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Olhuveli Resort & Spa | Maldives (Trainee References)

By Butler Academy

The South African Butler Academy will be off to Maldives Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort. Exciting International  Bespoke 7-star Resort Butler Training program awaits. This will be our 7th time to the Maldives covering our unique signature Butler training program.










Find below trainee feedback and references:

31 Responses

  1. Shuja says:

    I have learn many more new things about the service level of food and baverage.
    It will help me in my carrier to go more further in this hospitality.

  2. Nurtiani ( Nur) says:

    Excellent and really helpful training ..lots of knowledge.
    Thank you very much Mr. Newton Cross & Mr. Coetzer …
    Hope to see again in future ?????

  3. Jenif asim says:

    It was such an enjoying training..never seen a trainer like this befor..we dont feel bord we dont feel sleepy in the class.the yoga was i hope you will come back again. We will be always in touch.??

  4. Ali says:

    Hope to see you again mr.Cross & mr. Coetzer.. It was a great experience so far….. 🙂

  5. Naxim says:

    I have learn a lot within one day. It’s very enjoyable and easy to learn with mr.cross
    Thanks mr.cross and mr coetzer for give this great oppertunity to participate in this great session.
    Hope to get another great oppertunity in future and see you sson.

  6. Shamaan says:

    This session, however brief was more than what i had expected out of it. It has taught me so much that will surely assist me in this field for as long as i work. I am immensely grateful for this fantastic opportunity! I love forward to more and wish you more success along the way.

    Thank you and appreciation from the apex of my heart. I hope to see you,again.

  7. Ashiya says:

    It was a wonderful training and very informative. Sad that we had only two days but we have definitely learned a lot from these two days. the way the trainers conducted the training was very interesting and educative.

  8. park says:

    i was so much enjoy the training .ive leaned many things. thank you

  9. Abdulla nishad says:

    Learn lot of things in 2 days.. Thanks to mr.cross and mr. coetzer

  10. Ziyad says:

    Love to do more training with Sabba

  11. Ibrahim saffah says:

    This is the best traning i ever had in my life.traning is excellent 🙂

  12. Sharif says:

    I am so grateful for this opportunity as this session has taught lot of things which i wanst aware of before. I wish i could have more session of this. Today onwards i would use everything which i have learnt from this.

    Thank you for your time and really appreciate this. Hope I would get another chance like this.

    Thank you

  13. Shaun yanjeesha says:

    Most valuebel experince we had.tkz

  14. Maeesh says:

    it was an amazing experience and a training class and i must say it is most enjoyable training classes i have ever attended.Over all the training was for a short time but was extremely helpful with in the field and in our daily life. i hope i get a chance to more training with the academy

  15. Fasy says:

    its very informative.. i have learn many thing and had lots of funs..thankyou mr cross mr coetzer for every thing

  16. Abdulla Rusthum says:

    It was marvellous.
    Really enjoy the training.

  17. tari says:

    it was an excellent training i ever had 🙂
    Thank you Mr Cross



  19. sujina says:

    m glad to get training from south african butler acedamy

  20. Ayu Ratih DHARMAYANTI says:

    This is one of the best training i ever had, so much fun and i lernt a lot from this training. I know it will be very usefull for my future. Thank you for Mr. Cross and MR. COETZER YOU ARE AWESOME TRAINER

  21. Arif says:

    I am very interst for learning butler training. Thanx a lot

  22. Nihad says:

    Thanks SABA team , we had very useful 2days with you , it was wonderful training we have learned lots of new things .

  23. Anna says:

    The training was very intresting , very intercative , and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Was excellent training!

  24. Ghassan says:

    I have done a lot of trainings but for me this is the best training that i have ever done….thank you so much

  25. Maah says:

    aaahhh.. truely say mr Cross it was such a amazing and knowledgable time for me to do this study from you.i surely now believe on myself that bcux of this knowledge im gonna be much more way proffesional on my work..
    and i look forward myself for you when ever i have any doubt about a knowledge of service..
    thank you for all ur precious time Mr Cross and Mr Coetzer

  26. Mohamed Azim says:

    First of all. It was such agreat houner to meet such a great person like you Mr Cross. we have learned a lot within this two days. Thank you very much for making us feel more confident infront of our guest. Thank you SABA and Mr Coetzer. Smile

  27. Ahmed moosa says:

    Thankyou for excellent training for us. We got lot of knowledge from this traning. Thank you once again mr.Cross and mr.Coetzer

  28. mohamed munzir says:

    thank you for the lovely trannig and we hope we larne may from you this is my first expriance of buttler tranning thank you

  29. UpUl priyashantha says:

    The one of the best traning which i had in my hotel careeir.and also nice fun and enjoy…very frindly profetional tranier its make lot help for oue i work hyatt team its make remeber aging wonderful traing a.
    Thanks very much we hope to have again same like traning.thanks very much

  30. Omang says:

    Certainly, thanks for this training
    As I work in the SPA I got some knowledge from this and I could improve my self for up selling and how I handling the guest when they come to the SPA
    Again, Thank you so much
    Hope when we see you again we could be better ?

  31. Angelica says:

    Fantastic experienced and I’ve learned a lot of things that can be a guide for me in This Industry.

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