel if you love cultural food and histroy you go and see . thank you mr cross for take me to new york

  4. Julio Ferreira says:

    Concierge service is an essential part of a complete butler. Thank you Mr Cross for the valuable knowledge and insight, I am certain we will put these skills to excellent use!


    Wow! We went to New York with my Mr and Mrs King. It was excellant and never being there myself, it was my first time to New NY. It’s a nice city with lots of lights. The hotel was really awesome. casablanca is a nice hotel and if you love cultural food and histroy you must go and see. Thank you Mr Cross for taking me to NY!

  6. NOkubonga Tshe says:

    Good day everyone,

    Today at the Butler Academy we were learnt about very important and intresting things. We were learning more about the technology the latest one and the new one. It was very interesting and I have learnt so many things.

    I thank you very much to MR Cross (principal) and the management of SABA to let us know about those important things.


    Thank you so much Mr. Cross for taking us to concierge service. Now I know what is all about and I can plan a trip for my Mr. King to Paris with concierge service.


    Thank Goodness its Friday with tips about technology. Its almost the end of the course and i hope we all achieved at SABA. Thank you Mr. cross and SABA management.

  9. foreman mukono says:

    what an exerllent touch on my butler skills,this is an amazing way of showing off the skills and the only place can get those skills is from SABA

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