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What to expect from Butler Training at the South African Butler Academy?


During the 8 week course we center our attention on the interpersonal skills and practical aptitude of each Butler to perform duties within a household or hotel.  We set off our course with an in depth look at the historical “Jeeves” the Butler today providentially we have “Downton Abbey” to use as an example.


Once we have a depiction in our mind of a Traditional and Modern Butler we note the importance a what a Butler with Peculiarity requires; Professionalism, Tactfulness, Sincere, Loyalty, Honesty, Pro- Active  and most of all Graceful we then start with structuring the candidates confidence and getting ready for 7 star Butler Service.
The next segment is the practical part of the course, Table Service and Etiquette in the Dining room. It has to be said that good manners are not only a beautiful form of art but leaves a positive eternal impression! We have so much fun at the Academy,  as we role play all elements of our curriculum.


Lastly we cannot give away our entire program however we have noted since our opening in 2009 that “Cooking” is an indispensable part of Butling.  The Academy is well equipped with a the –  best of the best –  in the industry using Appliances from;  Miele, Laura Star, Kitchen Aid, Kenwood and many more as our essential butlers cooking tools.  The Butler School offers a variety of cooking skills “Get the Basics” correct then the juices will flow!


To all our students joining us on the 15th of April 2013, we sincerely welcome you to our exclusive International Butler School as we provide first class service to you. The Butler Academy proudly offers employment to our Butlers, Guild Recruitment the only recruiter of Butlers in South Africa has done numerous placements from the Academy in the past week! Congratulations to our students from the previous course who has received their Private and Commercial Employment through the Academy.


Tips from the Academy:


  • Mentally prepare for an amazing challenge
  • Set your goals
  • Live your dream
  • Give us everything you have
  • Treat us with your skills
  • Be an inspiration
  • Create the “WOW” factor
  • Achieve Excellence by providing service
  • Never say no – offer an alternative
  • Let your past be your past and your future your future




The Butler Academy,  Newton Cross interviewed  on SAfm on the 16th of March 2013 with Michelle Constant :


SAfm Lifestyle


Michelle has worked in radio and TV nearly two decades.  She has worked with radio stations 5fm, Jacaranda, SAFM and Radio 2000 and has worked in TV and in print on various projects over the years. Amongst those projects, she produced four weekly ‘Create’ – arts, culture and heritage – broadcast on midday news on SAfm, focusing on the relationship between business and the arts.




The Butler Academy has launched a new arm of Butler Service, F&B Training. The Butler Academy provides training to restaurants and hotels across the world professional waiter training which is much needed in South Africa.  Wine Service training, the art of order taking, guiding the guest and interacting with the guest are some of the training chapters.



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