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Newton Cross – Principal & International Butler Trainer

By Butler Academy

Newton Cross is the owner of the prestigious South African Butler Academy awarded the worlds most pro-active en every way! since the opening of the Butler Academy in 2009 he created a vision and a home of over 3750 Butlers who’s lives are touched by his style and grace.



Newton, studied at the South African Butler School and Household Personel. Newton is a phenomenal butler. He understands the nature of the industry. Newton has come a long way in the hospitality industry. Since the age of 13 he had no other choice but to start a career as a waiter in a cafe to earn pocket money. The ambition to achieve more was his drive. Mr. Cross received formal butler training and as anyone knows ‘hands on’ training is by far the best.


Mr. Cross has been the Butler to President Nelson Mandela and a line of Celebrities. He also achieved many positions on the Queen Mary 2 where he served several dignitaries and well known movie stars. His career took a positive turn when he returned to Cape Town, he completed a short butler contract and was offered a luxurious position as a butler working for a well known Dutch property tycoon. He was asked to provide more butlers from his school , which in fact he did not have at the time… This opportunity stood out and with risk, study and planning he opened the South African Butler Academy on the 8th of June 2009 with his business partner Mr. Coetzer. Since then he has trained over 370 Butlers world wide including graduates from the South African Butler Academy. Now he is the resident trainer in the Maldives,Seychelles, Bali, Europe, Nigeria, Namibia, Johannesburg and England ( Cunard Cruise line) to five star hotels & resorts. Mr. Cross is passionate, he ensures that each person who undergoes training understands the role of a professional.



Newton is a regular host with Tracey Lange on Heart 104.9 FM. Also, Newton Cross and Tracey Lange has combined; lifestyle, tips Do`s and Don’t`s which is electronically available on the largest Magazine portal called – Huisgenoot called MaakSo.


Newton has created not only the finest program in the world, leadership through training and passionated individuals who strive to achieve excellence.


Now, we are in a new era the Butler Mansion, a whole new chapter in the history of Butler Service world-wide. Student live and study at the prestigous Butler Mansion in Plattekloof.






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