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“Domestic Cooking School” Butlers who can cook!

By Butler Academy


Cooking Lessons at the Butler Academy


The South African Butler Academy will be hosting our official Cooking classes from the 12th of March 2013 for one week! The classes are aimed at anyone who would love to cook like a professional. We have seen an increasing demand in “Professional Domestics”   at the Butler Academy.


What will we teach you?

  • Chopping / Slicing / Pealing / Poaching / Frying / Marinating / Steaming / Boiling / Baking 
  • 5 Dinners will be made, healthy and yummy!
  • 5 Luncheons will be made, includes fish and poultry
  • Breakfasts, healthy and fresh!
  • Sushi class and a Pasta Making Class
  • Setting the Table and Preparing a Shopping List


Join us , the cost is R2500 per candidate for 6 days training, you will receive a certificate on completion. The program offers students a balance of knowledge and practical skills, built on a foundation of strong work ethics, positive attitude and values.


Tips from the Academy: Did you know egg in french is Oeuf?


  • Oeuf poche means Poached egg?
  • Oeuf mollet means a shoft boiled egg?
  • Oeuf dur means hard boiled egg
  • Oeuf brouille means scrambled egg

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