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Next 8 week Butler Course fully booked!

By Butler Academy

The world`s finest international butler training will commence on the 19th of October 2015. A full course of 20 students embark on a journey of luxury and and lots of hard work.


Receiving the South African Butler Academy Certificate opens many doors to a broad spectrum of employment. Also remember that we pride ourselves in providing employment to each and every candidate who successfully graduate with honours at the Academy.


Words cannot describe the excitement for our next course, we have so many new subjects and our team has revamped the entire Academy to blend in with modern technology. Students will be equipped with an iPad, lecture computers, home automation systems, terrarium flower lessons, Laura Star ironing lab, event planning pantry and our new cooking lesson station – this is only a taste.


We have divided lessons into day time and evening, the same as in a household. You as a Butler will be required to work during the day and sometimes at night; setting up the buffet, serving meals and hosting parties. The Academy is functional and breathe`s a taste of the “real life”


We look forward to our European butler course starting in a few days time, we welcome students from all over the world embarking on a great new journey!


Please contact the Academy if you are interested in joining our Butler Family, the next course is the only ten week butler course in the world, which commences on the 18th of January 2016 (we only 3 spaces left)




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    would like to know the cost to attain a certificate of being a BUTLER in south african rands

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