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Again, we are faced by copying and duplication of our photos from Sara Vestin Rhamani. The British Butler Association which is The Bespoke Bureau which is Sara Vestin Rhamani, has stolen images from the South African Butler Academy. Previous images stolen –


There is a website with the name of British Butler Association  ( — This site features 16 of our butlers standing outside the South African Butler Academy. Further more information from various another schools are featured on this site.  None to be associated with the South African Butler Academy.




An independent investigator found the following:


Enquiry was sent to the Association for ownership? The first email received was from none other than Sara Vestin Rhamani. She states: “The association only approves training by the Bespoke Bureau” Sara states that the Bespoke Bureau is accredited by the Association? Who is the British Butler Association? Who is the British Butler Academy? After research the discovery was made that the Association ownership is Sara. See below correspondence from Sara and her “colleagues”


Tip: Sara you have been caught with your tail between your legs for the second time. STOP! Our photographs are our property not yours! Stop pretending to be all mighty and lie! If you want to run a clean business then I suggest go back to the drawing board and perhaps attend a butler course yourself. We train honesty and integrity, both major characteristics you and your team does not have.


Our investigator asked some crucial questions which were avoided as long as possible:


  • Could you give me more details on your accreditation?
  • What accreditation is this?
  • Are you also part of the British Butler Association, is it part of Bespoke Bureau?
  • Could you give me more details on your accreditation?
  • The British Butler Association, who is the owner of the association?
  • If you are accredited by the Association do you have a letter or a reference number?
  • Also if you are accredited why don’t you know the names of the directors etc.?
  • Could you get the owners name please of the association?
  • Do you have the name of the Butler Trainer at Bespoke who will be conducting the training?
  • We are interested in finding out who is in charge of the association. Please advise accordingly?


Herewith evidence:


SARA: We received your email from the British Butler Association that told us you were looking for training. They don’t run courses but we do. Today is a bank holiday but we can call you tomorrow if you wish? Sara

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


SARA: We sure can assist. We are the only company endorsed by the British Butler Association. We are the Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy. The British Butler Academy is the only accredited Butler school in Europe. We are based in London.

We have 1 space left on the 7th-20th July on the residential school if you can come? 3000 plus VAT for the 14 days and extra to live and board

There is info and videos on If you send me a number then we can call you tomorrow. You probably need to be quick as we get booked fast 🙂



Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


Then the investigator were passed onto Samantha Curtis to do the lying for Sara:


SAM: I believe you are interested in our Butler Training.

I would love to have a chat with you about the course we are running in July, do you have a number I can contact you on?


SAM: I have attached our brochure for the Butler & House Management Course for you.

We are accredited by the British Butler Association and we are currently in the process of getting accredited by the OCN. Our certificates are recognised worldwide by potential employers.


As per their site which is contradictory“We are an accredited learning centre (OCN London) and our courses are accredited. The certificates you gain from us are recognised worldwide and should help you find a job or up your profile fast.”


I have not seen the emails between you and Sara but please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.


SAM: I apologise for the delay I had to leave work early yesterday to meet a client.

The British Butler association is a charity run organisation with a board of directors.  I’m afraid I don’t know any more than that.

No need to fill out any forms, if you wish to book on, please just contact me and I can send you an invoice, we require a 25% deposit in order to secure a place.


SAM: Please view the BBA website to see the accreditation they give us:

There is a board of directors and I am happy to get the names to you, but this will take some time as I need to speak to the owner of the company who is often on business.

No problem, I know what demanding clients are like! 🙂

Lovely, I will raise an invoice now and send it across to you.  I look forward to speaking with you later.


SAM: I have emailed the director of Bespoke Bureau who is in contact with the association and will wait on her for a response.

As soon as she contact me, which won’t be this week as she is away traveling, I will let you know.


SAM: Accounts have advised me that this invoice will need to be paid in the timescale on the invoice otherwise we will need to open the space up on the training. I don’t want you to miss out on the training space due to the fact that I haven’t given you the details of the BBA.

Please advise your employer that the course is approved by the BBA and also OCN pending. I do not know when our director is returning from China.


SAM: I do not yet have any information for you but I have included the Course Director, who may be able to assist with your queries.


Samantha then passed our investigator to Lucy Challenger to do her lying!


LUCY: I’ve been passed your details by my colleague Sam who is our course co-ordinator.  I understand you tried to reach us over the weekend (I’m afraid our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:30-5:30pm UK time) so you would have reached our answer phone.


She has told me that you have some un answered questions and I would like to assist you, we are currently expanding our offices so Sam has been with the tech team and in meetings all day so she is unable to speak to you.


LUCY: I’m afraid Sam has just asked me to contact you I have not yet seen the email tread, my apologies.

The BBA (British Butler Association) is an association who recommends our training academy.  On the board of the BBA is Sara Vestin Rahmani (our owner of the British Butler Academy) and another member called Adam Dillon.  The BBA is a not for profit organisation which helps recommend training and other services to Butlers.  I hope this helps.

Our British Butler Academy is pending accreditation with OCN (a registered body) and is recognised around the world by many private homes and families as being some of the best training in the world.

We would be delighted to meet with you and your client, I would be happy to attend any meetings and bring my colleague Sam.  We would be delighted to welcome you into our office in the heart of the city or we can come and meet with your client in London at their chosen location.


LUCY: If your client wants to speak to the BBA they can get in touch by emailing or going through the contact form.




15/06/14 – After the article was posted, a reader pointed out that another picture was stolen from our site:




17/06/14 – We received many replies to our post from Business owners, students and even suppliers that is extremely upset with SARA. Obviously to protect their identity and integrity, no names will be posted without permission

27 Responses

  1. Marga Mitchell says:

    What a shame. Some people will never learn. Thank you

  2. Butler School Owner (UK) says:

    Good evening Ive just read your comments on Sara of the Bespoke Bureau.

    I’m afraid her methods are not to clever, and she will be found out sooner than later I’m thinking. kindest to you all

  3. Louise K. says:

    Thanx for article. Happy to see someone has the courage to expose this women for who she really is. Many of her activities is below board. She is playing the role of the client actting on all photos. What does she really know about this industry? My opinion, NOTHING!

  4. LP says:

    You are not the only person having problems with this organisation which in my opinion is a complete racket and fraud…

  5. Scott M. says:

    I would like to reply that these business practices are unbelievable. Unfortunately, however, those of us who do make a habit of practicing ethical business standards and believe in education and professionalizing the private service industry know all too well that far too many Butler Schools are in the business of taking advantage naive students who wish to better their lot in life. Being recommended by a parent company is not a recommendation. It is shameful.

    • Newton Cross says:

      Dear Scott,

      Firstly thank you for your comments and sharing the sentiments we follow. Since the post we have received more alarming news, however we simply can’t post these as it will put the integrity of the sender at risk. One is dealing with a court case for non payment, the other for unlawful practise. We have received emails from clients who received Butlers and simply did not have an idea of what to do. Money scams, bad business and fake news articles across the world claiming the outrageous salaries Butlers are supposedly receiving. Once in print you cannot remove from the time line of history. I am scared this will present a negative to us all.

      We have another school in South Africa doing exactly the same to us and unfortunately fly by nights do not learn, nor succeed. There is only one way, and that is the hard way. I am furious to see our personal photographs on the BB site for the 3rd time. Perhaps the eye in the sky will assist us in this awful enigmatic matter.

      My kindest regards to Charles and to you! Take Care.

      Newton Cross

  6. Mrs X says:

    Another agency I am friends with just pointed out the dismay you have been experiencing with Bespoke Bureau.

    I can only confirm Sara’s operation to be underhand and fraudulent, which endless stories from candidates confirm.

    I just wanted to write a short note in support of your work and integrity. I applaud your exposure of her fraudulent conduct.

    My comments are in private but nonetheless are meant very heartfelt.

    If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know.

  7. Awful news! We have received more emails stating that she pays people to be interviewed for media exposure. Also she does not pay her employees? What on earth is going on here?? The greatest scandal to hit the modern Butler industry!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m really happy to see your publication on the internet regarding Bespoke London.

    Because I saw plenty of issues corresponding to my profile and each time I was asked to do training as a Butler House Manager.

    They dared me and requested Butler candidates in return for money if I was their candidate … she disrespect me while I’m looking for a job. SCANDALOUS AGENCY.

    There are so many agencies in London and did not want to be black listed so kept quiet about her

    • amaury says:

      same case her
      They took my money and they desepear with 6000 euros without delivering any butler training !
      A huge scam
      We have to stop it !

  9. Mr H says:

    Just wanted to expand.. When I was looking at attending a butler training course my investigations found a video by Bespoke and I was flabbergasted at the content, it seemed shoddy with very little proof of content or understanding of the subject. I could believe it was supposed to be advertising something that needs passion and skill. Then I saw your article and the bulb lit up!!!

  10. neil england says:

    Hi there I’m Neil England and I need all your help in regarding getting my money back from Sara vestin,I completed her course on April 15th 2014,when I did her BespokeBureau academy for butlers I was promised that after training id be sent to Japan to a 5star hotel when training was completed so it would give me a kick start in experience, as to get any where with agency’s they need reference and a person who has worked along side you in this field,I’m a chef who wanted a career change ,and with my cooking skills I decided id want to become. A butler, as it was always my dream,I was not working, and at the Time,i had no financial backing, so i managed to get a credit card i payed £1080pounds for 14 nights, live in a manner house,with food cooked buy a Michelin chef and to be served by experienced butlers who would give use the star treatment,it never happened,wen course dates were given, after i payed, i had an email saying the course will be nine days now because of number of people,so we ended up living at a 3bed top floor establishment outside Olympia station,and our food was ordered from Waitrose and delivered,i have a long story to tell so please contact me on 07729139162,,,ive sent a email to Sara vestin and after all these years i got one email saying sorry this matter will be sorted,I’m upset i want my money back i forwarded my self to many agencys and with know joy coz i lack experience but chefing i have,,sos i want to be a butler and I’m in debt regarding credit cards of 12 thousand pounds and it all started with this butler academy ?

  11. amelot says:

    This message in order to know if you have informations about Bespoke bureau ( British Butler academy ) wit Sara Vestin Rahmani!
    For the moment we are 4 peoples having trouble with this company !
    I think that a lot of people all over the world are in the same case
    We paid for a butler training course, so they take the money and no more news about them ! they totally desapear !
    So it s a huge scam !
    We all complained to action fraud police !
    Maybe you have also trouble with bespoke bureau ?
    it s very important to stop this company which is not a good exemple for the british butler image !


  12. catherine says:

    Sara and bedpoke bureau are liar, they cheated money and nothing return.Dun pay any money for the course or anything. They are liar!!!
    Lots of peope were cheated and paid lots of money for the course but nothing return. And Sara keeps using the website to cheat other money

  13. Guenevere Jackson says:

    I have been totally scammed. I applied for a two week residential butler training course. I was told to hurry as the class was full and they only had one place and so parted with over £4000. Was told there would be around 15 of us. There were just two others. I parted with more money..over £100 to buy shoes, trousers and shirts etc. I was told there was an excellent cook on site. There was not. We had to get breakfast ourselves. The so called butler on site just ordered take out, for presumably the entire time. I was there for just two days and I saw next to no training. It was not all how I expected. I was forced to practically give up smoking, which wasn’t anyone’s business really. That made me unable to concentrate and I became an emotional wreck. I was very dissapointed to get up at 7am and be on the go until 9:30 pm without any proper training. I left after just 2 days of being there on the understanding that I would either be refunded or found a more suitable silver service course with a one on one training with the butler. None of this emerged and no one contacted me or replied my emails and phone calls.

  14. Dee Doran says:

    I wish I had seen these posts before I paid for the butlers stick,(that despite numerous phone calls to the agency and emails to Sara VR) never materialised. While the sum I paid was insignificant compared to other complainants, nethertheless it highlights the rogue trading and dishonesty in the way this person conducts this disreputable business. BUYERS BEWARE

  15. Jacquine says:

    OH MY WORD. So I am not alone. By chance I decided to go onto FB to see if anyone else was being scammed by Sara – clearly I am not. So what are we going to do to stop her????

    So far I have discovered that the more people we get together on this the stronger our case is to take her to court and publicly stop her. Hopefully you have reported her to the National Fraud Police, Police, Citizens Advice Bureau where ever you are living. Get the case file number and lets create a case with a brilliant lawyer here in London.

    I love my industry, and like you refuse to let anyone get away with such thievery. She discriminates our industry, wonderful clients and the people who make this industry what it is.

    We all have exactly the same story from a person who has created a massive online presence, use the company to lure individuals in and walks away with our money…

    I am sure you would not let that happen for a small thing such as buying a pair of shoes, or paying for bad service in a restaurant or anything else – so why let her get away???

  16. H says:

    Hello everyone

    What a relief somehow to know that I wasn’t alone. The exact same has happened to me in December last year. After numerous attempts I sort of gave up being left with a really sour feeling.

    Can I ask where you guys are at with building a case against her and get in tocuh with the (group of) people that are actively fighting against her?

  17. Francesca says:

    The Daily Mail gave this woman an awful lot of bogus publicity about 4 years ago. She was rambling on about how she had placed 500 butlers worldwide in the previous year (FIVE HUNDRED – I doubt that 100 are placed worldwide in any one year by ANY and ALL agencies).

    I have worked in the private household industry for 18 years as a house/palace manager, so I employ butlers and use different agencies. I started to look at her insane website, and it was very obvious that she was lying about the jobs; they were all – or at least mostly – definitely made up.

    One day I received a phone call from somebody saying she was called Sara Sutter – a headhunter – and my name had been given to her. She persuaded me that she had a very senior job overseas, sent me an email with all the details and asked for my CV, so I sent it, but took off all the names of my previous employers. She didn’t like that, and said she would need the names before putting my CV forward. It’s not unusual for people doing my job to have a CV like this, and I had easily checkable references to provide if anyone was seriously interested, but wasn’t prepared to give her anything without more information, because I just wasn’t sure about ‘her’ – whoever she was.

    She never mentioned Bespoke, just said she was an independent search executive, but one day she made a mistake and called me from her ‘office’ and I recognised the number. I have no idea what kind of scam she was running, but about a year later I had a call from a former colleague who asked me if I was looking for a job, because her director had just received a CV that was obviously mine (even without the names)!!!

    Another obvious scam I saw her advertise….. she said had a client who wanted to employ 50 staff on private yachts and had agreed to pay 50% of the training cost for the staff, so she was offering 50 half price training courses and at the end, the people would be CONSIDERED for the jobs …. no guarantees. I’m quite sure there were no jobs – what lunatic would offer to pay 50% of the training costs for people they had never laid eyes on and may or may not get through the training course.!

    I’m sure if you make enough noise about this, many people will appear who have been defrauded by this awful woman. Just remember that third name – she is Sara Vestin, Sara Rahmani and Sara Sutter, it seems!! And she is STILL OUT THERE planning something new!

  18. DM says:

    Good Morning,

    I found an article on your webpage about the unauthorized use of your photos by Ms Sara Vestin Rahmani, from Bespoke Bureau in London.

    This Lady simply stole money from a few students, selling a course with images in her website and when the students, including myself were already in London to attend the class, you could vidibly notice it was all fake. I have a big story on this and even “Apologize Letter”from her with compesantion offers she never honored.

    I would like to know if you do know any association I can spread this story and show the fraud of the company and prove payments made by me to her that she never refund. Now she seems to have disappeared and even the offers she made are not possible because she never replied back to me again.

    Thank you

    • Hans Jonasson says:

      Dm and Neil
      Her address is of today.
      Lindersoevaegen 1
      76493 vaeddoe
      My phone +46 76 236-1350ok
      I want her arrested and prosecuted.
      She is dangerous, must be stopped.
      She continues hurting people and companies in Sweden she owes millions to companies and the state.

  19. delia maury says:

    Oh God I have also been taken in by this women.
    She sent me as a trainer to 2 seperate homes one in London and one in Switzerland.
    The second one was for a very famous tennis player whose home I was in for 5 days!.
    Sara Vestin has never met me nor DBS checked me.
    I could have caused a serious security risk to his home and family.
    As stated she owes me a over £1500.00

  20. I have purchased the domain BRITISHBUTLERASSOCIATION.COM since Sara obviously let it expire, in order to take it off the market so she can’t renew it and keep defrauding people, and perhaps in the future to do some good with it by creating a real association!


  21. Hans Jonasson says:

    To let everybody know, she is now living in Sweden just north of Stockholm, let me know if you want her adress. Hans

  22. Abbie Eagles says:

    I am not surprised to see I am not the only person who has been truly taken for a fool by Sara!
    I booked a 2 day course and was silly enough to be persuaded by her to pay in full for the course 3 months in advanced. A month before the course I discovered I had to have a tumour removed so apologised to Sara that I would have to cancel the course as at this time I did not know when I would be well enough to rebook. I had not signed anything nor had I ever had any cancellation policy explained to be but even still after I offer to show Sara all of my medical documents she has refused to give me back a penny of my money and now ignores any communication I make with her!!
    The way she is making her money is ridiculous! She has taken £700 from me knowing she hasn’t done a thing to earn a penny of it!

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