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Frequently asked questions – Butler Training

By Butler Academy


Questions you may want to ask before enrolling at the Butler Academy?



Q) Do you offer accommodation during the course?


A) Yes, we offer accommodation. The Butler Academy has a Butler Villa (Luxury Home) which is located a stones throw away from the Academy. Our students can choose to either share or to have a well equipped suite for themselves. The Accommodation is self catering, which includes:  a laundry facility, free Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, a fully equipped kitchen and living areas to relax in.  On site we have a Head Butler who supervises the accommodation for the 8 weeks and there is excellent security. We create a home from home.



Q) The Butler Academy Trainers? Do they have experience in the Butler field?


A) Definitely, the principal trainer at the Butler Academy is Mr. Cross who travels internationally and trains Butlers in Leading Hotels and Resorts. The on-going experience he obtains whilst training, is then invested in our students.  When you qualify as a Butler at the South African Butler Academy you are trained by Butlers who have experience in residential Butling and as well the Hotel industry. Mr. Cross worked in England as a professional Butler and he qualified from a Butler School in South Africa. During his time in England he was responsible for: preparing meals, running errands, caring for the silver ware, housekeeping, maintaining a herb garden, entertaining foreign guests (dignitaries), caring for the dogs and managing 3 properties.  Mr. Cross also worked as a Butler on the Queen Mary 2 for 2 years taking care of a long list of demanding clientele.



Q) I have done some research internationally and have found SABA to be exceptionally well presented. I have to ask why do Butler Training Schools charge so much for training?



A) We simply love this question! Truly some Institutes are definitely not calculating the rates correctly.  We recently saw a new Butler School opening their doors charging students over R90 000 for the course.  Another institution charged R12 500 including accommodation (we have concerns in this regard:  e.g. where would you stay and what bedding will you sleep in?)  With a rate of R12 500, it is impossible to employ 6 staff members and provide meals to the students, etc. Considering a rate of R90 000 or even R150 000 there is no guarantee that you will receive better training than at SABA. We believe in results driven training and the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the employment that we are able offer. We have received emails from Butlers across the world who have been trained by other institutions who request to be part of the SABA family.

Our fee includes meals and excursions during the course. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from all walks of life and from all ages. Many are from the hospitality industry and others have had a business careers and have opted for change in career.


To be a professional butler, personal assistant or a household manager, you should have a number of traits and practical skills. During the SABA training course, you will have the opportunity to develop and practice exceptional skills as well as outstanding traits. Your Trainers will teach you how to interact with people who live a very affluent life – to be part of the Household and not the Family.



Q) Will I receive employment once the training is completed?


A) We do not guarantee a placement, but I can truly say – so far so good!! Every day someone receives employment at the Butler Academy. The recruitment team (Guild Recruitment) focuses solely on finding employment. They are based at the Academy and spends time with you as a Student Butler in developing your new career.  It is our pleasure to invite you to our Facebook page as we share every moment and every second with you. My question is  – why not join SABA? Our rates are by far the best calculated, our employment rate is excellent and your investment is secure!



Thank you for your questions, we are always open to answer any question as honestly as we possibly can!


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