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As a professional Butler you will attend many interviews (hopefully not to many…) Remember the South African Butler Academy Golden Rule when going for an interview;  Good manners are not a sign of weakness, they are a symbol of strength. It does not take a much to make an excellent first impression!


First impressions:


A few things to remember for a good handshake: Shaking hands is always done without gloves.

Enter the room with confidence, when you know the name of the person you meet, repeat his/her name a few times to yourself to make sure it’s on the tip of your tongue.

Be sure that your hand is dry (wipe your palm on your skirt or trouser). Have the right attitude by thinking positive thoughts, negative thoughts will be communicated through your body language when you meet someone. Smile and look the other person in the eyes, these are signs of honesty and confidence.

Give a firm, warm and sincere handshake, this demonstrates that you are capable, assertive and able to hold your own.

Best handshake is to shake / stroke twice and release on the 3rd count. Mention your name and listen carefully to the name of the other person. Should you not hear the name very well, ask him to mention his name again.

Say something like good morning or good evening and repeat the name – avoid using the word ‘Hi’. Observe the type of handshake you are receiving. Is the person pushing, pulling or twisting? Is the hand warm, damp, cold, dry or lifeless? A sweaty palm or damp hand usually reveals a nervous person.

A dry and cold hand is perhaps an apprehensive and timid person or simply an older person remember the handshake. It is useful for your next meeting.


Working in the Hospitality industry requires you to always: 


  • Always look your best – take time to groom yourself
  • Never be late, be honest and an example of a top professional
  • Ensure that you are enthusiastic and willing
  • Work in a Team, listen to your colleagues and earn your trust
  • Give the highest standard of service
  • Understand guests’ expectations
  • Stop and think about how the guest feels
  • Anticipate guests’ needs
  • Have the highest level of attention to detail
  • Accept nothing less than the highest standard in the service you provide

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