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Joseph Okleberry

By Adriaan Coetzer

Dear Adriaan,


I can’t thank you guys enough for just how awesome you were at the party on Saturday. The level of professionalism and hard work was well beyond what one would expect from individuals who are still training. The effort put forth by your team enables the hosts of our party (including Martin and I) to truly enjoy the party, which was our primary goal heading in.


Thanks again, and I can assure you it won’t be the last time we utilize your services.


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  1. Good morning Adriaan

    I agree with Joseph, Your staff never stood still for a second, they were always around when needed, and each and every one of them had initiative.(Something I firmly believe is an asset in your industry. )

    I look forward to seeing your team again in the near future and you will be highly recommended to all my peers.

    Thanks again for the hard work and dedication.

    Many many many thanks

  2. El-marie says:

    Joseph and Martin, thanks for the testimonial. It was a pleasure and honor to serve you. Enjoy the rest of your stay in South Africa. Wish you the best

  3. Butler El-marie says:

    What a wonderfull day, we went to the company gardens, the Taj Hotel, Rhodes memorial and then to a kings house, private, awesome! that is what a butlers work is!

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