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Scuba Spa Ying & Yang | Butler Training

By Butler Academy

The South African Butler Academy conducted a 6 day International Butler Training program for the uber luxurious Yacht line – Scuba Spa.


Scubaspa Yang was launched in December 2014. Together with its sister Scubaspa Ying, it is the largest vessel ever built in the Maldives. Designed and sculptured using decades of experience in both the construction of sea vessels and the use of boats in Maldives tourism. From the immense strength of its GRP hull and frame to the fine imported materials used to create a perfect balance of light and texture with spaciousness and intimacy, whilst advanced marine engineering ensures excellent sea going performance and comfort.


Scubaspa Yang is an inspiration second to none, offering an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime on board a luxury safari vessel. Whether diving or enjoying daily treatments in the sumptuous Spa, you will receive the finest and very best from both worlds. The Scubaspa experience will remain with you long after your journey home.


Floating in a sensuous and romantic ambience of light and space, beautifully styled in every detail, you will discover many places on board to socialise and relax. With panoramic views of the ocean, intimate areas for privacy as well as specially designed terraces for sun worship, you will find your place to dream.


The South African Butler Academy is proud of our excellent achievements during this first-class training program provided onboard.



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