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Etiquette at the Butler Academy

By Butler Academy

Butler Etiquette is fundamental!

As a professional Butler you need to show off your etiquette skills. Here are some of our training topics which  the Academy includes in our extensive training program.


Have you ever met someone that has the ability to navigate a room full of people with effortless ease while making every individual feel they are important? Have you ever decided that you like someone even before you have met him or her without knowing why? Every individual possesses this potential deep within themselves.  Etiquette is a warm feeling, someone is impressed by your handshake, the way you carry your self and your posture is important.


Eating is not an executive skill…  It is part of you, the way you dine, the way you pass the port, the hosting and the protocol in dining is exceptionally important. Business dining can be a hair-raising event in and of itself without being fearful of embarrassing yourself or your company. 




DO keep your arms loosely at your sides in a fluid position with your right hand free and ready to shake hands. If you’re carrying a drink, keep it in your left hand to avoid a cold, wet handshake.


DO show respect for the invisible personal space of others; keep your body at a minimum of about (1½ feet) between you and the other person.


DO keep a hands-off posture in the business arena; except to shake hands, no casual touching is allowed.




Body language plays an important role in our professional image. Whether we’re speaking, listening, eating, or partying, our gestures carry messages that speak louder than words. Imagine someone paying you a compliment while turning away from you, or criticizing you while laughing. The medium—body language—can confuse the message and leave you feeling uneasy and rejected, but the right gestures can make you feel comfortable and included.Body language includes your posture, which broadcasts your mood and your level of confidence. When sitting, keep your back long and straight. When standing, keep your feet about shoulder width apart and place the right foot slightly forward of the left foot.


Distribute your weight evenly between both hips so neither juts outward. Knees should be soft, not stiff. This posture allows the flexibility of a slight movement when necessary.You can easily boost your presence with calm and natural body language. The less you rely on extraneous gestures, the more confident you will appear.


Tips by Newton Cross , Butler Trainer



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