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Green Butling: The Butler Academy “Better Living” Class – by Hector

By Butler Academy

Green Day and PowerPoint – Week 3, Day 2

Albert Einstein once said: “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” And with that idea in mind can I proudly say that PURE Butling is, in its way, the poetry of service, detail and perfection.


This morning  Mr. West took our hand in the land of green, detox and fusion foods. We had a lot of laughs, shared ideas how to be a “greener  you”  and saw no meat for a whole day.


The green portfolio consisted of recycling, reducing, reusing and energy saving. This just made us, as Butlers, more aware of our environment and that a healthier planet starts with you and not any other organisation or “hug a tree” committee.


The fusion foods were responsible for our detoxing of the day. We had so much fun putting all the different fruits in the juicer and drinking a substance that looked like second hand grease but tasted like heaven.  Mr. West taught us lots of options how to cleanse our body and to stay healthy by using what Mother Nature provided us with.


After lunch Nicolas Kruger demonstrated for us how to make Red Snapper  and of what good use it can be for us in our future as a Butler.


Mr. Cross then showed us in a calm and fashionable manner the beginner steps of using PowerPoint and LinkedIn. What stood out for us as a class was the whole concept of LinkedIn and what great instrument it is to promote yourself or your company. These connections will make doors open for you that you thought didn’t exist or was above your pay grade.


Thank you Mr. Cross, Mr. Coetzer and Mr. West for another fabulous day at the office and thank you fellow butlers for another day to remember.


Hector Odendaal

Head Butler

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  1. Bianca says:

    The way that we, the human race, are living now is not sustainable. At the rate that we are using the earth’s resources and energy , our green will no longer be green.
    So why is being GREEN so important?

    The decision to start living green is an important part of every individual’s commitment to care for a planet that has been more than generous to its billions of inhabitants. It will lead you to a more meaningful and healthier life, and will also be greatly appreciated by future generations who presently depend on us to ensure that they will still have a healthy world to inherit and enjoy when their time comes.

    The impact of everyday habits cannot be underestimated since it is actually the lifestyles and consumption patterns .

    If we all just try to be environmentally responsible in everything we do and everything we bring into our life. It will already be one step closer towards being green. Every time we make a decision, we should think , “How is this going to affect the environment?”

    Kind regards
    Bianca Pretorius

  2. Basil says:

    Yesterday we had an amazing lecture on Green Butling. The tutor made it interesting by having us made veggie juice, we had a green salad for lunch.
    And while doing some research on the topic of Green Butling, I came across a very interesting cyber entrepreneur making the most amazing jewelry with seaweed.
    Yes, as Butlers we should also be very Green conscious & do our bit for the environment. Remember, we have only One Earth & we should protect her.
    Go Green!

  3. Abraham says:


    Green butling is a way of Re – cycling, Re – using and Reducing. I learned today that a mixture of vegetable drank as a juice with the aid of the juicer is good for detoxing. e.g, Beetroot ( Natural Laxative) , Carrot, Parsley, Celery, Apple, Radish, Spinach, Pineapple, Ginger. All containing vitamins A, D, E and K. Add some Olive oil to your vegetable juice. It helps to retain the juice much longer in your body.
    As a butler – I’ve learned the importance of the Green basics in my house hold and the benefits.

    Some of the Green basics are:

    Products – Use natural product e.g Vinegar
    Save Water
    Reduce energy and save energy. E.g Globes, geysers etc
    Choose suppliers
    Eat less red meat.
    Plant and grow own vegetable
    Worm farm
    Plants in the house. Excellent for Oxygen.

    Abraham Oni

  4. Leon says:

    The day was green en Mr West learn as to be open for recycling, that is the right thing to do.
    Save mother earth.

    We detox our bodies today with all the fruit and raw vegetables,that we eat and drink.

    Well done to all the Butlers to get in there uniform in just 10 minutes.

    Thank you to Mr West and Mr Cross for all the information that we can use in our assignment.

    We discussed the Service Management Model. Nice tips for our assignment.



  5. Rudi says:

    Today I learned , that like it or not what a I am going to tell you is the truth. we live everyday littering making waste we live and think only for ourselves not cleaning up ourselves and not thinking about the person after you . face it we are only human we make mistakes and do stupid stuff . but there is a lesson it is that it is never to late to try cleaning never to late to change w. we must not kill the earth but save it by three beautiful words – reduce reuse recycle and if you want to do the same for your body start by reducing takeaways and come up with new methods new food recipes and detox your body . my personal opinion I did not like detoxing because I am a meat lover and only eat soft cooked veggies tough it wasn’t that good I still loved the fellow butlers with their sense of humour .with a sense of humour everyone’s day can change into a good one .

  6. Sandra says:

    Today we went extra ‘green’ at the South African Butler Academy.

    We started off the day with a very cleansing cup of hot water with fresh lemon juice. That was the beginning of our detox.

    Next was a very nourishing glass of vegetable juice that consisted of beetroot, apple, radish, carrots, parsley, ginger, celery and spinach to which we added some olive oil to ensure all the water soluble vitamins were properly absorbed into the body. We were also advised to chew as we drank to aid digestion and metabolism. The fibre from the fruit and vegetables was kept to add to our compost heap.

    A yummy strawberry/vanilla yoghurt topped with muesli was then presented to us. The live cultures in yoghurt assist with digestion as does the fibre in the muesli. Plus it was delicious.

    Then we were treated to a glass of rooibos tea with berry juice. Berry juice we were advised is good for the kidneys and rooibos tea is full of antioxidants.

    Lunch consisted of a variety of steamed vegetables and fresh fruit. I can definitely feel my colon starting to cleanse already.

    All in all a very nutritious and healthy.

    The healthy eating was infused with an education about to be green and even greener still. Simple everyday messages such as switching off appliances and lights when not in use, use energy saving globes, eat less red meat to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use fruit and vegetable scraps and tea leaves to make compost and top soil.

    Recycling plastic, glass, cans, paper, light bulbs, batteries and printer cartridges at home is also very easy as there are many recycling stations that one can access.

    If we all do a little it can make a big difference to our environment.



  7. Marko says:


    Green may not be your favourite colour or a philosophy to live by, but it is important. Our planet is in serious danger of destruction and paralysis by its most sophisticated and developed inhabitant: man! We all know the story…. But rather than turning our back on the whole issue and being relaxed about it, we must all make an effort to help ourselves and the planet. Green means adopting a more organic, natural, healthy, earth-friendly and earth-respectful way of life, reverting to the purity and resourcefulness of the way of life our ancestors lead . That does not mean throwing away your clothes and shoes in favour of a loin cloth, sandals and leopard skin but rather becoming ‘aware’ of what is happening around you and changing the way you think about the earth in order to help it. Change is the thing! Some of those changes happen with simple things like recycling, reusing, reducing and considering what you eat.

    Other changes include eating more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as taking the time to detoxify your body by making your own vegetable juices, which cleanse the body and are packed with vitamins and minerals, eating less red meat and adopting some of the ‘go green’ practices of the South African Butler Academy. This includes: driving a ‘blue efficiency’ car; using refuse bags made from recycled materials; burying dissoluble packaging in your back garden; tinting your windows and glass doors in order to keep the inside of your house cooler, thereby reducing electricity consumption usually gulped by your air conditioner; planting trees; and so on.

    This is only the beginning. Get involved, get active and go green!!!

    All the best,

    Marko Simic

  8. Min says:

    Green is on everyone’s minds today, what can I do to help the enviroment, what can I do to do my part?

    Well it may be as easy as eating less meat. I remember watching a video last year from Ted Talk. The speaker was one Graham Hill (The founder of he gave his motivation of what eating less meat will help with going green.

    He is not suggesting that you become a vegetarian, but rather be a weekday vegetarian. And for the his full motivation I would leave it to him to convince you:

    Just think, you can go green with a simple act of becoming a vegetarian for once a week.


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