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Hospitality & Butler Training at The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Resort – Maldives

By Adriaan Coetzer

It is an privilege and honour to be associated with a superb hospitality team at the Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives.  The South African Butler Academy is conducting Resort training for 21 days. We would like to share our student comments and training feedback with you.


Did you know: Maldives consists of 1,192 coral islands grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls, along the north-south direction, spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometres (35,000 sq mi), making this one of the world’s most dispersed countries. It lies between latitudes 1°S and 8°N, and longitudes 72° and 74°E. The atolls are composed of live coral reefs and sand bars, situated atop a submarine ridge 960 kilometres (600 mi) long that rises abruptly from the depths of the Indian Ocean and runs north to south.


The Butler Academy second training program consists of various outlets: Front of House (Butlers, Reception, Guest Services and Lounge Staff) , Housekeeping, Spa and Food & Beverage departments including in-villa-dining.  The Butler Academy understands quality and designed our program accordingly. The Butler Academy is an International Training & Consulting company providing signature Butler training and Operational procedures.


Photos can be seen by following this link –


Please see below student comments…


120 Responses

  1. Samah (Reservations) says:

    It was the best training i ever had, I am 100% sure it will benefit to me thought out my hotel carrier.

  2. ASIF (Reservations cordinator) says:

    the training was excellent and we learned so much….

  3. Saamir (Reservations) says:

    Training was very interesting and the trainers were outstanding. We have learnt a lot and it was an excellent session.

  4. Ismail Ibrahim (Reservations) says:

    It was a wonderful experience. I did learn a lot of new things.

  5. Anna Vargas (SPA) says:

    the training was very informative….very helpful for me as therapist …fantastic job!!!well done!!!

  6. cristina famisan (SPA) says:

    the training was very helpful to us. specially to me that I’m new to this department. well done. fantastic..

  7. reni dewantari (SPA) says:

    `the training was informative , fun and very enjoyable. Thankyou 🙂

  8. lalsing serpunja pun (SPA) says:

    its was me very good and impure meant my mind.thank you.

  9. Rahul Kriahnan (SPA) says:

    SABA training was excellent. Me and my team experienced great flow of energy transformed into knowledge from Mr. Newton Cross. Many new styles, methods were introduced and it was fun!

  10. nikomang mariani says:

    very good.very happy

  11. rayoni says:

    very good

  12. jayanti says:


  13. Pramila says:

    Wow Excellent Training I Enjoyed , Thanks a lot to Mr. Newton Cross & Mr. Coetzer ………

  14. diah says:

    happy….. fantastic…. …

  15. joji chacko says:

    excellent training , really enjoy that : joji

  16. edwin riel says:

    very lively training. you will learn a lot

  17. chin lim says:

    friendly, professional, confident building course.

  18. SAMPATH says:

    Gain lot of knowledge from the training and enjoy
    very much. Didn’t feel spend 8 hours
    thank you very much mr newton and adrian

  19. shahnyz says:


  20. Faarish says:

    It was an amazing training.i had learn a lot.with the help of this we will improve a lot…

  21. INNA says:


  22. Mohamed najah says:

    Its been in a very interesting training session with Mr. Newton and Mr. Adriaan. It was fun and full of knowledge to us. Thank you very much for the great support

  23. BHUWAN says:


  24. ibbey says:

    Thank you so much for the intereting training sessions for last 2days which will help us to improve our service. Hope to have another session sooner or later many thanks Mr. Newton & Mr.Adriaan.

  25. Indunil maduranga says:

    Thank you verry much for both of you,i am really enjoyed.

  26. Karim says:

    It was very interesting experience been in group from different department we enjoyed the training done in lovely way, we learned new things that for sure we help us ahead.

  27. LINDA GUO XIA says:

    This is m second time to attend the training. first time is standard butler service. This time is up sell training. But this time i find the real value of my job. Thank you MR. NEWTON AS WELL as your great partner. i will try my best. xiexie

  28. nandini srivastava says:

    the training was really amazing i can say,i learnt many new things about hospitality…….thanx Mr Cross and Mr Coetzer for your precious time…

  29. Ahmed rashaad says:

    SABA butler training makes my working life 100 % easy and it give me a lot about how to serve my guest in a luxury way

  30. mohamed naseer says:

    the training is wonderful.. and will love to see you both with another beautiful training soon.. it is really helpful and and will help the hotel to improve the revenue with the techniques you have teached us. thank you a lot

  31. Mohamed Mwauchi says:

    Its great and excellent training which gives all the required knowledge , we really appreciate and thank the SABA.. We enjoy each and every moment

  32. Jipson Thomas says:

    Mr.Newton & Mr. Adrian
    Thank you for given training. It was amassing. I got lots of knowledge. It was very useful for us. Looking forward to get more knowledge from you.
    Thank you.

  33. Imrah ahmed says:

    V good trining…i am v happy..

  34. Sunil says:

    Saba butler training is very effective and it is very useful. In my work area.
    It is very powerful and very nice to do a training.

    I hope in future we all can have this training again

    Thank you very much

  35. Mahesh madusanka wimalasiri says:

    i”m really happy with our butler is excellent really i learn something of you sir.thank you.

  36. Yasir moosa says:

    Big thanks newton and adrian… I learn lots of things and had awesome training with both.

    Me and my all the team member wish to have another training in future again

    Thank you very much Yasir

  37. Mohmed Afrah says:

    this training was excellent. i really loved it.. Also i got lots of new information. and i promise i will do better from today onwards. thank a lot for the knowledge

  38. ZAREER says:

    I had wonderful time with this training.. And i learn lot of things , skill , new information about food and beverage.. I will never ever forget this beautiful moment .. I promise you , i will use all information in my duty floor.. Thank you so much .. Hope you see once again ..

  39. Dushan umyanga says:

    Exalente training programe I’m really happy with that and i wish to have more training programe again. I learned and i enjoyed the training program thank you so much wish to see you again …..!!!!!!!!!

  40. Mohamed Muneef says:

    I had a great time in this training. I have learned many thing about the F&B serving. And many things that i never heard before. I have done many training by F&B, but i like to say that, this is the best training of all. Thank you very much SABA

  41. AHMED HABEEB says:


  42. Ibrahim shareef says:

    The training was excellent,lovely ideas,marvelous experience…its really wonderful to meeting you..thank you very much for the training and new experience..

  43. Rashid Mohamed says:

    I had an excellent training with SABA. We all got brilliant knowledge and ideas how to drive our service in hospitality industry. I am looking forward for next beautiful training which will be held on 24th June 2014.

  44. Asim says:

    It’s a very gud training n we can get so may new things

  45. Roshan Croos says:

    I never except such a fantastic training. It is very helpful for our career. Thank you SABA

  46. Roshan Croos says:

    I never except such a fantastic training. It is very helpful for our career. Thank you SABA.

  47. sanjeewa suranga says:

    it s excellent time we had this last 2 days.thank you very much for all and i have learn lots of new things.

  48. Abdul Muhusin says:

    Its unbelievable, I had an excellent training with SABA. Thank you very much indeed:)

  49. Abdul Muhusin says:

    Its unbelievable, I had an excellent training with SABA. Thank you very much indeed:).

  50. Ismail says:

    This is an amazing training.. I learned a lot from this.. Looking forward to have more training with u.. Thanks SABA …

  51. kumar basaula says:

    i really like Saba training, it’s excellent good opportunity for me to get this training learn lot of thing and important thing my service… i am very very happy and thank you very much….

  52. Mathew says:

    It was wonderful section , i really enjoy i learn lot of things ,i hope it will help to grow my career thank you

  53. Aslam says:

    A very short period of time yet a very useful training by SABA. What a wonderful training session that was. Mr. Cross and Mr. Adrian, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have done a fantastic job. THANK YOU.

  54. aminathazra says:

    Its’ my first traning in this industry .i learn a lots of things in butler traning ,for specially LQA.thaks our management gave me this oputunity from bottom of my heart,many thanks to mr.newton and mr.andri.hope to see u in near feture in this worderful island.

  55. Mohamed Nizar says:

    the training was really fantastic,i really enjoyed,thank you my teachers.

  56. Mohammed shuaib says:

    Had wonderful time and have improve my serves…this is first time i met such a teachers..wont carry our class as may days…improve my selling within one day…
    Thank you

  57. Raeefa says:

    It was amazing to be a part of this training and specialy the way you teach us is so nice and kind i have learned a lots of things from you. had a wonderful training & i enjoyed it alot..hope we will get to have these kinds of training again…Thanyou so much!

  58. Ibrahim reehan says:

    It is excellent.i rally enjoy.

  59. honeylyn dalangin says:

    Life is so wonderful because everyday is a learning process. Im so blessed because i got the chance to be part of this brilliant and fantastic training. Not everyone get the chance to personally meet and to be the professor of Mr. Newton and Mr. William. I learned a lot and I will apply my learnings in my everyday life. Thank you for sharing your brilliant knowledge to us…

  60. Imran says:

    Im glad to you that i know lots of thing im doing the traning thank you for a good suporting . I know how the servise is important

  61. Soodul anvar says:

    This trainnig very good i love it thankyou very much.

  62. Ibrahim Ijulaal says:

    I do appreciate. This is the best training.. I love the the way they teach us.
    Thank you

  63. N.S.LAL RUPASINGHE says:

    i took god experience in this two days i will hoops will be joiner agin like a this class thank u very much all of u.

  64. Ahmed haroon (FnB) says:

    This training was very help full for me and i have lern a lots thank you.
    My knowledge are more now. Thank you my trainer newton and he is assistant.
    Am promise is this training i got lots of memories it help to the sun siyam
    Irufushi. This is my challenge.
    Thanks again Weldon you both.

  65. The best training I ever had.Thank you very much Mr Newton and Mr William for an excellent experience you have shared through-out the session.All the aspects discussed was fully interesting and informative. I am certain that this would guide me along towards a bountiful career in the near future. Above all heartfelt thanks to The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives for giving such great opportunity.

    Looking forward for more training hopefully soon.

    Best wishes,

  66. Ahmed rasheed says:

    The training was very informative . I have enjoyed every second of the training..thank you for the wonderful training.

  67. shareef says:

    the best training i ever had this is get thank you Mr Newton and Mr.Adriaan

  68. Mansoor says:

    Thank you for giving good training to our team..once again thank you mr.adriaan and mr.newton

  69. Afeef says:

    Thank you for the lovely training. Is was wonderful great smile. I learnt so much new things it will help to get me forward thanks Mr.newton and Mr.Adriaan

  70. Hassanzareer says:

    This training is wonderful i want more and more training like this

  71. Benny thomas says:

    I found the training to be very informative and it gave a lot of new ideas which i can use in my daily work.

  72. Mohamed says:

    This training was absulitely fantastic and i know lot of thing in this training thanks

  73. Febrina says:

    It was an excellent training i ever had…i didn’t feel bored.and i was excited to attend the next session… Thank you for mr. Newton n mr. Andrian…it is verry heplfull and i got alot of new information…

    Hope to see in the next training

  74. ibrahim razee says:

    this training is very very wonderful i need to more and more training like this.thank you for mr newton and mr adriaan.

  75. Ahmed Siraaj says:

    Butler trainin was nice training i ever do

  76. Naresh says:

    I like this training. it was excellent

  77. Hussain niyaaz says:

    Its a excellent training.. I have learned lot of things that i never know.. Thank you very much..

  78. Mohamed Ali says:

    It was an excellent training that i never had before and i had learned lots of things about my service and hospitality industry…. Thank u mr newton & mr adrian …………

  79. abdulla idrees says:

    thank you this is lovely training for me my career.thank you mr newton i like i am happy this training with you and so funny training best training.all the best

  80. Mohamed afrah says:

    I like this training because i get the information about the sun siyam iru fushi. And how to give a better services for our guests.

  81. Hassan a gadhir says:

    In this traning v very nice and i need to know more about this treaning thank you

  82. Milesh chari says:

    I had a excellent knowledge about my work how to do it perfectly and to the satisfaction of my guest who will be more than willing to give a good comment . Secondly i came to know about how to sell the services which we provide which is not been focused by many trainers. Thank you.

  83. Hussain says:

    I need more training

  84. moreland says:

    The smart butler training is very is a crucial part of the in hotels industries.a very clever training that gives a knowledges and skills on how to approach the guests in proper way..thank you very much..

  85. Ali thasleem says:

    Saba butler training is vey important me . I will got many information. Newton is very excellent teacher. Thank you very much.

  86. mohoshin says:

    i need more training

  87. irfan ahmed says:

    Its a excellent training I got lot information about the guest service Its gud to have like that training .

  88. akuram says:

    this training is very useful and benefit for us and those who will be part of hotel school,but i need this training on my future…thank you

  89. Mirushaam says:

    I have learn many things I’m have marvelous training with Mr.newton an Mr. Adriaan.

  90. Nadheerm says:

    The training was very good. I learnt so much and would need more training

  91. Abdullah inaayath says:

    Butler training is very important for me its to give gud service to guest

  92. Nasir says:

    I am finish fantastic training

  93. liusan says:

    today training i have learn many things we need more training like this in the feature thank you very much for SABA butler academy

  94. Jennifer says:

    The butler training has been a very helpful tool in equipping the team for a better service to the guest… It was fun to be part of the training.. Hope there will be more trainings like this to come in the future…the training was really great… Very good trainers.

  95. Shinaz says:

    Had a fantastic training with the best ever trainers. Had lots of fun and learned a lot.
    Lovely to be here.
    Thank you and have a lovely day ahead.

  96. Abdull ghanee says:

    it was wonderful training. . . it gives us lot of knowledge & many new things we all learned. thank you from bottom of my heart Big Shukuriyya

  97. Jipson says:

    The training is just fantastic. The way both of them are teaching is amaising. It is interesting day by day. I got lots of knowledge everyday. Knowledge is power. I am looking forward to get more knowledge from you. We gonna miss you.
    Thank you very much for everything.
    Wish you all the best.

  98. Bhuwan Lamichhane says:

    it was wonderful training. . . we need this kinds of training every month….

  99. Fawaz says:

    It was a fantastic experience with the best trainers ever . I had lots of fun and i have learned lots of important things about hospitality and the professional service during the training.
    Thank you

  100. Rashid Mohamed says:

    We had an excellent training with SABA. Every time something very new and very helpful to use in order to deliver an extraordinary service to our guests who is visiting to The Sun Siyam Irufushi Maldives. Thank you SABA trainers for the fantastic training. 🙂

  101. Ishaq says:

    Was excellent,very friendly environment

  102. Mohamed naseer says:

    It was a wonderful training.. We have got lots of information. Hope to see you soon with an another excellent training. Thankyou!

  103. Guoxia says:

    This is my third time to attend my butler training. I can feel my big progress. Marvelous. Thank you. Mr newton cross as well as MR. Adriaan

  104. Sindya Cecile says:

    The butler training has been the most amazing training I ever had. It is not only a theory class ,it is a session with lots of interaction , I personally learn numerous new things that will help me in my day to day work as well as in the future.

    Thank you Mr. Newton & Mr. Adriaan.

  105. Rushdy says:

    Had an excellent Training with SABA. We got lot of knowledge which can be used to go on with the hospitality. Thank you and will be looking forward for more oportunities to learn from you.

  106. bhuwan lamichhane says:

    it was wonderful

  107. Mohamed Mwauchi says:

    it was excallent training, thank you Saba Newton and Adrian..

  108. Ibrahim Baasith says:

    This is the best training I have ever had.. The topics are fantastic and interesting.. Never fall asleep.. The trainers were absolutely amazing. They know how to keep students in the class with them without get board. We have done a semi class recently in February for a week which is off course not enough and unfortunately this time we only got two days which is worse then last time due to the time limit the trainers had.. I am hoping that one day i will get a full chance to have a full time course in butler school in South Africa.. I have learned a lot from these short training and hope see you again soon

  109. Anastasia says:

    Thank you very much!!!! Training was excellent))) i was very happy!!! you give me a lot of new staff that I never know before, and right now I know that can used everything that I learned from you.)) And i will do it better and better.!!
    I will missing you!!

  110. Shanoon says:

    Excellent proffesional training. Eyes were opened, learned to give attention to detail, wish to get more training from mr newton and mr adrian. Most interesting and engaging hands on training i got. Thank you, have an excellent day.

  111. Naufal says:

    The butler training conducted by the SABA Butler Academy was an excellent training which I have participated. The training gave me so much useful information which I can use during my job in hotel industry. I reccomend everyone who are in hotel industry to have a training from this very special people “SABA BUTLER ACADEMY”…


  112. Riza says:

    The whole training is very nice and learnt the best. I have learned to provide an excellent and a heart felt service to our valued guests. I wish to have more training with SABA

  113. Ismail says:

    This training is really helpful.. Learn a lot… Thanks Saba Butler…

  114. Ibbey says:

    Thank you for the wonderful training we have enjoy last two days and learn a lot. We wish you good luck and see you soon 🙂 we gonna miss this fun always. Have a lovely day.

  115. Jaaweedh says:

    The SABA training at The Sun Siyam Irufushi was marvelous. We have done lot of practical & theory during our training session. Thank you very much SABA.

  116. Aaidh says:

    This was a one of the best training i did in my whole life. it was so amazing and i have learned much from SABA training session. Thank you and i wish to have more training from SABA. Thanks and King regards

  117. Shahnyz says:

    The best!! Cants ay more about the training. Simply the best and never had such an amazing training so far. Sure gonna see you guys soon and learn a lot more.

  118. Ali Sayyah says:

    It was an excellent training.. I loved it

  119. Jauzee says:

    The training was wonderful. I like it very much. wish to have more training and like to join the butler school in south africa to learn the most. you guys are incredible. thank you so much.. cannot really define..

  120. Rifga says:

    Thank you so much for the helpful training that you conducted with us.. Truly enjoyed every moment of the training.. And will be hoping to be able to participate in a training such as this in the future … Excellent training!!!!!

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