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My day as Head Butler – Marilise Geldenhuys

By SABA Student

When good butlers go bad…

After days of anticipation, finally, head butler calling for duty sir. No head butler’s day can be a success without planning, preparation, and of course, with the co-operation of your team. My team, my fellow butlers, made my day as if it was a musical choreographed months in advance to prepare for the performance in the ultimate acheter viagra show.

Today took an interesting turn to our previous days of training. We were taken into a different way of thinking, looking at the role of a butler. As the sole person who is responsible for just about everything, is now also, and this is really without mention or instruction, responsible for the integrity of

his/her employee.

Their safety is of vital importance, all measurements must be taken by the butler to ensure that no harm will come to them in any way, financially, physically,

socially or personally. Discretion and reliability will distinct you (the butler) from the rest of the staff.

…and then sometimes, just sometimes, good butlers go bad.

It was an excellent day to be the head butler, we had great fun and learned so much, it was an experience I will always value.

My quote for the day, and it truly did prevail; “those who are flexible will not be bent out of shape”.
Your butler in the making

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