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Congratulations to Deepa, Vera and Dany – Cum Laude! Excellent!


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  1. pamela nadal says:

    One of the best days of my life which also was like a “presage” as we say in french of how my professional life is at it’s best turning point. To be recognised by your own pairs in the same field is the greatest reward of all. Definitely it’s hard work but it’s worth every minute spent at the academy and studying after school. The first interview i attended when i came back to my island was very much to the mock one we did at the academy. The icing on the cake for me was when my guest at the villa i work told me “Dany i don’t know who trained you but you are the best personnal butler we’ve had.” At the very moment i thought of Mr newton,Mr Coetzee, Mr Abraham,Mr Jack all for specific reasons. I’m attending to my new job with much more confidence than before for i knew how to do my job but now i do it better as i’m not only skilled but i’ve acquired the fine touch.

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